November 2011 -

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Expect some technical difficulties
Sunday, 20 November 2011 10:10 pm

Ok, so I am doing some backend admin on the site to move it to cheaper hosting services. This won't affect the site itself or the site at all but might mean that it is periodically unavailable over the next couple of weeks. Don't panic, we'll have you returned to normal scheduled viewing as quickly as possible.

So, onto the weekend...and guess what? I spent it happily in the kitchen cooking. Well apart from spending $90 at Bunnings for screws and handles and clips and stuff that I needed for the mother of all maintenance mornings on Saturday.

Friday night Deb and I had drinks after work with our respective co-workers and then headed home for bangers and mash using the last of my home made sausages.

Deb had to work Saturday so after I dropped her down to the ferry I hit Bunnings and then home to fix, repair, replace and generally see too all those little niggling issues that have cropped up over the last few months. With everything except for one handle in the bathroom fixed I then turned my attention to dinner.

When we were in Spain one of those weird highlight meals were these little mini-burgers we had at a market. You purchased them in lots of 6 and then were simply veal mince on little white fluffy buns with a squirt of american mustard. Bliss. So I made up a batch of little bread rolls, ground my own beef (I couldn't get veal) and then made french fries and coleslaw. They were pretty good actually. We had the left over patties on Sunday for lunch and they were even better with a little more mustard.

Sunday we had Marjorie over for dinner so I did battered fish and chips (using my extra french fries) with a nice salad and home made tartar sauce. Pretty good actually.

Then off to bed to be tortured by Furrg all night as he just wouldn't settle and sleep. Today I have decided to work from home to maximise my time which leaves Deb to head into the city by herself.

Onwards to another week.

You know she's right
Thursday, 17 November 2011 2:22 am

I've been pretty quiet here on the blog since coming back from holidays. On the upside I have stopped biting my nails and they are now beautiful examples of grooming. That has lead to me pestering Deb about 'What she did' with the nail clippers that I now find myself needing to use multiple times a week.

Work has been insane and frankly I am not enjoying it. I was heading to work the other day and it occurred to me that there wasn't a single aspect of my current role that I was really enjoying. The programme leader doesn't like me or value my opinion and frankly I feel the same about them.

If I got a bonus every time I made a recommendation, only to have it ignored before someone else, much later on, puts forward the same suggestion to great acclaim, I would be headed for retirement.

(There's way too many commas in that sentence.)

I think I've lost my religion.

Anyway, I have also been bugging Deb about various bits of technology and things that I feel I must purchase to make my life complete. That caused Deb to observe that I only get this way when I am unhappy with my job and, you know, I hate it when she's right.

So I am definitely looking for a new challenge...

Cleaning and Cooking
Sunday, 13 November 2011 10:29 pm

Deb had to work Saturday so after a slow start in the morning I dropped her off at the ferry and then started on the house. I got the lawns mowed and put a load of junk on the curb for hard rubbish collection. You know, it's always nice when people steal your stuff before it is collected, makes me feel like my stuff is better than just rubbish.

Deb had invited a couple of her work friends over on Sunday so I get stuck into upstairs to make it look good. Then out to the wine cellar to collect some bottles of Sunday enjoyment.

Finally a trip to the shops for groceries for dinner with Deb's mum and we were done. Saturday night dinner was pork fillet wrapped in prosciutto with sage on fresh broad beans with fetta, honeyed dutch carrots and new potatoes all with an apple and sage sauce. Pretty sweet.

Sunday we went down to the local markets which are only in their third week. It is pretty cool having a real market locally. It was slightly smaller than the previous week but seemed to be well patronised which is good. We sat down for a little morning tea and then got stuff for dinner with Deb's friends. Then over to Morningside for the extras and then home to cook up a storm and make crepes for desert.

Deb made her lamb & rosemary meatballs which we make smaller to make them more of a snack and I make fresh tapenade and pesto and got a lemon chicken setup to roast in the BBQ later.

Deb's friends Vicky and Naomi came over about 3pm and it was antipasto on the deck with wine and then the meatballs before Vicky's partner Bruce arrived and I served the roast chicken with vegetables.

We opened a bottle of Rockford Basket Press 2000 and it was very ordinary. I don't think the swim in the Brisbane floods really helped it much at all. So we opened a bottle of 1996 which survived the floods in our wine fridge in the laundry, thinking it would be shot and ...OH MY GOD! It was absolutely perfect. Rich, and sweet and deep with chocolate and fruit. Absolutely sensational and probably my wine of the day (If not the month and year!)

We finally finished with strawberry crepes and a little limoncello.

5 bottles of wine later it a very nice weekend.

Where's wall...aby?
Sunday, 6 November 2011 11:56 pm

Ah, a nice weekend. I was in Sydney for Thursday and Friday which means early mornings and late nights. I like to make the most of my time in Sydney so there isn't much free time.

The best-ust bit was that on the way back Deb picked me up from the airport Friday night and we went straight up the coast. Serena and I then put away two bottles of wine and I heckled the second Twilight movie. It was a good end of the day.

Saturday we headed out for brunch and then checked out some of the shops at Coolum. From there it was a very lazy afternoon with the kittehs.

While we were sitting on the back deck we heard some noise from the scrub. It wasn't until Deb went down to take Raffi for a walk on her leash that she noticed a wallaby. It was a fair way away but if you look close in this picture you can see it.

For dinner that night we want to Fratellini's which was as good as last time. From there back home for an early night in bed which Deb and Serena finished off another Twilight movie.