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Oh what a night!
Tuesday, 25 June 2013 12:07 am

We had Deb's Birthday 'Shindig' Party on Saturday night and it went off with a bang. Everyone had a fantastic night and the food going out seemed to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Deb got some lovely gifts and managed to ply everyone that wasn't driving with some very good wine. Finishing the night with mulled cider might have been over-kill though.

For the record the menu was: Ham and Mushroom croquettes with bravis sauce, corn cakes with sweet chilli, mex bean & cheese dip with sourdough and crispy pork belly with smokey apple sauce. For mains we had pulled pork sliders with coleslaw and potato salad and southern fried chicken goujons.

The next day we went to see Dad for his Birthday (which is the day after Deb's) it was great to catch up but we were both struggling pretty hard with lack of sleep and over-indulgence.

Then on Monday Deb wakes up all 'puffy' with what turned out to be an infection and an allergic reaction (probably to the cat that slept on her head).

We have nothing booked or planned for this weekend so will probably use it as a chance to put the house back together and maybe wash the floors again.

I have to thank Serena who worked tirelessly as 'dish-pig' all night keeping the chaos in the sink down even after accidentally pouring hot oil all over her had. And to Libbette for putting the coleslaw together at the last moment that I had completely forgotten about.

It really was a very good night.

It's a Birthday Month
Sunday, 2 June 2013 8:55 pm

June is Deb's Birthday month so at the kind offer of Serena we packed the cats and spent the weekend up the coast. Most time was spent reading, relaxing and browsing around Noosa. Friday night we turned left-over chicken fricasee into a pasta sauce and Saturday night was filet mignon with crushed potatoes, beans and a mushroom & red wine jus.

Deb then made mulled wine and in typical fashion I almost immediately fell asleep. Great stuff!

Sunday after a quick tidy we had a quick and easy run back to Brisbane and then over to DFO for some shopping. Unfortunately Deb failed to buy anything and we left empty handed.

Then it was simply a matter of collecting groceries for dinner and then home again. Plans of gardening were abandoned due to rain. So we spent the afternoon getting admin type stuff done.

Then off to bed after a pretty full weekend.