March 2011 -

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Another weekend
Sunday, 27 March 2011 11:16 pm

Deb and I have been looking at our finances over the last few weeks with a view to understanding what the future might hold for us. Somehow the corporate machine just doesn't hold the same excitement that it once did.

So first things first was to understand how much money we need to live and that needs a budget. Deb worked back through all our bills for the previous year and concluded that we spend a lot of money. So last week we have been trying to live to a fairly loose budget. But by the end of the week we were actually doing pretty well. Then the weekend came and we blew it up against a wall. Apparently our weekly spend isn't the issue, its the weekends. Who would have thought.

Friday night we caught up with JT for a rather nice bottle of Chapel Hill Unwooded Chardonnay. We then went for sushi before heading home. At least we got the ferry and not a cab, it was all very pleasant.

Saturday Deb went out with her Mum and I took a lovely lazy day getting food ready for dinner that night. Janet, Dale and Marilyn were it town for a cat show so came over, with Marjorie, for dinner. It was really nice although I managed to set the BBQ on fire due to all the excess fat on the wagu beef that I cooked. I should have set up the burners differently. So there I was, put steak on, went inside to prep salad, looked out window to see black smoke billowing from the BBQ. Bugger. It all turned out ok but my steak that was supposed to be medium well was well. Oh well.

Sunday we went down to see Mum and John for lunch. It was a really nice day. Mum had prawns and bread rolls for lunch and we just sat around chatting for a few hours. Mum had even peeled all the prawns first which, in our family, is tantamount to donating a kidney. Proof that she loves us.

Sunday night was chicken and vegetable pie and then off to bed. Unfortunately the kittehs then spent the whole night trying to wake us up. Furrg pounded at the front door for hours before I think Deb got up and locked him in the spare room. Then Raffi decided that racing across the bedroom floor and then skidding on the rug into the french doors would be a great game...over and over and over.

So we are both looking forward to an early night in bed tonight. I am thinking of calling the house every 20 minutes to make sure the phone rings and the cats wake up.

The weekend
Monday, 21 March 2011 1:25 am

That was actually a pretty busy weekend in a restful kind of way. Friday night we just had some tapas on the deck and even allowed Furrg outside with us for a little while.

I should mention that he still has his cold and has been quarantined to the bathroom overwhich he is attempting to sneeze on everything. We have anti-bacteria handwash that we have to use after touching him all to prevent Raffi from getting the flu. Raffi mind you has taken to trying to sniff under the door of the bathroom while Furrg sits on the other side sneezing under the door. I secretly suspect he is trying to kill her.

Saturday Deb and I got the house cleaned and then Deb went shopping with her Mum while I got a little time on the XBox.

That evening Libbette and Jaron came over and we headed into Sake restaurant for dinner. I have to say it was one of the best dinners that I have had in ages. The food is Japanese and very very good. Jaron picked a few sakes for us to try and this was all washed down with champagne. Nice!

I think Deb was a little seedy the next day but I was gripped with the need to cook so I cooked bagels, cinnamon buns and then for dinner we did beef and peppercorn stew and a leek & spinach gratin. All very good.

Mr Furrgus has come home
Thursday, 17 March 2011 11:36 pm

Well, as you have read Furrg has been a pretty sick little kitteh for the last week. His annual trip to the vet went as well as could be expected but then he has contracted the mother of all cat flus. Which is supposed to be the opposite reaction to getting the flu shot.

Over the weekend he continued to go downhill and by Tuesday night he had stopped eating so we took him through to the vet who found him dehydrated and very very unwell.

So Furrg got admitted, a fluid drip and as many different types of foods as they could offer him but he was so sick that none of it worked. In the end they have given him pills to stimulate his appetite. We have used them before with other cats but they have a tendancy to make the cats twitchy.

We visited him on Wednesday night and hew as just this pathetic little ball of goop. He so wanted to go home with us but until he started eating that wasn't going to happen.

