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What motivated you today?
Sunday, 22 June 2014 9:47 pm

Well that was a pretty huge weekend. Friday I had my private cooking school at Spring. This was for some of my old friends from PwC. It was a blast and went really well. The feedback from the guys was excellent and I think everyone left happy so I can't ask for more than that.

Saturday was a little drinks thing for Deb's Birthday. I should mention that I wasn't allowed to post anything on Deb's Facebook because she didn't want people knowing it was her Birthday. But luckily a friend of ours Helen remembered and started the ball rolling. Which was nice.

For dinner I might of got a little carried away with the food. The kitchen was well and truly junked by the time I had finished but it was good.

The menu was:

Southern fried chicken burgers
Twice cooked pork belly with pickled cucumber and master stock reduction
Slow braised venison parsnip puree, candied mandarins, citrus salad and venison jus
Spanish cheese cake with fresh berries

And after Deb told me I was going to do too much food I put some cheese out at the end and everyone ate that too. So there you go.

Sunday we headed out for lunch with Dad for his Birthday. With Dad's birthday the day after Deb's its not wonder that Deb is frequently hung-over for these lunches. Yesterday she was fine though.

Well, never a dull moment
Monday, 16 June 2014 9:35 pm

Yesterday was interesting in both good and bad ways.

Deb's Mum had a small fall and unfortunately hurt her hip (the one she had replaced) which then meant trips to doctors etc and finally xrays at the hospital. Luckily they came back clear so she has just bruised it very badly.

While that was happening we got to inspect the site at Teneriffe for the restaurant. It was pretty cool getting inside and seeing what it looked like. I had feared that it would have that 'too small' look that houses have before they frame the walls but it wasn't too bad. Patrick the designer also seems pretty switched on and understands that I am working within constraints.

So today I am going to get the website fixed up and get a Facebook page running. That way I can at least start trying to attract some business,

Love people, cook them tasty food
Sunday, 15 June 2014 10:53 pm

Friday was my last day at Spring and the farewell presentation was as awkward as we had thought it was going to be.

Ben and I then went out for a beer where Deb met us. By this stage I was well on the way to lack of judgement so therefore demanded that we go to Sake for dinner and take Ben. Needless to say it was good. But spending big on the day I became unemployed was possibly not one of my brighter ideas.

Saturday was spent fairly quietly. We have a very rough floor plan for the building we are looking at so tried to see how many seats we could get to fit. Turns out that Deb can fit in a lot of seats although I was not sure where the diners would sit.

We then headed over to JTs for dinner and a bottle of wine. It was a nice unwind and a great chance to just chat about everything that has been happening.

Sunday Deb and I ducked out to the markets and to look at another potential location. It was then a cooking afternoon while Deb went through out 7 year back log of bank statements and receipts.

Finally we had Deb's mum over for dinner. Veal tenderloin steaks wrapped in prosciutto served with beetroot and goats cheese tarts, roast kipfler potatoes and a garden salad. That was followed up with a chocolate bread and butter pudding with sauce anglaise. Dinner was served.

Well that went better than I was expecting
Tuesday, 3 June 2014 7:35 am

Before I report back on the catering job let me just start by saying that it's Deb's Birthday Month. I have absolutely no idea what to get her for a present although I feel that being employed might be a good place to start. Anyway...

The catering job for Deb's bosses boss when very well indeed with much hand shaking and kissing of cheeks at the end. Before that was about 12 hours of extreme panic and hard work by everyone involved. Deb kept the level of dish chaos to a minimum and was even roped in to cook up a cake that I knew I was never going to get done in time.

At the 11th hours we both showered and changed, packed the car to the brim and headed over to the clients place. And...bit by bit...hour by hour...dish by dish...it all worked perfectly.

I did end up overcooking the beef and sent it to the table medium well (which makes me die a little inside). But one guest that insisted on well done was hear to shout "Yum yum yum" so all was not lost I suppose.

It was then a race to pack down and head home before taking Deb and a few eager beavers down to the ColorRun event at Springfield. Then home and out again for a drink with Chef Rusty who had just finished up at work. Then dinner and collapse into bed.

All up a very positive weekend.