August 2009 -

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Planes, fun runs and cats
Sunday, 30 August 2009 11:58 pm

Well, I had Friday off on flex leave and watched Deb as she ran around putting things in her suitcase, taking things out of her suitcase and then putting things back into her suitcase. She has a 20kg baggage limit and give that her suitcase weights a couple of kilos, she is packing a ton of utility items like washing powder and a couple of very heavy guide books I was actually pretty impressed that she came in at 18kg.

Unfortunately it will largely be up to Deb to do all the heavy lifting on the trip for her Mum so she was keen to try and reduce it. But she really had only packed all the essentials so the best she could reasonably do was drop it by a kilo or so.

We did make it down to Oxford St for lunch up at Riverbend Cafe which is just a nice way to spend an hour during the dying days of a Queensland winter. (ie: 24 degrees and perfect weather)

Anyway, we picked her Mum up from the airport that night and headed home for a fairly early night. Saturday the un/packing continued until we headed off for lunch at about midday. A very nice pizza at Sugo Mi washed down with beer and I was feeling very relaxed. I am sure that Deb's head was filled with thoughts of what she could unpack to get her bag weight down.

From there we just hung around at home waiting for the appointed departure time. Serena came over and we all headed out to the airport for what was a very smooth run. There is no point waiting around at international because as soon as they are checked in they go through to customs and from there you can't follow anyway so we just dropped them off and headed home.

Serena was in bed by 7:30 so I just watched a little TV and called it a night as well. I had the Bridge to Brisbane fun run on Sunday which I really wasn't looking forward too.

Sunday was a late start with the run not commencing until 9:40. As it turned out that stretched until 10:05 and by that time it was getting seriously hot out there. To compound that there were hundreds of people walking who got in the way of the runners. This made it virtually impossible to maintain a steady pace or stride and I think I blew most of my energy in the first half of the run. By the time I got to the finishing line it was HOT. Damn HOT. They had setup in the middle of a black asphalt area and the heat radiating from the ground was as bad if not worst than the sun. I mean HOT.

Luckily Serena had offered to pick me up so she was doing laps around the local streets when I came out. It turned out to be perfect timing, she had only gone around once. From there home, a cold drink and a burger down at Grill'd. For once they didn't screw up my order so they get one point for that. After that I just sat around on the couch for the rest of the day and did the occational bit of laundry. (Don't tell Deb that I know how to use the washing machine).

I am missing Deb heaps already and can't wait to catch up with her in a few days time. I did hear from her via SMS:

In car with Paul my cousin. Last leg was brutal but ok now Missing you.

So she is safe and sound. Mr Furrgus on the other hand thinks that something very strange is happening. First Olivia leaves and doesn't come back. Then Deb leaves and same thing. I saw him looking into his food bowl this morning, I think he was checking for Soilent Green. He is a complete sook though and has become much more vocal. He yells at me all the time to scratch his head or just to come over and see what he is doing. I hope he is going to be ok while we are both away.

A weird weekend
Sunday, 23 August 2009 8:26 am

It has been a bit of a weird weekend. As we mentioned we lost our little Eeep on Friday which was really tough. I had gone to work and Deb was staying home to take her to the vet. In the back of my mind I suspected that Olivia might not be coming home but I was pinning my hopes on blind faith alone. So it was pretty crushing to get the upset call from Deb who basically started the conversation by saying that the vet had put a box of tissues on the counter for her. And I wimped out. We could have brought Eeep home for a few hours and had the vet come to our place. But I wimped out. And Deb was with her at the end.

As I hung up the call I just thought how weird it was to be sitting at work worrying about communications strategies and how weird it was that I just wanted to be home with Deb. I knew that it would just be the two of us and that we would just sit there talking about Olivia and how much we missed her but it was all I could think about. So I did rush home. Or at least rush as much as you can on a CityCat with a 15 minute stop-over at Hawthorn.

As we sat on the deck and remembered our little Eeep. She was originally nick-named Mouse because she was so small and grey. But like any member of the house hold as her personality asserted itself we quickly realized that Mouse didn't do her justice. Eeep was a far better name.

