May 2011 -

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Man are we busy
Sunday, 22 May 2011 3:09 am

A major lack of posts lately. It just seems so busy coming up to the middle of the year. So let me see if I can recap.

Jason is currently over in Nepal climbing to the first base camp. So JT, Deb and myself booked a weekend in Byron. The accommodation was pretty basic but comfortable enough where it counts except for the heating which should have been better. I had rented a cottage about 5 minutes walk outside of the town centre but that didn't really slow us down.

We all arranged to finish work on the Friday night at 3pm and by a miracle we all actually stuck to it. JT had brought her car into the city so it was just a matter of loading up and setting off. The drive was uneventful and by about 5:30 we were in the car park of the cottage complex. After a quick unload we were into the town and up to the pub for drinks and a dinner.

We then had a pleasant few hours poking fun at a band that was setting up before they just stopped, tore back down, and another band came on. Weird. We did drop into a cafe on the way home for desert and coffee which was outstanding. Back home for a tea and off to bed.

Saturday we shopped till we dropped with Deb picking up a couple of really nice items and JT failing to purchase anything. This was punctuated with breakfast at a cafe and lunch at Deb's new favorite sushi train. In the afternoon we headed home to the cottage and shortly found ourselves watching the Eurovision contest. I love being an armchair professional. At about 6pm we all looked at one another and decided that we couldn't be stuffed going out for dinner. So Deb and I grabbed a few groceries and I cooked carbonara.

Sunday we slept in, packed up and went out for breakfast. After a bit of driving around we headed for home and were back in plenty of time.

Since then it has just been work, work, work.

I was in Sydney Monday and Thursday and Deb has been under the pump with the project at work. It has been pretty insane.

I did managed to get down to Mum's place yesterday with spare parts to fix John's computer. The rotten thing has been randomly freezing up which would drive anyone nuts. After trying to fix it via software for some time I gave up and just did a brain transplant with new motherboard, memory and processor. That should fix it.

Deb and I then came back to give the house a once over before shopping for dinner. I cooked a pork roast with pumpkin, brussels sprouts, pumpkin and beans. I don't want to blow my own trumpet but the dinner was pretty good.

I have been working on making decent gravy from pan juices for a bit but never quite got it to work. This time it was outstanding. And the sprouts, oh the sprouts. Checkout the recipes page where I have posted the best recipe for brussels sprouts ever. Really!

So that is what we have been up too. Deb is off again to take her Mum shopping and I'm going to start on the chilli con carne for dinner. The house is clean and the kittehs are happy.

Not a bad Sunday.

Mothers Day
Sunday, 8 May 2011 11:52 pm

Deb pointed out that I hadn't posted last week and I blame that on the Monday public holiday. Well, that is my excuse.

Why is it that short weeks seem to go slower than normal weeks? Why is it that four days at work just seems to take longer than five. Go figure.

Anyway. Friday I had had a Foundation event at work. This involved packing about 5000 show bags for the fun runners to receive on Sunday. I have to say that this year the freebies were fairly lame. The first couple of years that Deb and I ran we had these great tupperware containers but this year you just got samples of some products.

The advantage was that we went flat out and got four hours worth of packing done in three. So off to the pub for a quick drink before back to the office or a 5-6pm phone hookup. A particularly evil thing on a Friday afternoon.

Deb and JT had headed out for a drink so I tracked them down and then Deb and I went for sushi train. Jason is already gone to Nepal so JT was looking forward to a lazy night and a little shopping.

Saturday morning Deb and I did some baking for Mother's Day the next day. We made cup cakes, friands and muffins. All were very good although the first batch of friands failed and needed a re-do.

We then headed down to Libbette and Jaron's for dinner. Libbette cooked yummy roast Duck but the star had to be the entree which was marianted fetta, tyme, pork fillet and cooked figs. The flavours where outstanding.

Sunday morning we made our goodbyes and headed for my Mum's place. On the way we grabbed flowers and turned up only a few minutes late. It was lovely to sit around and chat for a few hours. Deb had headed back a little earlier to catch up with her Mum. JT then gave me a lift to the Ferry back in Brisbane and I ducked across to Aqualinea for lunch.

When I arrived Deb and her Mum were already sipping their bubbles and said that there was fixed menu. It was certainly more food that I was planning, given all the cake I had eaten that morning, but the food was very good for the price.

We then headed back to our place for tea and more cake on the deck before Deb took Marjorie home. Dinner was cheese on toast and then a reasonably early night in bed.