September 2010 -

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Cheese, and the dying hours of the birthday month
Thursday, 30 September 2010 6:09 am

We're on the home run guys and it has been one hell of a ride. My Burthaday Month is nearly done. From dinners to parties, wine, food, presents. You name it I probably gave it a go.

I don't actually know what bit I would call the highlight actually. It was just pretty awesome being able to turn to Deb and say, "But it's my birthday month..." to which she normally then gave in and let me have whatever it was that I wanted at that moment. Sweet.

And on the home straight I also had my first go at making cheese fondue last night and it turned out really well. We did then proceed to eat half a kilo of cheese between us but it was all good.

Ah, it was a very good month.

Friday, 1 October 2010 8:33 am

I hope your birthday month was good for you bro.

I'm forever blowing bubbles
Sunday, 26 September 2010 10:54 pm

Ok, so we spent that last part of last week taking it pretty easy after Majorie returned to Adelaide. Friday night we just picked up cold meats and cheese and snacked while playing on the Xbox.

Saturday we packed up and headed up to Serena's. Her Brother and friends were planning on diving on the ex-HMAS Brisbane and Serena was keen to go along. We took up our left over cheese and things and had a very nice lunch and relaxed. Serena had been up since 5am helping her parents run a garage sale so by mid-afternoon everyone headed off for a snooze while I knocked down a bit of work email.

Dinner was an early booking at Ba Vigo down at Cotton tree. The tapas and the deserts were definitely the highlight. Deb and Serena only wanted to share two deserts but I ordered in another and scoffed most of it.

We then headed home for an early night in bed prior to our 6am wake-up to get down to the dive shop. Serena had lost her dive boots and needed a strap for her torch so we arrived a little early and picked up the extra items.

The two dives themselves were pretty good. The conditions on the surface were 'flat as' which made getting ready so much easier. Unfortunately it extended below where the lack of tide meant that the silt sort of stayed put creating fairly poor visibility. And as soon as Serena jumped into the water she lost her torch and newly purchased wrist strap. Bugger. The dive crew tried searching for it but with no luck.

It was so flat that during the surface interval between dives we just stayed at the dive location rather than heading back into sheltered waters. We even saw two whales and a pod of dophins which was pretty cool really. The whales even did a full breach of the surface leaving a huge explosion of water.

The second dive was also very good although Serena had a coughing fit underwater and blew a lot of air which cut the dive a little short. It was still pretty cool. On reaching the surface I found that I had lost my dive knife as well so all round it was an expensive trip.

The dive shop gives you vouchers for the Hogs Breath Cafe next door so we called up Deb (who was back to Serena's working on her story) to come down for lunch. The parking gods smiled her and we found a park pretty quickly. From there a burger and a beer finished off the trip.

We then headed back to Serena's to shower and then I was out cold on the bed until Deb woke me up to head home. The traffic was murder and crawled adding a hour to our travel time. It did finally clear and with Furrg yelling his head off from the back seat I tooted home and then rushed down to the shops for groceries 15 minutes before they closed.

Dinner was BBQ roast chicken and pasta salad while watching a few recorded Gruen Transfers. Then off for a fairly early night in bed.

I am very much looking forward to next weekend where we have nothing booked and have nothing to do except for get the house clean.

Friday, 1 October 2010 8:37 am

Dude... if I ever want to lose anything, I'm coming diving with you... There's definitely a pattern forming.

Double Birthday Month Weekend
Sunday, 19 September 2010 10:06 pm

Deb's Mum is in town for the weekend and has a Birthday on Tuesday so it was a doubly good Birthday Month weekend.

Friday night we went down to Oxford street for pizza. Other than having to get a table inside where it was very very loud the pizza itself was very good.

Saturday Deb and her Mum headed out for some shopping while I took care of a few domestic chores that had been outstanding. By the time they came home with their spoils and groceries it was basically time to start dinner. A lamb roast with vegetables on the BBQ. The meat came out perfectly cooked and was a real favourite.

Sunday we had a slow start to the day and then headed down to Kooroomba Vineyard for lunch. It is a bit of a trek and took us over an hour and a half to drive all the way down there. But the location was lovely and the food and wine very very good. And...being my birthday month...Deb offered to drive home so I got to doubly enjoy the wines on offer.