So we have said goodbye to another pet in the space of two years. I want to wait until after Christmas before I start thinking about the tiny patter of new paws and Deb is already talking about getting two kittens to keep each other company. Life goes on.

Saturday we had plans to do all sorts of things but settled on watching Doctor Who episodes and a burst of activity in the garden as the sun was setting. That justified opening the first bottle of wine at 11:30am. Then a fairly early night in bed for a very early start on Sunday.

4:30am the alarm went off and we stumbled out of bed in a haze trying to get ready. Jason was running his first full marathon race so we had to be there for him and Deb had also volunteered to help out. As it turned out it was a pretty cool day actually. We ended up manning the Marathon Finishers tent which meant giving them all a medal, pointing them to a special refreshments tent and Deb as kept busy trying to assign t-shirts. It would have helped if there was actually enough t-shirts for everyone but it wasn't too bad. A small hick-up with a guy who missed out last year was possibly the only mistake. I am sure they will have us back next year.

Jason did really well and came in sub 4 hours. An enormous effort. That dude RAN 42 KILOMETRES. Holy Hell!

And then we headed over to Dad's new place to grab lunch. The local bowls club is not too bad at all and the prices are even better. $18 for a t-bone steak with calamari, chips and salad. That came down to $13 because I flashed Dad's members card. Sweet! And the food was good and honest. You simply cannot complain.

Unfortunately after such an early morning we are now veging in front of the TV watching more Doctor Who and planning for soup and an early night in bed.

It might be the loss of Eeep, the early start or the upcoming holiday (that seems rather virtual at the moment) but it makes for a weird feeling.

On the upside Furrg has decided that he likes the Highlander principle and being 'The only one' suits him down to the ground.

It's ok, she's gone
Saturday, 22 August 2009 12:57 am

It is a very sad thing to have to report that our dear little Oliva, better known as Eeep, was put to sleep yesterday after an extended battle with kidney disease. The decision to let such a precious little life go against her suffering is never an easy one. I will miss her with all my heart.

Deb has posted more details so please check her Shadowcat section.

WARNING: We were hacked!
Please read the post below for more details.

WARNING: The Site was hacked!!!
Friday, 21 August 2009 11:43 pm

WARNING: We were hacked!

Sorry guys, looks like my previous virus infection included the trojan doctoring some of these pages so they could inject a virus. The infection was detected Thursday 20th.

I have cleared out this site as well as Wayne & JT's and repaired any malicious changes.

Please scan your own computers as soon as possible to check if there is any problems.

I am really really sorry if I have caused your computer to be come infected.

Good, the bad and the annoying
Monday, 17 August 2009 2:23 am

That was a jam packed weekend that I had no real idea was coming. Friday night we cooked paella for JT and Jason. I am getting better at the recipe and think I nearly have it. I will have to cook it again in the next few weeks to make sure my modifications are in fact working and then I'll update the recipe again.

Serena was coming over late on Friday night to stay after attending a friends engagment party her in Brisbane. As it turned out Pete was also in town so we found him sleeping in the lounge room when we got up. I never even heard them come in, more or less put together a sleeping stretcher.

Saturday Deb and I headed over to DFO for a little final shopping for Deb's trip. I also managed to get a sports coat which I have been meaning to do for a while so that was perfect. It is less formal than my existing one so looks really good with jeans. Perfect.

That night we headed over to Mizu again for Japanese, it was delicious and a real highlight. We then headed into the Powerhouse to see The Umbilical Brothers which was a great show. Given that it is two guys on a blank stage with virutally no props you easily forget that an hour and a half has passed and the show is suddenly over.

From there we grabbed a drink and then headed home. We made the fatal mistake of putting on the first episode of Torchwood series three. Well, you can't watch just one. Or two, or three, or four. And if you have made it this far you might as well watch the last one. So at 3:45am we finished watching the third series. And it is one of the best bits of television I have seen for a long time. I think I am still a little screwed up by it really. It was dark and powerful and frankly I have no idea where you go after that. Well worth watching. Seriously.

Sunday we slept in late and then headed up to Mt Cootha to check out the walking tracks. I had told Deb about it ages ago and she had been teasing that she has never been there before. So with a bottle of cold water and a packed lunch we headed off on the bush tracks. I have to say it is way rougher than I was expecting. Given that we are only 15 minutes from the CBD there were no wussy handrails and paved paths. You were sometimes scrambling along creek beds and fallen rocks. A rather pleasant surprise from the current spate of ground footpath edges and off-limits barriers.

