November 2013 -

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Man, have I been neglecting the blog or what
Sunday, 17 November 2013 10:36 pm

And here we are over half way through November and I am just getting around to posting. Work has been crazy busy with everyone booking their Christmas functions and our event coordinator doing very little coordination and just stuffing in as many events as is possible. Never a dull moment.

Deb is rapidly approaching the end of her contract with a mix of horror (at being out of work for a period of time) and relief. So it might be a strange few months coming up to Christmas in terms of our domestic routine.

Mum broke her foot this week by attempting a triple reverse back flip from a step ladder. Luckily the break didn't require surgery although it is extremely painful and will take up to Christmas to heal.

I caught up with JT and Jason for dinner last week while Deb went off to a work function. It was great to see them and be out and about having a night off like real people.

At work Michelle and twisted her knee so Curtis and I had to fill in her days off. It meant that my Monday/Tuesday turned into a Monday/Sunday off this week. But they gave me Friday night off as well which meant that the week was actually pretty sweet. I got to spend Friday night with Deb, go in for Saturday and then three days off in a row.

We got down to see Libbette and Jaron yesterday which was fantastic. We say little Solomon before he graduated and dropped off the t-shirts we picked up for him in Spain. Lunch was at a new place near them that does sliders and we were all very impressed by the concept. Rather than big filled burgers they had these little ones for $5 each and the sides were only $2.50. So you didn't feel silly ordering a few of everything. With a good feed, drinks and sides we still only spent about $30 per head which felt very reasonable.

More food for thought.