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Tuesday, 27 April 2010 11:43 pm

It's Wednesday and I am home sick. This comes after going to work last week to find someone sitting in their chair coughing their lungs out and saying "It's OK, I'm fine...really I am...". BULLSHIT, get your infected arse out of the F*%%ing office.

So Thursday I felt a little off, Friday was ok but by Saturday night I was in the full grip and not feeling well at all. I ended up having to do the 50 point security check to get some Condral tablets to keep my nose from exploding.

Anway, enough about how I am feeling, how about what we have been doing.

With the long weekend we packaged the cats on Friday and headed for the coast. Even with the roads packed we still managed to get up the coast in a couple of hours which was not too bad. Pete is in town and Serena cooked lamb racks for dinner which were awesome.

Saturday it was a very early start for our second dive on the ex-HMAS Brisbane. The sea was kind of flat but with a HUGE super slow rolling swell. It must have been a frequency thing but half the boat threw up over the side. Both Serena and I have cast iron stomacks but it didn't stop us from our turn.

The dive though was pretty awesome. Because we had dived before and the crew obviously trusted us we got to dive by ourselves. Hell, it has been years since I was on an unguided dive. I took the lead on the first dive and Serena took the second. The weather was again rainy and overcast. It saves you from the sunburn but does reduce the amount of natural light that filters to the bottom. Next time I would love a bright and sunny day. It also gave me a chance to try out all my new diving gear that I picked up last weekend. I did make the mistake of putting my gloves inside my vest and forgetting about them. When we got down to the boat I thought, "Hey, I'm not wearing gloves", so I pulled them out to find I only had one. I must have lost the other entering the water or on the way down. Bugger, bugger bugger. Brand new $60 gloves.

Later, back on the boat, I was bitching about loosing it when someone said, "Oh, we found a glove floating mid-water". Yes ladies and gentlemen, they had found my glove. SWEET!!!!

Deb mean while had headed off with Janet to help back her house up to Hervey Bay.

Saturday afternoon Serena and I just slept and took it very very easy. I find diving really takes it out of me and by this point I was really starting to get the effects of the cold. That night we just had a simple vietnamese chicken salad and a fairly early night.

Sunday was absolutely lovely. Besides the cold coming on the weather was perfect and we headed up to Montville for lunch and a spot of shopping. Sitting at the tudor cafe & bar listening to some live music was absolutely lovely. We then headed off to checkout the shops but I'm afraid my nose had other ideas and the addition of airconditioning and incense just drove me over the edge. Sunday night was dinner at the local Thai and then home for another early night.

Monday we made an early jump back to Brisbane because Debbie & Matt where in town from Melbourne and were coming around to see us. We quickly got the house cleaned up and some shopping stocked in. It was great to see them both and after a few drinks, a walk down to the river and dinner on Oxford Street (Thanks guys!) we retired to flick through some of our Europe photos and see if we could inspire Matt to visit Italy.

All up a very nice weekend with lost happening.

My WoW account got hacked, so I have a month of free gaming.
Friday, 23 April 2010 12:11 am

Got a call from Serena that she had seen my WoW character running around in WoW. The movement seemed to indicate that it was being driven by an automated robot and just farming of money.

I tried to log into my account only to discover that it has been linked to an authenticator by whoever stole my account. So, after an hour on hold to their support service I finally spoke to a human.

Thanks to a verbal verification of who I am I was able to get the account fixed and the authenticator deleted. I have now added my own (.99c US) and have my account back.

On the downside I don't know yet what they have sold from my character and I noticed that they had changed my abilities to allow them to farm herbs. Bugger.

On the upside Blizzard Support told me that I now have a free month of game time thanks to the hackers loading up my account with a free pass.

I still hate the idea of my account being hacked though.

heading to Sydney
Sunday, 18 April 2010 8:12 pm

Well, that was a pretty full-on weekend. Friday night I tried to re-create the 'alla romana' pasta from easter but failed completely. Something I will have to work on I think.

Saturday we gave the house a quick clean and then headed out to DFO for a little retail therapy before picking up groceries for a pizza dinner. We are still learning to use the mixer for yeast cooking so it's still trial and error. But, unlike our failed bread maker we know have turned out a loaf of bread that worked. So we know it's possible.

Anyways, pizza consisted of a margherita, a supreme and potato & rosemary. I think Deb's margherita was the star. Beautifully under stated.

Sunday we were up early so the Deb could take Raffi to a cat show at Lawnton. I then ran around picking up a gew groceries and then went to buy some new dive gear. Serena has booked us in for next Saturday which I am now REALLY looking forward to with my new gear.

I then went over to Dad's for a few hours before picking up Deb and making chicken and sweet corn soup. I also made another batch of bread, well two batches, I wasn't happy with the rise on the first lot so I made a second lot. Deb now has three loaves of bread to make her way through.

