May 2014 -

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Thursday, 29 May 2014 1:14 pm

Well we are now a fully lodged company and Cayenne Catering Pty Ltd really exists. Now we just need to create the required bank accounts and speak with our accountant about the best way to transfer money into the company and we are off and running.


Come here little chicky...
Monday, 26 May 2014 10:34 pm

A productive weekend of food, shopping and planning.

We went out to pickup some stuff for the catering job on the weekend and ended up with a 12 piece dinner set which looks very cool. At some point this stuff will be transferred over to the company as assets. We also picked up a couple of extra platters and some bits a pieces so I fee we have the right tableware to look really professional.

And speaking of looking professional we have the initial designs for business cards up and running. Which one do you like the best?

We have our eye on a cafe over at Teneriffe that is suppose to becoming available in mid-June. So that could be a fantastic starting point.

And I have just managed to order in the last few bits of stuff for the catering on Saturday. A real load off my mind.

And we are off and running
Friday, 23 May 2014 3:40 am

We met with the accountant this morning to finalise the company setup and get all the paperwork signed.

It's pretty exciting, and of course, the first thing I did when I got home was to setup the domain.

Companies, late shifts and wine.
Monday, 19 May 2014 9:50 pm

Well the paper work for setting up Cayenne Catering Pty Ltd are on their way. It takes about a month for everything to go through and then we'll be ready to roll with the really hard stuff.

And I am back on late shifts this week which feels really strange. For the last eight weeks I have been heading into work at 5:30 am and falling asleep at home by 5:30 pm. It does mean that on the weekends I am up nice and early and have been getting heaps done. Today I don't start until 12pm so while I should probably still be sleeping I am instead sitting here typing. I am sure that by Friday I'll be sound asleep at this time of day.

And in the spirit of all work and no play... We went with JT and Jason to Witches Falls winery members day on Sunday. The weather was pretty rough with a super fine sprinkle of rain every now and then but it was nice to just sit chatting and drinking wine. We then purchased a few cases which I am sure is all part of their fiendish winery plan.

Domestically we had some big trees out the backyard cut down a few months ago which resulted in our continued neglect of the space. Weeds have grown and the area of grass has shrunk. But just the other day we noticed that a couple of the weeds are in fact tomato plants. Now it's currently May so I am not holding out any real hope but I have hammered in a couple of stakes and Deb has cleared around them. If nothing else it has given me the idea to just make most of the back a mulched garden that needs little maintenance rather than lawn which we are constantly battling with.

Culinary I think I now have a very good southern fried chicken recipe and have been experimenting with a sauce called Aji which is a South American condiment. It certainly goes well with cauliflower puree. this thing working???
Saturday, 17 May 2014 7:00 am

I know, long time no attention. I'd love to tell you all the great reasons why we haven't been posting but the truth is that life got busy and finding time to type became less important.


We are embarking on a bit of an adventure over the next year or so and I thought it would help me to A) Remain focused & B) Keep something of a record.

To bring you up to date Deb took a permanent job with her company and is in a 'not as insane' group doing work that is keeping her 'not quite terrified' but certainly on the edge of 'I wonder what happens when I press this button'. Needless to say it is working well for the moment.

I managed to qualify and am now a fully fledged CHEF. And with that I was given an end date by my employer (aka SACKED) because ' are too expensive." So be it.

In the last few months I have been working out in the front of house in the cafe preparing sandwiches and jaffles. It has actually been outstanding experience. I managed to talk them into teaching me how to use the cash register and coffee machine. They believe they can now exploit my new found versatility but the reality is that they are teaching me how to run (or not run) a restaurant. This will unfortunately come to an early end on the 13th of June when I finish up.

Being let go has pushed me to start setting up the future by contacting an accountant and starting the process of getting the company structure set up. I need that for everything from food licences to site rental. Basically without an ABN I'm not able to do anything so that is the first item off the rank.

Deb and I spent the morning driving around looking at potential locations for a cafe and trying to understand what was available. All up it was time very well spent. We have a very broad area through Teneriffe/New Farm/Fortitude Valley that would be interesting. And of course anything around Bulimba would rock.

I am now faced with that wonderful challenge of trying to bring myself up to speed on all the aspects from grease traps to monthly building rental. It is a mine field that could hold back our plans and just make a mess of things.

The key is getting a commercial kitchen from which to operate. You really can't sell food of any type without one. Then we can start doing catering and hopefully serving food. That would mean paying bills which as you might guess is pretty important.

Along with this Deb had emailed me a month ago asking if I would be interested in catering a dinner party for her big boss. First response: Holy HELL NO! Second response: Wait...hold on...this is what you have been doing all this for you idiot. Of course YES! And so in a couple of weeks time I will be on display (Open kitchen) preparing a three course dinner for Deb and 15 of her work colleges. Here's hoping the first isn't the last.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014 12:03 pm

Awesome news! I need to put you in touch with my friends Robyn and Tony. They've just sold Miss Marmalade and would no doubt have heaps of advice!