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Deb's is home!
Monday, 16 February 2009 1:04 am

Well, that was a pretty full on weekend. I finished up early on Friday afternoon so that I could get Deb from the airport. And here I was thinking I was being paranoid leaving home to get her 45 minutes before her flight landed. But true to form the Gateway was chockers and I arrived at the gate 25 minutes after the plane was *supposed* to land. I say supposed because it was luckily (?!?) delayed which meant I was in the right place at the right time as Deb came off the flight.

Dinner was oysters and pizza down at Sugo Mi which was a lovely way to say welcome home.

Saturday the skys opened and it poured rain all day. This put paid to any chances of working in the garden but gave us a very lazy day. After, of course, my Fat Bastard session on the new eliptical trainer. Being Valentine's Day I had booked an early dinner in at South Bank afterwhich we grabbed a movie and took it easy at home.

That day was contrasted with Sunday. We got up and did a quick 3km run. This was the first time I have actually been running, and not using the trainer, in a quite a few weeks. It was a fairly fast lap for me but in any case we did survive.

After showers we headed into the wine storage to pickup a few bottles. Walking around we found some ground height walk in lockers available. So, for an increase in monthly cost we are now the proud renters of ground level storage. And the guy had tried to tell us that the old locker was larger. Well, in two dimensions yes, it has a larger floor area, but I can stand up in the new locker so we have TONS of space. This is good because the first of three cases of wine just arrived this morning at home. So the additional space will be put to use very soon.

Deb is still pining for her Mum's cat who apparently took quite a shine to her. I have been trying to tell Deb that Eeep is her cat and loves her very much but this is not so convincing when Eeep is sitting in my arms purring like a chainsaw.

Saturday was also Wayne's birthday. As geeky as this sounds I got him a 20 slot back in WoW and wrapped a pet so he had something to open. Yes, I sent someone a virtual present for their Birthday.

On the tech front I have upgraded the TV software on the HTPC and the Roomba still rocks.

A week with the Roomba and no Deb
Friday, 13 February 2009 1:39 am

I am working remotely at home today and have arranged to take the afternoon off to go and pick Deb up from the airport. I am very much looking forward to seeing her. It has been a weird two weeks really. If you had asked me before hand I would have said that I was going to spend two weeks eating junk food and playing WoW. The reality is that I ate a ton of seafood and played very little WoW at all. I did have lunch with Lucette though so at least I kept up my wine intake. Thanks Lui!

And I have to say that I LOVE the Roomba. For those of you not keeping track I purchased a robotic vacuum cleaner last week and have been running it every day as I head off to work.

It is an amazing little device. It comes with a "virtual wall" which is just a little battery powered box that projects an infra-red beam. The Roomba won't cross the beam so you can use it to block doorways. I have been putting it across the door to the kitchen, that way it can clean the house and the cats have free access into the whole house.

Ms Eeep has taken to it with an air of non-concern but Furrg still thinks aliens have clearly invaded. Only today, after a week, did he decide to stay in the house while it was running and only then because it was pouring rain outside.

The coolest part is that after it finishes, after an hour or so, it takes itself back to the base station and recharges. All I have to do each day is empty the little dust bin and clean the rollers of hair and fur every couple of days. No worries. And coming home each night to clean floors is just awesome.

And other than picking up the crap off the floors to give it a fair run I haven't had to remove chairs or anything like that. It happily figures out how to get into and out of the maze of legs on our dining table without a problem.

Supposedly if things go bad I should expect to come hope and find it shutdown somewhere but so far it has always been in the charger when I get back.

So all up, for a smallish house and polished boards, it is one of the best things I have purchased. The only trouble is that rather than going off to do something else while it is running I find myself just standing there watching it. Which sort of defeats the purpose of saving my time.

Oh well.

One week down, one more to go...
Sunday, 8 February 2009 11:27 pm

Well, a quite weekend of domestitude. Serena stayed for a few days which was great, especially the crumbed lamb cutlets! Yum. So I returned the favour with homemade fish and chips. I should have paid more attention to what type of fish I was buying because it was awesome. And the hand cut potato chips where great.

It was pretty busy weekend actually on the clean-up front. I got the lawn mowed, the house cleaned and the quilts washed. And I am running high on the geek-quotient having just purchased a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner. It rocks! I subjected Serena to it on Friday night while we watched TV. I just had to see it trundle around and do its thang!

All I do is pickup and obstacles, close the study door and let it loose. When it has finished vacuuming it returns to it's base station and starts charging. Sweet.

I have had a craving for BBQ whole fish Spanish style. You start with small fish, I used Garfish, coat them in a salty herb mixture and then BBQ. Served up with a Spanish salad I was in fishy heaven last night. I would have taken a picture but I wanted to eat them so badly I figured it could wait.

Other than that it has just been pretty quiet with the pussycats trying to keep me company. Eeep has decided that I need lots of love but when that isn't happening she has taken to sleeping on the table, which she tells me gets a nice breeze.

I'm all alone...there's no one here beside me...
Monday, 2 February 2009 2:53 am

Ok, not ALL alone. I still have Eeep who has decided that I need love, and lots of it, if I am going to survive while Deb is away in Adelaide visiting her Mum.

You should check out Dancam for all the amazing details. I am considering calling it Eeepcam now though.