November 2008 -

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Wednesday, 26 November 2008 3:05 am

Well the dust has settled and the conference is over. All up the feedback has been really positive from the Partners so everyone is bidding themselves a job well done.

On the plus side the guys that I was supervising went out and got a pewter mug engraved with the details of the event and presented it to me on the last day. I was blown away that they would go to that much trouble. So, it was definitely a bit of a highlight for me. I have the mug in my office now in pride of place on my self. A very nice token indeed.

I have only spent a few hours playing WoW so far but am having fun taking it fairly easy. A few of the hardcore players in my guild have already got 2 characters each to level 80 which is just insane. It has only been out a week. Sheesh! As I get time I am just going to much around and level my character up to 80 and have fun along the way. It still hasn't lost the wonder for me after all these years.

We had Deb's mum over for the week which was good. It did mean that I spent the weekend out and about instead of cleaning the house (But you just know which one I would prefer to do!)

I also had to drop a new drive in the HTPC which means we can now play Bluray disks. Of course that also meant that I had to go out and get a new graphics card but all up it means that the HPTC is now fully HDTV capable and will live for a another few years.

With Christmas tearing down upon us we have also invested in a new big screen TV which is due for delivery next week. I had plans to get the model down but fell in love with the picture quality and the amazing features. So with the upgrades to the HTPC (and a wireless bridge that I have ordered being delivered this week) I will have one hell of an advanced setup running.

Day whatever and I am still here...
Monday, 17 November 2008 9:31 pm

I have started to fear going to the loo first thing in the morning. You know that most hotels have a telephone in the loo and I have often wondered over the etiquette of actually answering a call while you are answering the call of nature, if you know what I mean.

Well I have had to take that a step further by taking my mobile to the loo with me now as well. Not to play tetris or check the weather either, it is to take support calls.

I shouldn't dis' this experience too much, it is an amazing experience to be working on a conference of this size and importance with a really dedicated team. And it is fun being treated special by the hotel and having everything you ask for delivered with a smile.

I am though looking forward to going to the loo by myself, with a book, and not having to speak to anyone else during that time.

Yes, the return of a little 'Me' time...

WotLK and working on your weekend
Saturday, 15 November 2008 6:51 am

Well, sadly, I *did* manage to get a copy of the new World of Warcraft expansion last night. I had to try a couple of places because many of them were sold out. I ended up getting the last copy of Myers.

Unfortunately it looks completely crap on my poor little work laptop. I did get it installed and running and spent an hour looking around the first town in the near area. Sadly the graphic are so bad that I REALLY don't want to spend too much time looking around because it is going to look way much better when I get home onto my real computer.

Well, today was supposed to be simple and involve 'a day off'. I thought I would swing past the conference area in the morning to see how it was going and have since been here all day.

The network and printers have been a right pain with our Internet connection taking a dive at midday as well and us having to get two of the guys in from the office in order to get it working again.

The upside at the moment was dinner out last night. We went to one of the events guys partners restaurant, Forbes and Burton and it was pretty awesome. Located in Darlinghurst it is across from the old goal with beautiful sandstone walls and a nice ambiance. The food was delightful and reminded me of all the things a great restaurant should have. All that was washed down with a couple of bottles of Grant Burge 'Holy Trinity' wine. A nice end to the day.

Looking out though palm trees
Saturday, 8 November 2008 2:20 am

Well the holiday has well and truely faded from memory now and all I have left is 1700 pictures and a deep personal conviction that Granada has the best Tapas Bar in the world.

At work I have been sucked into supporting a Partner conference in Sydney for a week 14th-21st. I am finding it very difficult to anticipate anything good to come from it. I am not big fan of business travel at the best of times but to know that I will be the conference tech bitch for a whole week just leaves me cold. I don't even get to drink on the tab! Sheesh.

We did finally get the stars to converge last night and we caught up with Roger & Michelle last night. Roger is a work college of both Deb and mine who we met in Melbourne. Recently they got engaged, which we missed, then married, which we missed. So when we found out they had come to sunny Brisbane for a few days R&R we jumped at the chance to catch up for dinner. It was great because they had come back from a honeymoon in Italy, France and London so we had plenty of notes to compare.

Tonight Deb and I are going our separate ways the Deb going to see a friend of ours art exhibition and me going to a school 20 year reunion. Wow. Apparently about 75 people are expected so it is going to be huge.

And, as for the palmtree reference. Well, I love my little house with it's palmtrees and green garden. It is just nice to sit here writing and looking out through the palmtrees.

Beauty and the Beast
Sunday, 2 November 2008 4:52 am
(Deadly DJ)

Well back from the Halloween party at Serena's place and we had a blast. Everyone got into the spirit and dressed up in everything from Libette as a Space Girl to Pete as an Emo Goth.

Deb and my costumes came together pretty well with Deb dressed as Buffy the Vampire slayer and me in general zombie garb. As usual I drank entirely too much Illusion shots but with the glass punch bowl full of dry ice it looked too good to pass up.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Brains...I need brains...