Last night therefore was a fairly quiet night of yummy quiche and salad and the sunday night movie.

A very nice weekend indeed.

Mystery presents
Tuesday, 14 September 2010 10:21 pm

When we got home last night there was a package waiting for Deb. On opening it we found a gift wrapped bundle inside with no cards, notes or details. Just a wrapped gift. The mystery deepened. Was it a thankyou gift from the SciFi conference that Deb attended for working on the Aurealis table? Could Deb have ordered something ages ago and just forgotten about it? Was it from Deb's mum in recognition of the up-coming weekend. NFI!

So Deb opened it to find a DVD set of Shakespeare plays and a booked called The Flavour Thesaurus. The plot thickens. Given the gifts it was either our friend Jan who lives in the UK or Deb's brother. But why would there be two gifts which don't completely fit either of our profiles.

In desperation I pulled the packaging apart and found a wee little swing tag with Jan's name on it and a note that what we held was a belated gift for Deb's Birthday and one for mine.

Mystery solved...thanks Jan!

Party, Party, Party
Monday, 13 September 2010 11:45 pm

A slightly belated post from the weekend and my ongoing Birthday Month. Last week was pretty quiet with my promising to get the house cleaned up each night and then completely failing to do anything about it. Even Friday night, as I sat and watched Deb cook my Birthday cheesecake I still didn't clean anything. But then it was my Birthday.

Saturday morning we were up pretty early to get started on the house. We had purchased all the groceries for the party in the days before so it was really just a case of spit and polish to get it looking OK. I should have mopped the floors as well but after a vac they looked good enough.

After laying in beers and getting very thing on ice we had a little time to relax while Deb started making batches of pizza dough. Yes I got her to make too I don't regret having an extra batch over.

We had people arriving and leaving over the next 3-4 hours which kept Deb and I pretty busy chopping up stuff for pizzas. I didn't really know how much stuff we were going to need to it was short of prepared 'on demand'. The pizzas though came our really well and I think everyone was pretty impressed with the process and their own pizzas.

It was quite fun to hand people a lump of dough and a rolling pin and have them build their own lunch. And other than having to spend a fair amount of time out by the BBQ pushing through pizzas it was a nice afternoon.

Mark, Jon and their families stayed until about 7pm which was fantastic and gave us a chance just to hit around and chat. And eat cheesecake as well. YUM!

Sunday we headed into Yum Cha at a new place that the cooking school had recommended. It was very good and although we were stuffed we kepted eyeing off more and more plates of food as they came out...only too full to eat them. We then headed home for a quite afternoon before heading into Park road to meet up with Vic and James who were up from Sydney for the weekend. They really are wonderful people and I love seeing them.

Yesterday my 20 years of service gift card arrived and promptly burnt a hole in my pocket to I ran out and purchased an Xbox 360. I got a little bit of a chance to play with it last night but Deb is heading out to the movies tonight with Janet so this will be my real chance to have a play.

All up my Birthday Month is going very well. Deb's Mum is up this weekend to check out the house and organise more fittings so Deb has even offered to extend my BdM by a weekend to compensate. How cool is that.

And here's the flowers that Deb got me. They really opened up beautifully and have just started to wilt now.

And what would a post be without a gratuitous kitteh shot. This was taken the week I worked from home with my cold. Raffi decided that I needed a neck warmer so would sit across my shoulders and keep me warm. Very very warm.

Happy Birthday to Daniel!
Friday, 10 September 2010 12:07 pm

Yes, it only took me the entire day to find out how to put the birthday graphic on the site. And I'm sure no-one has ever had such an exciting birthday present before - DJ asked for, and got, the accoutrements to make sausages with the KitchenAid.

So he is now the proud owner of a grinder attachment, food tray, two sizes of sausage stuffer, and some sausage skins I bought from the local butcher, who now thinks I'm nuts.

And tonight I made him a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, which hopefully will taste as good cooked as it did raw. I haven't made a cheesecake in many years, and I've never made a baked one at all before, so this could prove a bit experimental. Mind you, with that much white chocolate and cream cheese in it, it has to taste good.

