September 2014 -

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A quick update
Friday, 26 September 2014 5:46 am

For anyone that has been checking the blog for the last few months this must be quite exciting to see that we finally made a post.

In short we believe that we are finally on the home run to finding a location to open our restaurant. The location in Bulimba feel through unfortunately and was offered to Lorna Jane to open a clothing store. It was extremely disappointing but having spent weeks dealing with an agent that didn't seem to care it was really not that surprising in the end.

The new location, in Paddington, is completely different. The agent and owner are keen to get us in which is a first. And we have both a fantastic designer and a kitchen supply company who are willing to go the yards to make things happen.

So that is sort of where we are up too.

Other than that I have been working part time at Spring, my old restaurant as well as Fiction down at Cleveland which is where the Sous Chef from Spring went. It has helped to fill in the wholes and keep a little money coming in the doors while we progress this whole process.

At the moment I am hanging on getting the final lease signed but until that happens I am going to hold my excitement and just tell you that things are on their way.