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Sunday, 22 June 2008 11:03 pm

To top out Deb's Birthday we headed up to Springbrook to The Mouses House for three days. It was pretty perfect with the weather holding and Deb getting her first sunny Birthday in quite a few years. The stay up there was awesome and seriously not long enough. I should have booked the whole week.

We got a late start on Friday, went shopping and packed our bags before heading off. With the trip to Europe coming up this year Deb and downloaded a whole load of Spanish lessons so we happily Hola'd our way down to Springbrook.

After checking in it was just relax in the spa and the first of quite a few bottles of champagne. I had taken special requests for dinner so Deb got my version of carbonara pasta. I actually think it is more Alfredo but will figure it out and post the recipe soon. (It is probably the oldest used recipe that I know.) It did rain that night which kept the wildlife away. We finished off the day by watching Ocean's Thirteen. Now I would have sworn that I had seen all three movies but it turns out I had never seen this one.

Saturday we slept in, before I made a full cooked breakfast and we relaxed before heading out for a bushwalk. I had booked a massage for the both of us that afternoon so we headed off for our walk with the intention of cutting it short if we needed too so that we could make it back in time. As it turns out we whipped along and made it around the full 4km with half an hour to spare before Gina and Annette arrived for our massages.

I should mention that the previous Thursday Deb has hurt her ankle with a possible stress fracture so she has been hobbling along. It was a bit tough making it around the walk but it was worth it. We walked in behind waterfalls and through giant caves. I was definitely having a moment and suggested that we look at doing more in the future. Let's see if that resolution holds.

The massage itself was wonderful and we both ended up covered in oil. I think Deb got pummelled a bit but at least the masseuse took it easy around her ankle and put on a little liniment as well.

More champagne, another spa, you get the idea and then I cooked Deb's second request which was Chicken Parma with vegetables. Considering that I was in a foreign kitchen it worked out pretty well. I even managed to get the convection oven to do a passable job of melting the cheese on top.

We put a few veggie scraps out and watched as the local possums, who already looked well fed, came by to enjoy the offering. As we headed off to bed I put the last few carrot ends outside the bedroom window and we fell asleep watching 'fatso' finish them off.

Sunday, a cooked breakfast (I was figuring out the kitchen by this stage) and a clean-up before we had to checkout. We then headed down the the Natural Arch which I had not seen for years. It is now closed to swimmers but is still a pretty awesome sight. I have pictures that I will have to get loaded up for you to see.

From there a drive home and a risotto dinner with Serena who was minding the cats.

All up a very very nice weekend.

And a recap so far...
Monday, 16 June 2008 4:25 am

The Birthday month is rolling along and we are just a week away from the actual "Birth Day".

Going back to the long weekend before last we packed the cats and headed for Serena's place (Who was away in Townsville visiting family). Deb wanted to put the cats on the back seat but I insisted on putting them in the boot on our special 'no leak' luggage tray. And yep, it earned its worth on that little trip. I am still trying to figure out how Olivia managed to pee outside a locked cage. Great accuracy I guess.

Libbette had arrived on the Friday night and cooked us dinner which was a lovely way to arrive. We sat around and chatted afterwards before calling it a night.

Saturday Libbette and Deb went shopping and I took it easy. Turns out though that we had booked into a restaurant for the Sunday night and, as sad as this will sound, I didn't have a thing to wear. I had packed in a rush on Friday in the belief that we were eating in for the weekend. So I just packed slob clothes. Anyway, a trip up to the local shops and I had found a great pair of jeans. So I was all set. The dinner was at 'Ba Vigo' and involved plates and plates of tapas. It was absolutely sensational!

Then a nice quiet start on Monday (Happy Birthday to the Queen) and back home for some washing and a run.

The weekend just over was pretty good as well. Friday night Deb and I headed out to Sushi Train and hit the jackpot with lot's of great things. We then picked up a couple of movies and headed home to watch a Stargate:SG1 movie (We are so sad!).

Saturday Serena came down to take Deb shopping again (are you noticing a trend) and I played a little Warcraft. When they got back we decided to head down for Pizza at Earth & Sea. I have to say they really do make the best pizza I have ever eaten. From there it was home and another movie 'Sideways'. I liked it but thought the two main characters were so completely unlikeable that I found it hard to get into.

Sunday Deb and I went for a run and then headed just across the river on the ferry to the London Club for breakfast. We had been there twice before but the service this time just SUCKED. It was awful. We ended up leaving and going next door which was unable to make Deb's first choice because they ran out of cheese. At least they had the ingredients for her second choice. It is one of those examples of arriving with high expectations and just getting peeved because if it can go wrong it did.

Arriving home we grabbed a bottle of bubbles and headed down to wash and vacuum the car. With the sun shining and the pussycats frolicing around it was extremely pleasant. Even the super cute puppy dog from the other side of the road came over to see if Mr Furrgus wanted to play with her. Furrg even got pretty close before turning his back in high dudgeon stalking off. The funniest part was watching Deb try to take the dog home. She walked over the other side of the road, told 'Ruby' to sit and then started walking back, with Ruby happily trotting along behind. She thought this was a great game. We ended up closing the gates to the yard which gave the puppy dog the idea that we were not interested in playing just at the moment.

I also have to confess that I we have only washed the car one other time so in it's 10000kms of existence it has only seen a soapy rag twice. But it does look really good now that it is done.

Finally Sunday dinner was one of the best roast chickens that I have turned out in a while. It was delicious and washed down with Hollick Sparkling Merlot. We then relaxed back and watch '300' on DVD. And interesting movie technically but not sure it had the storyline to do it justice.

All up an very nice weekend.

Burfaday Months
Thursday, 5 June 2008 11:01 pm

As the frequent followers of this site would know Deb and I started celebrating our Birthdays by the month some time ago. This basically means that for the month of your Birthday you can justify being showered with gifts, going out to restaurants or even just having sleep in.

This year is no exception for Deb's Birthday Month. I must admit as well that I have gone on a computer chip rampage in the gift department with all of Deb's birthday presents containing microchips. So far she has got a new camera (Olympus Stylus 1030 SW) which is the same one that Serena's brother Pete got. And as you would see from her page I also got her training watch (Garmin Forerunner 405) which is the latest and greatest. It has actually been very interesting to see Deb modifying her weekly runs to maximise her speed and distance. Hell, she is running 15Km per week which doesn't include warm-up and cool down runs either. Sheesh!

This is all in favour of an upcoming Jetty2Jetty fun-run which is coming up next month. Deb is entering the 5km leg and I am entering the 3km version. In a nice touch the 3km run sets off 15 minutes after the 5km run so we should be crossing the line at similar times. I have challenged her to a race, first one home wins.

Well, there is still many more days of the Birthday Month to go, many more restaurants to visit, the Mouses House trip in a few weeks time and a couple more gifts. So the spoiling is set to continue.