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Sunday, 14 October 2012 4:11 am

Leading on from my last post. I got a call from Esquire and Spring within about 30 minutes of sending off my resume. So I arranged interviews for the Friday and headed into the city. Esquire is a three hat restaurant and arguably the best dining in Brisbane. When I interviewed with the head chef he just looked completely haunted and told me they were doing 80-90 hours a week. Whoa! Then I went down to Spring to interview with Kym Machin (voted the best chef in Queensland). After a 20 minute chat he offered me the job on the spot, starting Monday. So I finished up at Q'Essence on the Sunday and started the next morning at Spring.

Walking in I had no idea what to expect. Kym had a monster prep list for the larder section so I just kept picking up tasks and getting them done. Then we went into lunch service and I tried to watch what he did and then do that. It all seemed to work ok. After lunch we had a 1.5hr break so I walked up to Deb's work and had coffee with her and then walked over to a park near her and snoozed on a bench for half an hour. Then back into work. That was the pattern for the next day as well.

I have to say that all those months of being yelled at, bullied and generally treated like crap have all paid off. I have hit the ground running at Spring and work like a real professional. It has been awesome to get praise from Kym and the head chef Ben. Don't get me wrong, make a mistake and they will pound you into next week. But I haven't made a mistake yet and have had plenty of opportunities to be recognised as knowing what I am doing. So to say it went well for the first week would be an understatement. I ROCKED IT!!!

My prep is all done on time, I have the right moves and language and I have fitted into the team quickly. And, BEST BIT OF ALL!!!...I get weekends off...hear that...weekends off. So for the first time since Easter I got to spend Saturday with Deb and cook her dinner.

I am waiting for the bubble to burst and something to go wrong but at the moment I am absolutely over the moon with my new job.

That's never happened before...
Thursday, 4 October 2012 1:02 am

Well, 2012 is going to go down in history as one hell of a year for new things. I quit my highly paid and long term job to become a chef. The restaurant that I work in functions like something out of a reality TV show and yesterday I got retrenched. Bugger.

And unlike a big soft cosy corporate company a little tiny restaurant is protected from all those annoying redundancy laws so they only have to give me one weeks notice (which I have to work) and that's it. Thanks for coming.

I have arranged a late start today so that I could polish up my resume and cover letter and fire it off to four of the top restaurants in Brisbane. Rather pretentious of me really but at the moment it is how I am feeling. I was so positive coming out of the TAFE block seeing that I was a good apprentice.

So in only a few more days my time with Q'Essence will be at an end and I will be unemployed. I'm planning to take the first week pretty slowly to be honest because I have three weeks holiday pay coming to me so I have some buffer until I absolutely need to start work.

Anyway, I need to head off to work because I just got a call back from Esquire which would be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I promise to update this soon.