Back home we waved Serena and Pete goodbye and then made crumbed chicken with asian dipping sauce. Very nice.

The only downsides to the weekend was me getting a monster virus on my PC that looks like I am going to have to reformat to repair, the feeling that I am coming down with a flu or something and Eeep waking me up at 7:00am on Sunday having had an 'accident' because she was locked in the bedroom. I love owning cats.

Mr Furrgus, action cat!
Thursday, 13 August 2009 12:00 am

It must be a busy week given that I only just had time to think about posting an entry and it is already Thursday.

Well, I had last Friday off and headed up to Serena's place again after doing battle, unsuccessfully, with Foxtel to try and get my phone line fixed.

Being up the coast though was very nice and I think I made Deb jealous when I let her know that Serena and I were heading out for a lunch and shopping. The shopping part is not that glamorous, we were looking for pork belly for Libette to cook for us. 5kg of pork belly mind you.

That afternoon Deb got the train up to Nambour where we picked her up and then headed out to a restaurant at Eumuni called Modern Primitive. The food was very good and marked a lovely kick-off to the weekend.

Saturday we took it easy, did a little shopping up in the Coolum strip and then back home for a relax on the back deck.

Furrg has got very used to watching the bush turkeys wander through the back but this time it was amazing as seven turkeys wandered into view. I was inside as I heard Deb and Serena counting, "one...two...three...four, five...oh wow, six, seven".

I should say that Furrg has taken to walking around the deck rail which is about seven metres above the ground. He tries to tell me that he is agile but watching him slip as he goes around corners or past the supporting posts just gives me the willies.

Anyway, it was a very nice weekend. I cooked eggs benedict two days running which probably didn't help our cholesterol one bit. Oh well.

And yesterday was Show Day here in Queensland so we had the day off. We went to the Exhibition last year so this year we just took it really easy and watched Torchwood videos all day. Very very relaxing.

The pic as promised
Monday, 3 August 2009 10:19 pm

What happens when you take all your dining chairs outside so that you can clean them and wash the floors? Your cat decides that because they are upside down this presents the perfect opportunity to put fur on a part that is normally inaccessible to catkind.

Oh blog post
Monday, 3 August 2009 7:27 am

Another weekend down and starting another 4 day week. We had Foxtel upgraded to HD last Monday and since then I have been doing battle with them over the crap they choose to call an installation.

My internet connection was so dodgy that if I even wave the telephone lead on the Foxtel box near the wall port my ADSL gets borked. So tomorrow I have Telstra coming out ($105 dollars to walk in the front door) to figure out what the problem is. How hard is this supposed to be.

Anyways. JT and Jason came home last Friday and by all accounts had an awesome time in the US. I can't wait to catch up and see the pictures. Today would be there first day back at work so I hope they got over any jetlag quickly. They landed at 5:30am on Friday which put it about an hour outside of me being able to pick them up from the airport. Maybe next time.

Friday night I headed off to the Cloudland nightclub for drinks after work. They were doing free Moet and Cognac which was pretty cool. From there it was home and then down to Oxford St for a curry. I have to say they have really improved the food and they owner/front of house is very switched on.

Saturday we went shopping for a duck and cheese. Then we sat on the front veranda and watched the day fade. From there I roasted my first duck. I used a little staranise which developed a very strong flavour after the fully roasting. And next time I would drop 30 minutes off the cooking time. But it was yummy and even better the next day with hui sin sauce.

Sunday was cleaning day and we went nuts. Deb scrubbed everything and I did surfaces and floors. By about 1:30pm we had the place looking shiny and Deb even vaccumed the car. So back onto the veranda with cheese and bubbles. Eeep did do everything in her power to be as cute as possible on the chairs that I put outside while doing the floors. I'll have to grab the camera and past the evidence.

Serena has loaned us a BBC TV series called Torchwood which we are getting into. And tonight I have put my hand up to cool creamy chicken soup.

Anyway, out'a here in about 10 minutes.