September 2012 -

Just a place for my old thoughts

Nearly the end of my Birthday Month
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 1:50 pm

Ok, I have been spoiled this month. From kitchen utensils and live performances to shopping sprees and wonderful dinners, I have been super spoiled.

I know I have bitched a bit about spending my last few birthdays overseas. And I know that I shouldn't bitch when I am in Spain or Italy for my birthday enjoying the local food and wine. But damn it...being at home and getting lots of presents is sometimes what it is all about. And this year I have been showered with more than I frankly think I deserve.

I got a beautiful watch from Deb as my 'main' present but then also got a saucepan, DVD and chocolates. On top that that Serena got us tickets to see Bill Bailey which turned out to be a wonderful show. And tonight we went into Sake for dinner which was absolutely awesome. I love their food so very much.

So all up it has been a pretty wonderful birthday month. JT even got me a voucher to a local kitchen store where I intend to turn it into a chantilly cream bottle (Google for it and save me the description).

And I gave JT a dinner anywhere she likes. So we'll have to plan something special.

Work has been a pretty eventful place recently. I would love to say that it is all going well but the reality is that the restaurant is tanking fast. The owner is basically taking money from his successful businesses each month and dropping it into the hole called 'QEssence'. So definitely time to work on the resume.

Funnily enough I am not that worried really. I know from TAFE that I am frankly one of the best apprentices in Brisbane at the moment so the thought of getting sacked and spending a couple of weeks on holidays (they owe me) and then taking on a new role, is not that daunting.

Just yesterday I submitted my last bit of assessment so I am fully signed off on my stage 1 (first year) block. So I can call myself a second year apprentice with no worries at all.

It's my birthday
Monday, 10 September 2012 6:30 am

Ok, so some time since my last post. Sorry about that. Work has been insane and I have just been getting used to a normal 5 day week after two months of college release.

It has resulted in me throwing my back worse than I have in years and being sent home from service.

I'm on the mend now and should be right as rain in a few days, ready to go back to work.

This 'weekend' Deb and I have headed down to Byron Bay for a couple of days to relax and check out the sights. Today being my birthday has basically been food, beer and food. I believe it is all contributing to healing my back so that can only be a good thing.

I have been completely spoiled for my birthday. I got the most beautiful dress watch, this weekend away and a pack of cigars (don't tell the life insurance ppl).

And good or bad work sent me home early on Sunday because of my back. So I count it a win.

Work to date has been pretty good since Tom and I had our talk about how I was being treated. That, and the 3rd year, have actually made it a pretty cool place to work. I have also gone onto a salary which means that although I am being under paid for some weeks I can come in and work at a reasonable pace without the ridiculous time pressures that I was under before. I just view it as an investment in my apprenticeship.

I also think that being the best in my class has helped to highlight to Tom that I am further along than many of the other first years.

With that said we trialled another first year last month who unfortunately didn't make it. Instead we have another third year onboard that I think will give us the skill base to do some really interesting things.

Only time will tell. But for the moment I am really enjoyingly my weekend away with Deb.

She is having a really tough time at work as her project lurches about and her ability to provide guidance and control is restricted. I know if she had more control of the events around her she could make such a positive contribution but they just look to her as a contractor rather than someone with so much experience. Its something that finally burned me out of corporate culture so she is way tougher to put up with it this long.

Then again she is supporting an apprentice on minimum wage so she doesn't have much choice really. Just one more reason why I love her so much.