Happy Birthday baby!


Birthday Month Update
Tuesday, 7 September 2010 10:30 pm

I'm eight days into my Birthday Month and things are going pretty well. Sushi Train last night was yum with equal quantities of sushi and fried things really hitting the spot. Then off to an early night in bed.

This has left the house in a complete mess which is just get more dire by the day with my party coming up this Saturday. I think we might have to go the light dinner tonight and then spend some time giving the place a clean.

That sounds like a plan. Now I just have to convince the cats to stop shedding fur for a few days.

Friday, 10 September 2010 8:42 am

Happy birthday Son.

Ah, sweet sweet medication
Tuesday, 7 September 2010 2:38 am

I am onto my second pack of cold medication and this time went with straight pseudoephedrine. I really don't need all the other stuff that they put into the broader medications. And this time I also found a chemist who had a cold herself so there was none of the 20 drug dealer questions that I normally get. Just handed over my ID and a few minutes later I was on my way to a clear head.

I just wish that I could shift this cold and get my concentration back on track again. It is killing me and I have a deadline that I need to get completed.


Goodbye Google
Tuesday, 7 September 2010 12:10 am

With Debs' wonderful return last night from the SciFi WorldCon convention she is interested in putting some of her books up on the web to try and build interest. Apparently this is a way that some authors have managed to get noticed by publishers.

As a result it's probably good that this blog, which is really just aimed at family and friends doesn't get in the way of a future site.

So I have set the site so that it will vanish off of Google over the next few months. You will still be able to get your weekly fill of fun and excitment from us but won't be able to Google for the blog.

On the other hand if and when we get Deb's website setup you'll be able to read excerts from her books. Hey, I might finally be able to read them as well!

Yep, still have this cold
Monday, 6 September 2010 8:19 am

Except for the cold that I don't seem able to shift my Birthday Month is going well. Friday Serena came over ahead of going to a cooking class at Black Pearl Epicure in the Valley. It was really great fun and a really nice bunch of people. We cooked pork in about 5 different styles which was really fun. And the store downstairs had oven thermometers, native pepper berries and mandolin slicers so I treated myself.

Sunday I headed over to Dad's in the morning and didn't leave until about 5pm in the afternoon. We had a really nice light lunch and then after JT and Jason left Wayne, Dad and I just sat there chatting for hours. Really nice.

This morning I woke up for work, walked into the bathroom, coughed up a lung and went back to bed. I am looking forward to another early night.

I also went down and filled my script for antibiotics. Unfortunately they made me nauseous and drowsy in equal measures. The cure really is worse that the cause.

Anyway, I am at the airport now waiting for Deb's plane to land. I am considering seeing Deb as todays Birthday Month special treat.

Happy Birthday Month to Me
Thursday, 2 September 2010 4:38 am

Yep, I still have this freaking cold and it is way past P*&SING me off. I went to the doctor but he said it is just a low level infection of some type. He couldn't say it was viral or bacterial. So he just sent me on my way with a script for anti-biotics in case I felt I wanted them.

Deb's currently in Melbourne at a science fiction convention. It seems like everything landed in her lap over the last week from her Mum's house kicking off, getting a contract and finding that the solicitor they picked doesn't want to do the work. Tough stuff really. So I hope she gets to relax a little and just enjoy herself.

That leaves me as a bachelor for a few days until Deb returns on Monday. Normally this would be a good thing because I would be eating tons of junk food and generally taking it very easy but this cold has really knocked me around. I am trying to eat fairly healthy just to keep it in check. Having said that I did indulge in a dinner of hot dogs last night with bacon, onions and cheese. I even had a crack at a simple quick tomato relish. Mmmm...hotdogs.

The kittehs are being pretty well behaved until I turned the light off last night. I think it was at that moment they realised that Deb wasn't coming home. Raffi sat on Deb's pillow and pawed at the spot she was supposed to be in. I lifted up the quilt to show her it was empty and she stared at me in the shadows with this weird little kitteh look of horror...'she wasn't there!'.

Furrg on the other hand realised that the boys now out numbered the girls. He promptly swatted Raff on the head and then oozed across my chest and purred his little head off. Ah, domestic cat bliss.