December 2015 -

Just a place for my old thoughts

Monday, 14 December 2015 12:49 am

I have been firing off 1-2 resumes a day to various IT jobs and have only got back one response, and that was a rejection. I have been working Mon-Wed nights at Malt which is bringing in a little money and giving me plenty of time to just get my act together at home.

Deb's leg is still a real problem for her. We drove out to Ipswich the other week to visit a surgeon. Deb's leg had been bad the whole weekend up the coast so this was really her only glimmer of hope to have it fixed. She was in so much pain that when they offered the 23rd of Dec for the surgery she asked for something sooner and got the 15th. So we started counting down the days till she got sliced open and part of her disk removed. But, strangely after a weekend of activity and gardening, when I expected her to be crippled it actually got better. This posed the very difficult decision to delay the surgery or go ahead.

Ultimately the surgery is not reversible and basically once you start cutting into someones spine it just creates all sorts of trouble going forward. It really is a last resort when someone can't tolerate the pain any more or is losing bladder control.

So Deb decided to postpone the operation but this weekend the pain has again been pretty bad. Saturday and Sunday it was a 6 on the 1-10 scale which is now also waking her up at night. She is working 12 hour days and not getting enough sleep so that is colouring her world at the moment. On top of that is the worry of still needing the surgery anyway and if she can make it through Christmas without it. All not good.

On the brighter side we did get to go out Friday night in the valley which I know Deb has been wanting to do for ages. Dinner was at Longtime which was very good if very spicy. We then tried a few clubs until we settled on the Beat. It has 5 different dance floors which allows you to move around if the music sucks.

Saturday I was a little hung over so off for Yum Cha and then home for an afternoon snooze before heading over to Di & Daves for dinner. That was really nice as well even with a black-out in the neighborhood just before we left.