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Sunday, 24 January 2016 11:31 pm

Deb is booked to go into surgery today. She woke up early to have a drink and is now nil by mouth until she gets into hospital. I'm scared and nervous and worried but hope that everything goes smoothly and well.

Wish her luck.

T-minus and counting
Friday, 22 January 2016 12:34 am

Well, Deb is booked in for Monday for her back surgery. It is supposed to be a routine procedure but I know that she is feeling nervous as I am. It's got to be scary.

Having said that it is also very nessasary. Deb is already saying that she has lost the nervous reflect in that leg and frankly the pain isn't getting any better. We just have to wait and hope that it is as routine and simple as they keep telling us.

My back is finally, largely, back to normal and the anti-biotics that I have been on seem to have done the job. Marjorie went in to the hospital on Monday for a procedure as well so it seems like it has been an excessively health related start to the year.

I got a call back from a job in hospitality which is both good and bad. Good that I finally get an interview, bad that I am worried that if I took it my earning potential would never increase and in light of what closing the restaurant is going to cost that is a serious issue.

If I get back into corporate the money is better and I have the opportunity to further my career and increase my salary by working my butt off. In hospitality you largely only get paid what you get paid. So while it would be a very cool job (making icecream) it comes with having to do that (making icecream) for a very long time. And that is the bit that has me worried.

Not how I planned
Monday, 18 January 2016 11:08 pm

The end of 2015, start of 2016, can basically be categorized as 'medical' for the D&D household.

Between Christmas & New Year I had the worst head cold/throat infection I have ever had. Then put my back out the week that Deb went back to work that basically laid me out for two weeks. And now I have picked up a bladder infection from god knows where which is as much fun as it sounds.

Deb has been soldiering along with her back/leg as best she can but it is causing her chronic pain that is with her 24/7. She has medication but realistically she is in distress every waking moment and realistically hasn't had a good nights sleep in months.

She's now booked for back surgery next Monday 25th Jan which comes with its own little bundle of fears and concerns anyway. The operation is considered 'routine' by the surgeons but realistically any time someone cuts a hole in your back, pushes the muscles out of the way, shaves back the bone on two vertebrae and then cuts back the protruding disc, you know things are not routine.

Luckily she has found a very talented surgeon how actually specializes in brain tumors and, for some weird reason, has decided not to make obscene profits from her capabilities so the whole process is not going to cost us the house (Which is good for obvious reasons).

I have been chasing work but with wanting to be able to be there at home when she is discharged the last thing I wanted was to take a 70+ hour per week job that would keep me away from her again. So on top of her back she is really the sole bread winner at the moment as well which must be cranking up her stress levels to 11.

Hopefully the treatment will go perfectly and she will be back on her feet and able to convalesce as easily as possible. That and her work doesn't explode while she is way for the two weeks she has booked for the surgery and recovery.

Starting over
Monday, 4 January 2016 12:13 am

Welcome to 2016. The last week Deb and I have spent up at Serena's place while she works at Woodford. It was lovely to be on the coast again for a whole week. The kittehs particularly loved it and spent all their time trying to tell us how they were never going home again.

Unfortunately I had contracted a proper case of man flu and was pretty screwed up for the week. The worst part was a sore throat the likes of I have never experienced before. Swallowing was like barbed wire or broken glass and my nights were truly horrible as I would doze off in an exhausted slumber only to wake again a few minutes later when I swallowed again.

We did make it to Woodford and that coincided with my throat and flu starting to get better. So, although I was pretty exhausted, the weather was very mild and we just really enjoyed a return to the type of Woodford that I remember from years past. It was so good that when we woke up the next day we went and did it again.

There were definitely a couple of highlights. We found a new artist we had never seen before called Irish Mythen. She was so good that we headed back to Brisbane to catch her set over at the Triffid last night. Truly excellent. And in my old habit of trying to find something completely different I saw a band called Equus that has a Mongolian throat singer. Hearing them pump out a classic jazz tune brought the audience to a standing ovation. All up it was a wonderful Woodford experience.

I ran out of steam at 11pm so drove back to the beach house. So we had our New Years 'Yay!' in the car on the way home.

New Years day was spent with a couple of bottles of bubbles, the front deck and apparently the start of an unexpected sunburn. My stupid fault really. But a good way to start setting the scene for 2016.

In terms of resolutions I keep coming back to the idea of starting over. I just want to get the business finally wrapped up and my life back on track. I especially want to be able to spend more time with Deb and pay back some of the attention that she has missed out on over the last four years. Financially it is hard to tell how screwed we are at this point until we can get the shop re-leased so my priority at the moment is it push to see that happen as soon as possible.

And so onto a new year.