And now I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to board. Away we go.

Home baked bread makes me happy
Monday, 12 April 2010 12:11 am

I just ate one half of my lunch. It was simply ham and cheese but on my own home baked bread. I should say that the dough was very soft so the bread settled into a thick focaccia sort of shape. So I just cut it across length-wise and added ham and cheese.

It is beautiful. None of the yeasty flavour of some home cooked breads and the crust was firm and chewy.

I can't wait for lunch!

A food weekend
Sunday, 11 April 2010 10:58 pm

Food was again the highlight of the weekend. Friday night we went down to Earth & Sea pizza and...drum roll...I didn't order my normal pizza. After ordering it in at least half-half for the last 3 odd years we finally ordered something different. Well, actually I have developed a love for their Mexican pizza so that will probably become my favourite now. We picked up a couple of DVDs, 9 and District 9. (Only just occurred to me as I was typing that that they both have the number 9 in them.)

Saturday we cleaned up the house and Deb went down to get her orthotics matched to her new sneakers. I'll let her tell the story in more detail needless to say that her podiatrist doesn't think she should be walking, much less running, 10km.

Saturday afternoon-evening we had Janet and her friend Marilyn over. Janet had a recipe for stuffed chillis so we embarked on a mexican theme. Deb made vegetarian chilli and quesadillas, I put down a bowl of refried beans and salsa and Janet produced the stuffed chillis. Now I should say that my tolerance for hot food has increased quite a bit over the years so the chillis were as hot as I could personally stand without it being physically painful. Deb must have got a really good one because she had to bail for milk. Poor Marilyn soldiered through one chilli then went back to the veg. chilli and cooling salsa. And the quesadillas were awesome, something to add to the menu. On top of that Deb christened the new KitchenAid mixer by making tiramisu which was awesome as an end to the meal.

Sunday we had a fairly late start to the day then hit the garden with a vengence. I got it trimmed and mowed and then Deb put in the real hard work of weeding the whole thing while I took my bike down to the servo to pump the tyres up. I am off running but I have to do something to stay fit.

In the afternoon I had a crack at the KichenAid mixer and made bread from scratch. It turned out pretty well and is some of the best bread we have made so far. It was perfect with Deb's lamb stew that she made for me.

From there we watched District 9 on video and then off to bed to get ready for a full week at work before lovely short weeks and long weekends.

We got searching...
Thursday, 8 April 2010 4:58 am

Yes, check out the new search box on the home page. It is setup and working and will allow you to search for all those gripping moments in the Alvers history.

The results page is UGLY!...and at some point I'll jump in and clean it up. But for the moment it is an easy way to get simple search capabilities across the site.


Wednesday, 7 April 2010 1:11 am

Back at work and missing my Easter break. Deb and I took Thursday and Tuesday on each side of Easter off to make an extra long weekend. It was pretty sweet.

We packed up Wednesday night last week and were ready to roll by about 8:30am on Thursday. So we loaded the car and dropped the cats off at the cattery on the way up the coast.

In four smooth hours we were up at Hervey Bay, the drive being very straightforward with very little heavy traffic. We then headed out for a few groceries and then relaxed on the balcony as the sun set. Dinner was a steak/schnitzel down at the pub followed by a walk up to the other pub and their 'mike night'. We ended up leaving after the second band let us know that the lead singer couldn't sing.

Friday morning we took it easy waiting for JT and Jason to arrive. They had headed off super early and txt'ed as they got closer. After a good breakfast (during which I discovered that the frypan was the stickiest device ever created) we headed out for the day adventuring.

Most of the rest of the weekend was a mix of breakfast, fishing, drinks on the balcony and food. We ate out at JT's favorite Italian place up there. The food is pretty good but the service sucks. Not as slow as the local beach cafe that took 45 minutes to prepare 4 serves of breakfast.

I got a little cooking action in as well with fish curry and simple grilled fish and salad. By the last day though I couldn't face another cooked breakfast.

As for the fishing it was unproductive but a great deal of fun. We fished from the local pier, the beach across from the units and up at Burrum Heads. We all caught a little bait fish and JT and Jason took the title 2 to our 1. Oh well, next year maybe.

At Burrum Heads our first fishing site wasn't much good. It was rocky, we lost tons of gear on snags and I even managed to fall in. We ended up shifting up to a spot we used last year. Unfortunately nothing was biting.

Jason set a lone figure on the beach, doggedly fishing, while we adjourned for some light refreshments in the shade of a tree.

Anti-sunburn was the order of the day with all of us covered well with hats, shirts and sun screen. We saw a few idiots out in just shorts but can only assume they died later of exposure.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010 3:09 am

The picture of Jason being the lone fisherman should include the fact that he took all our worms with him for company!