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So what else has been happening?
Sunday, 24 July 2011 11:16 pm

Oh, I should say that Deb and I are both still pretty busy at work at the moment. It seems to speed up and slow down in very unequal proportions. And it hasn't all been Christmas in July.

Friday Deb had to race home because Marjorie has fallen again and torn open the stitches on her hip. So two trips to the doctor to get that seen too.

Janet was in town for a cat show so we all headed down to the new Italian restaurant on Oxford street. The food was wonderful and I think everyone had a really nice night. Janet was very kind and paid for the dinner. I really should have insisted that I pay for the wine though. Oh well.

Sunday Debbie and Mat let themselves out as Deb and I snoozed through the early hang-over. I think one of the cats may have put its paw in my mouth during the night judging by how it tasted the next morning. Serena was out cold on a stretcher bed in the lounge while we packed up and cleaned around her.

I had woken up with a craving for fish and chips so we picked up Marjorie and headed up to Morgan's seafood for a late lunch. It was very restorative. Then back home for a little TV time and then off to bed pretty early.

Now only 4 weeks until we fly out to Europe. Is it tragic that I am looking forward to 24hrs of sitting in a seat, watching movies with people bringing me food occasionally.


Done for another year...
Sunday, 24 July 2011 11:09 pm

It seems like the Christmas in July has consumed most of our time over the last few weeks. Most weekends involved either shopping, testing recipes or looking for ingredients. But it did turn out to be a huge night.

It is always very humbling when interstate friends make the flight up to Brisbane. How's that for a compliment. This year Debbie and Mat flew up for the dinner from Melbourne. We'll all be heading off to Europe in a few weeks time so it was great to catch up ahead of then.

And a night like this doesn't happen without a huge amount of help. Serena came to the rescue with lots of bits and pieces as well as a ton of help in the afternoon. JT & Jason brought on the baubles and helped to finish the table and even Mat got roped into stringing up Christmas lights.

And a highlight has to be the over the top Christmas bon-bons that Serena found. The only danger was the flying cigar cutters that shot out when they were popped.

I can't wait for next year to do it again.

Xmas in July
Sunday, 24 July 2011 10:05 pm

Well the hangover has faded but the house has't been put back together yet. Our Christmas in July is done for another year...and what a Christmas it was. The food all worked out really well. Only my potatoes were a little touch and go but ultimately came out ok.

For the record we had...

Antipasto of prosciutto, buffollo mozzarella, roasted cherry tomatoes and home made pesto and tapenard. Then ribolitta soup followed by duck raviolli with gorgonzolla sauce. That brings us to main of roast loin on the bone bangalow sweet pork with carrots, potatoe au gratin, brussels sprouts and italian beans with tomatoes. If that wasn't enough desert was tiramisu and the coffee chocolates and finally lemoncello.

Best pork eva!
Sunday, 17 July 2011 11:53 pm

The weekend went way too fast but Deb and I are on the road to Christmas in July.

Friday night we grabbed some sushi in the city before heading home to see the last Harry Potter movie. It was in 3D but I actually think it would be better in 2D. I'll probably go back at some point and see it again.

Saturday we get a run list together for the lead up to the dinner party. This involves creating an ever growing spreadsheet of all the things we need to get done. We then cleared out the study which had so much crap all over the place you couldn't see the floor.

We then headed out tot the wine storage to pickup wine for the dinner party. It's quite fun to dig through all the boxes of wine looking for that perfect bottle. In the end we went over the top ane brought back over two dozen bottles. Given that there are only 10 people coming to dinner I think we have the wine covered.

We then drove over to James Street Markets at New Farm. It is like a gormet deli but has groceries, meat, bakery and veg. We picked up a piece of Bangalow Pork for dinner then headed home to our local shopping centre to grab the extras we needed. Deb went to pickup her Mum and I started cooking dinner which was roast pork and vegitables. To my joy the pork was cooked perfectly, the crackle was great and the meat, oh the meat. It is seriously the best pork I have ever eaten. Just perfect.

Sunday was cleaning day. Deb and I scrubbed the house from top to bottom Luckily after I had vacuumed Deb offered to mop while I too her mum grocery shopping. Sweet!

We then spent the afternoon cooking soup for the dinner party and chicken for dinner. With that all done we relaxed with a bit of TV and then off to bed at a reasonable hour.

This are starting to come together for next weekend so hopefully it all goes off without any major problems. (Touch wood)

C'mon holidays - Part 1
Thursday, 14 July 2011 10:25 pm

Life is pretty insane at the moment in terms of work, home, holidays and whatever.

Last weekend we caught up with Mum and the family for Mum's Birthday lunch. We headed out to a local chinese place that Mum and John like. With 6 dishes in the middle of a lazy susan it was every man for themselves as it spun like a top with spoons and plates at the ready. Good fun though and Mum and John are both looking really well.

Marjorie is getting better with Chris heading back to Adelaide now that she is more mobile. Deb has been taking her to dozens of Dr appointments that have come from her surgery, the array of tests they ran and her cataract surgery.

So far Marjorie has been poke, prodded and generally give the full works. It ius all progressing well although I think she missing not having Chris there. I think she was was getting used to their Gin o'clock.

Deb's work is just getting harder as the project progresses and they realise how bad things are in terms of the planning. Deb likes to understand exactly what her role is so having a huge amount of uncertainty is not helping.

On the food front we have most things figured out for the Chrismas in July and heard last night that Debbie & Matt are coming up for it so that is going to be awesome. It also kicks the numbers from simple dinner party into the xmas in July range of needing extra tables, chairs and plates.

And the holiday is coming up at a huge rate of knots. It was funny that Deb and I are both looking forward to the long haul flight of just sitting in our seat and not being hassled for two ten hour jumps. Bliss.

Sunday, 3 July 2011 11:45 pm

Another weekend down and I have to admit it is all feeling a little treadwheel-ish. Friday night we came home and Deb cooked stuffed tomatoes and capsicums. There were very good but took WAY longer that the recipe had stated for them to cook.

Saturday Deb had a million errands to run from her own physio appointment through to getting her Mum to the doctor. All up it went smoothly. I got the house cleared up and spent the day cooking.

Our grapefruit tree is again in full fruit so I had a go at making a citrus cake from the fruit. I didn't have enough ground almond so substituted other types of ground nuts. The cake turned out fairly well, although a little moist. If I was to do it again next time it would be a lower oven for longer. The taste of the grapefruit is also rather interesting. As an experiment though it was pretty good.

Deb then brought home a ton of groceries and I got cracking on cooking dinner. I wanted to have a crack at cooking the Christmas in July dinner. It was the first time that I had cooked the roast in a while so I wanted to get a handle on timings. As it turned out I was only about 20 minutes late serving dinner so I just need to adjust my timings slightly and all will be well.

Sunday I got the leaves in the back yard cleared up and then we headed over to Dad's for his Birthday. We only had time for a cup of coffee and then off to the wine cellar to drop off the cases that have just arrived. Then home again to cook dinner.

I have to saw that we stole a few hours to just fuss around in the kitchen, drink some wine and eat cheese and bread.

All up a very busy weekend.