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Monday, 21 January 2013 6:34 am

Welcome to 2013, hopefully it will be lucky for everyone. We've been back at work for a week but luckily the memory of a week at Byron hasn't completely faded.

Christmas seemed to consist of lots of entertaining with lunches, dinners and what have you. It was great fun and a huge amount of seafood was consumed. Watching Mum teach Chris how to peel a prawn may go down as a particular high light.

During all this we still managed to slip up the coast twice and really kick back and relax. Deb caught a pic of me and Furrgus sleeping on the back deck after a day of doing nothing. We did manage to get down to the beach most morning before the sun became to firece to be outside. So the tan has come along nicely. And the exposure to sea water cleared up an oil burn I gave myself whilst preparing Christmas dinner.

In the last week we headed down to Byron Bay for a few days. It was pretty wonderful. Late starts, lazy days and plenty of beer and trying out the various restaurants. Highlights would definitely be The Fig Tree for a tasting dinner of local produce and a bowl of Pho soup at a little Vietnamese place. Oh, and a vegitarian falafel platter...that was pretty good too.

It was one of those lovely weeks where I actually read a whole novel that Deb had got me for some Christmas reading. And I made a good dent into my new Julia Childs cookbook. Oh, how I love cook books.

So far we're both pretty happy and relaxed that we aren't wishing for the next holiday yet. But I'm sure that won't last for long.