May 2012 -

Just a place for my old thoughts

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 2:48 am

So, I have enrolled at TAFE for the next part of my training which involves going in every Monday and Tuesday in July and August. That means that I should then get Wednesday and Thursday off as my 'weekend' and work Friday through Sunday before doing it all over again. I am excited and terrified in equal quantities.

On the home front Deb had a wonderful week up the coast last week and had arranged to have Monday off as well. This meant that we had the day to take it easy together. That unfortunately meant taking the car for service but we then drove down to Summner Park to a butcher that we use at work where we got steak, pork belly, roo and venison. The steak was Monday nights dinner with the pork belly served last night to Deb and her Mum.

Slow cooked pork belly on braised cabbage with a potato rosti, Asian apple salad and master stock reduction.

Tuesday morning Tom the Sous chef took the commis and myself to our seafood provider for a tour and a look at how the fish is handled before coming to us. We were there for almost one and a half hours. The owner was really generous with his time and even let Max and Tom have a crack at filleting a fish. I just scaled a couple of blue-eye cod and pin boned a salmon. Other than walking out at the end smelling like fish it was a great experience.

I passed
Thursday, 24 May 2012 1:41 am

Got my assessment notice from college for the first set of modules and all are listed as completed. So I have officially passed the first half of the training.

I now need to go into the college next Tuesday and enrol for the onsite work. That also means I need to buy additional uniforms and a larger chefs kit of knives and pieces.

Deb is back from the coast on Saturday and I am missing her heaps. It was so lovely to spend two full days together at the coast. We should definitely look at trying to do it again in the not too distant future.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012 8:38 am

Oh, what a wonderful couple of wonderful days off. Deb and her Mum are spending a week up at Mooloolaba and, as it happens, I was able to get the Monday and Tuesday off. So Sunday night I finished work and immediately headed up the coast. With not bad timing I was here by 11pm. Deb and I had a snack and then went off to bed.

The sweet part is that this gives me two whole days up the coast just to relax and take it easy. Monday we poked around Noosa and had lunch at the surf club before heading to Serena's for snacks on the deck. We then headed around the back to the shopping centre for groceries where we found these beautiful 2 inch thick rib steaks. So dinner was decided, steak potatoes and a simple salad. For desert we headed down to the shops for gelato.

Today we went up to Montville for a look in the shops and lunch. We went to Misty's for lunch and had these wonderful meals with a bottle of Bethany wine. A lovely day.

I don't need to start work until 3pm tomorrow so the great part is that I don't even have to leave the coast until 9am tomorrow. How sweet is that?

And in about 30 minutes we're going downstairs for Italian food.

Quiet nights and what to do with my mornings
Friday, 18 May 2012 1:41 am

I am really starting to enjoy mid-week service. This week I had Monday and Tuesday off and was working with Damien on Wednesday all by myself. This generally means that the sous and commis chefs have prepped there butts off and there is relatively few things left to finish.

It also means that I get to ask lots of questions, get a really good look at how the mains are plated and even help with plating. I was also cooking the side dishes as well on Wednesday.

Yes, I still have to do all the washing up, and the clean-up of the kitchen but the Chef takes some pity and doesn't expect me to do any deep cleaning.

So I get home around 11pm or so, have something to eat and then off to bed anywhere between midnight and 2am depending on what Internet videos I have got engrossed in. I wake up with Deb at 6am, drive her to the ferry and then come back for a couple of hours more sleep.

My problem at the moment is that, other than cleaning etc, I am at a bit of a loss what to do with my mornings if I'm not leaving for work until 1-2pm. I had been using the time over the last few months to knock off my TAFE work but now all of that is submitted I am finding myself at a loose end. Sleep is still always good and I am getting my eight odd ours a day in 1-2 hour bursts.

Hmmm, what to do with my time.

I am getting slack with my posting
Wednesday, 16 May 2012 2:56 am

Yes, it seems like ages since my last post but really not a great deal has happened.

Work is still the hardest thing I have ever done. And I swing from absolutely enjoying it to dreading the thought of having to go in. I am realising that this is related to the amount of dishes and cleaning that I have to do. And I am realising that this is related to being an apprentice. So only time will cure that little issue.

Over the last few weeks we went to Spirit House for Serena's birthday lunch. As always the location is beautiful and the food was delicious. I just marvel at the skill of execution and the flavours. I try to understand what is on the plate but after a few mouthfuls your palate gets a bit overwhelmed and you have no choice but to just sit back and enjoy it.

I missed Mothers Day but at least made it down to see Mum a few weeks ago so it wasn't a complete write-off. Deb and Marjorie both went over to JT's for the obligatory lunch and from the sounds of it everyone had a wonderful time.

We had the biggest service ever at work with over 55 covers in only a couple of hours. Linked with a function with did on Saturday it was our most successful weekend ever which was very cool.

I've also managed to submit all my TAFE assignments for the first module so I should be ready to do onsite training in July and August. It is something that I am really looking forward to.

And I heard yesterday that PwC has layed off 210 staff including about 20 out of IT. A bunch of people got the chop that I used to work with so it was all pretty sad to hear.

Deb and I did go our for dinner last night to Public which is a new restaurant that won 'Best new restaurant' for Brisbane. The evening was absolutely wonderful match with great food and service. I don't know where that fits in the budget but it seems that Deb and I get so little quality time together that I am sure we can make it work.