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So, what's been happening?
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 1:40 am

Ok, so...Deb's Mum came up to Brisbane to look at property and a couple of the places that Deb had found since Christmas. Things are working out really well because Majorie has started negotiations on one house in a series that is just starting construction. It means that she gets to choose colours and fixtures and stuff which is pretty cool.

At the moment though the whole place is just a very large hole in the ground.

Deb took Friday - Tuesday on leave and together they both covered a serious amount of ground. Including catching up with Raffi at the cat show (in which she got a ribbon for being the 8th most cutest kitteh in the whole world) and getting down to the Gold Coast to see liz and Barry.

Sunday night we went to Southbank and the Qpac theatre to see MacHomer. It was pretty clever stuff with the performer switching through almost all the Simpson's voices as he did a compressed verion of Macbeth. It was a lot of fun.

Yesterday, Australia Day, we made up a picnic of fritata, crumbed chicken and salad and headed up to Redcliffe. Now I knew it was going to be busy and everything there but HOLY COW! There were hundreds and hundreds of people there all enjoying the fabulous sunshine and weather. By some absolute sheer fluke we found the perfect park and then were able to squeeze in between two other groups. Just enough for our blanket and chairs but it was a nice way to spend the day.

We are up the coast this weekend so that Serena and I can go diving which I am really looking forward too.

Back in multiple ways
Monday, 18 January 2010 12:44 am

Well, it's 10:30am Monday and I just about have my work PC back up and running. I am missing a few bits of software here and there but all up I am back to being productive. They should have a time code for situations like this. One that justifies your time without any expectation of productivity.

Anyway, the weekend was pretty easy. Friday night Mark, Leah and two of the kids came over for a few drinks and then we headed down to Oxford St for pizza. It all turned out to be a great night and a definite departure from my diet.

On the diet front I have cut out alcohol and snacks from my weekly intake which is not so bad as it might seem. It takes a fair bit of resolve when I am standing in the kitchen at night cooking not to grab a glass of wine but I need to be strong. Especially given that my weekend nuked all of my self-restraint. But it was a hot weekend and I did have a carton of mexican beer in the fridge. So...you know.

Saturday and Sunday Deb and Serena were out in the middle of the day at special flamenco lessons that they had booked a while ago. It was with a special touring instructor that does the 'Flamenco Fire' troup. I think Deb's toe held out and they both seemed pretty happy with it.

That gave me time at home just to potter around and play with my new NAS device that I got last week. I finally have it setup and working properly so I'm pretty happy with that. I have started copying files over and getting it setup.

Saturday night Deb cooked a Pork Wellington and we served it with roast carrots, steamed beans and crispy potatoes. It was absolutely deliscious. And last night I cooked wonton noodle soup with chicken wontons. It was good but I think a pork/prawn mince would be better.

Anyway, it is supposed to be 36 degrees today so I hope that a) I don't die heading out at lunch for my salad; and b) That Raffi finds a cool window sill to sleep on.

Payback and Pain
Friday, 15 January 2010 12:09 am

Well, considering the picture that Deb took of me, while I was sleeping, apparently being watched over by Raffi this one is a work of photo graphic art.

And the reason why I am posting again so soon is that my work PC has crashed so I am using a borrowed system with none of my files or programs to bumble through the day. It looks like I might be able to lift off my working files from the stuffed hard drive so all is not lost.

I can't wait for 5pm.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010 11:55 pm

Well, last night Deb took me along to her yoga session. I'm not entirely sure who's new years resolution that belongs to.

It was pretty cruisy with the instructor taking it nice and slow and me checking that I wasn't straining my back too much. I did quickly realise that I have absolutely ZERO flexibility in my legs. At one point we had to sit down on our legs with our toes pointed backwards. They give you foam blocks and cushions and blankets that you can use to make some of the poses more comfortable. I needed the whole lot and ended up sitting on a foam block with a pillow on top and a blanket rolled up and stuffed under my ankles. The instructor should have just wheeled in a deck chair and let me be done with it.

But I did all the stretches and managed to remain awake during the final cooldown exercise which is always a good thing. And I think my shorts were tight enough that I wasn't shocking the all female crowd too badly.

Deb tells me that I shouldn't feel and residual pain after yoga like you sometimes get from running so I will just have to wait and see.

Geek Santa just keeps on giving
Tuesday, 12 January 2010 6:51 am

Since getting back to Brisbane Deb and I went fairly hard getting the study cleaned up and the house setup for the new year. It still needs the clean from hell but you can't rush these things. We just took it nice and easy and had a few lunches down at Oxford St. Nothing very stressful.

The rain stopped long enough over the weekend that I finally got the lawn mowed and my bamboo cleared down a little. I had put on some sun screen in the morning but basically sweated it all off so I have quite red shoulders. Lucky I was wearing a brimmed hat or it could have been much worst.

We are both back at work this week and getting into it slowing. I think Deb is wondering about what her next contract might be and if she wants to keep tech writing. Time will tell.

On the tech front I have purchased a NAS device with media streaming/server capabilities. It is to replace my aging print server computer that uses tons of energy, takes up two shelves and produces massive amounts of heat all so that I can print occationally. I can't wait for the new device to arrive.

Other than that it is just work work work to get a corporate IT strategy ready for when my boss returns from leave.

Happy New Year
Monday, 4 January 2010 9:52 am

Happy New Year everyone. I had held off posting a 2010 post because the server is 11hrs behind Brisbane. (I really should just alter the code to account for the difference but I'm too lazy).

Anyway, time got away from me and now I am four days into the new year and only making my first post now.

New Year's eve was really cool. We had JT and Jason over for dinner which worked out really well. We intended to cook prawn pasta so when I went to the fishmongers and saw fresh baby squid I just had to get some as well. So we started with fresh calamari, followed by rocket pesto and spaghetti with prawns and then finished with watermelon sorbet.

I should say that Deb doesn't like watermelon but at our Coriole lunch we had a watermelon, mint and feta salad. This Deb completely loved. So when we got back to Brisbane and went shopping I picked up some watermelon and made my own version. This has inspired Deb and convinced her that watermelon is not as evil as she had first thought.

Anyway, after dinner we headed down to the Oxford Hotel for more drinks, a little dancing and the New Year. It was huge fun and I have promised Deb to go out more often. I even pulled up really well the next day. We did head out for a big breakfast after JT & Jason headed off which helped to restore me for the rest of the day.

As is becoming a bit of a New Year's tradition we have spent the last couple of days re-arranging the study and throwing out all the crap that has accumulated over the last year. We managed to clear out an entire rack and then re-enlist it in the lounge room for other stuff.

Today we packed the cats and have made a run for Serena's place for a few days of R&R. Mr Furrg is suffering from a cat cold from the boarding and Ms Raffi is swinging between very cute and complete evil.

I am looking forward to establishing my zen before starting back at work.