Yesterday Deb got a call from the vet that he was eating again and that we could take him home. So I rushed down to pick him up along with with medicine. He was looking better but is still pretty sick. We have also had to confine him to the bathroom because he is sneezing highly infectious goop everywhere and we don't want Raffi to get it. So Furrg is in isolation.

So he seems very happy to be home although he would like to sit on his deck now please. If he is looking better by Sunday I might let him out for a little sunshine. We'll just have to wait and see.

Bun Cha
Tuesday, 15 March 2011 2:00 am

As you would all know I take dinner very seriously. The weather has been fairly hot lately which means many of the staples just seem so hot and heavy.

Last night on the way home we brainstormed our way through possible options and ended up deciding on Vietnamese Bun Cha for dinner. Basically it is a bowl of dipping sauce/broth that you drop noodles, salad and these awesome pork meatballs into.

It was so good I have put the recipe in the recipes section for future reference.


Bet you thought I had forgotten
Monday, 14 March 2011 6:04 am

Yes, a little late in the day for my normal Monday post but I've been busy. Really I, no I haven't. I just forgot really. Anyhoo...

Friday we met up with JT after work for a quick drink and then headed home. Down for a little sushi train goodness and then Deb crashed or an earlish night in bed.

Saturday morning Deb had another physio appointment and then off to the pediatrist to try and fix her orthotics (sp?!) I started painting the chairs for the front deck. Luckily Deb came home and together we ripped through the chairs and then got the table done as well. It is using an oil based decking oil that does a really nice job and frankly isn't too hard to apply.

We then heard from Serena who has hanging out with a member of the online group that she games with. Shaxz actually lives in Sweden but was in Queensland for a holiday. So they came over for dinner and we just had a really lovely evening of chatting and food. I cooked an Apple, Celery, Pine Nut and Haloumi salad for entre followed by BBQ roast chicken over mediterranean veg. Not a bad effort.

Sunday Deb went to the local pool with her Mum and I got the yard cleaned up and the garden bag loaded to the brim. Wayne also came over and will be back in a weeks time to start painting the deck. Sweet.

Then we just spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the deck and watching poor Mr Furrgus snuffle with a terrible cat cold.

A mixed weekend...with food
Sunday, 6 March 2011 8:27 pm

A busy week at work for Deb and I with Deb signing her one year contract. It helps to remove some of the uncertainty of contracting and hopefully elevates her to the ranks of a first class employee. That's better than being a contractor which hits the respect meter somewhere between the coffee machine repair dude and the pot plants.

We were supposed to finally meet Libbette and Jaron for dinner at Sake restaurant but at the last minute Libbette called to say she had been rear ended and their car wasn't drivable. Obviously a complete bummer for them given how close the wedding is getting. Then, I wonder if they really don't like us that much so, in a last desperate effort, to avoid seeing us they reversed into someone. Then maybe not.

It did mean that Deb has been on a cooking jag all weekend and turning out some wonderful food. Friday night she recreated a vegetarian yellow curry from scratch which was very good. So good that Furrg even stole some from the pan. Intypical fashion though he left the lentils behind.

Saturday Deb had a physio appointment so I just stayed in bed with the Raffi cat. Raffi has taken to waiting for Deb to leave and then she lavishes me with love and attention. Pointy love and attention and lots of it.

We then had a fairly lazy day before heading over to Bunnings to get stuff to oil our new table and chairs for the deck. Then Deb picked up her Mum and cooked a beautiful chicken & vegetable pie. At that point I became fully aware that I was probably coming down with something and fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday we had to take Furrg to the vet. Sunday we found out that for $65 they can drop Furrg, cage and all, into a special box and gas him outright. We'll be doing this in the future to avoid the lacerations and puncture wounds.

Then we gave Raffi a run in the front yard while Deb weeded the garden and I tried to clear up from the builders.

Finally, to top it all off Deb made sui mai and pot sticker dumplings. God I love dumpling.

And now, here I sit waiting to take off on my way to Sydnet for 3 days.