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Got a job
Wednesday, 24 February 2016 10:01 pm

Ok, so what has been happening.

Well, we visited the lawyers and basically we are pretty stuffed. The law is completely on the landlords side so there is very little that we can do. It at least gave us a complete insight into what is going to happen, and in a way, that took some of the stress out. We now just need to wait until we get a final bill and then worry about the process then. Given that we have already invested everything we have into the restaurant they really can't take much more from us.

Deb is healing very well from her surgery and has started physio to build up the muscles in her back. Her job is insane, she is working insane hours and somehow managing to find the time to tell me that everything will be fine. On the plus side I saw her the other night pull out her stuff and start formulating an idea for a book. That's nice to see.

I have been trying to get back into IT because the hours vs money ratio is WAY better than hospitality but no luck so far. I have to have responded to at least 30+ adverts with not a single positive response. I know I have a 5 year whole in my IT resume but sheesh, surely someone has a role going.

I got to go into Deb's work the other weekend and help out formatting a spreadsheet. I stuffed it up completely but found that I was in hogs heaven using my brain to format items and solve problems. I honestly do have two passions, IT and Cooking.

And I have an extension to my rule about cooking whole fish (ie: Don't do it.) I picked up some snapper yesterday and it was pretty tough even through I only steamed it. I really should have stumped for the more expensive stuff but there you go.

A stressful time.
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 3:08 am

Hmmm...a difficult time. The close down of the restaurant has taken a bad turn and it looks like the landlord is going to come after us for everything we are worth.