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Leap years, bush turkeys and phones
Thursday, 28 February 2008 2:01 am

Well I have been back from Melbourne for a couple of weeks now but it still feels like we are moving to break neck speeds.

I never allow myself to say 'Oh I am soooo busy...' unless I really am. And I feel justified in saying it now. We have a major project kicking off at the moment at work and it is taking up all of my time to keep it rolling. But it is new and interesting so I certainly won't complain.

On the domestic front we headed up to Serena's on the weekend for a little R&R. We checked out Libette's new place on Friday night which impressed Deb so much we have added it to our list of places to consider buying property.

A very nice time was had by all except for Saturday being the hotest day in Queensland in 4 years. We camped out at Catos bar all day. I ran a tab on the bar which had $48 worth of mineral water on it by the time we left. Yes, it was that hot.

This was taken with a new phone that I am trialing for work the Nokia E51. It is a lovely phone but takes aweful pictures. It makes my JasJam seem like a proffesional camera.

Unfortunately the heat also destroyed our new bamboo that we had purchased for the backyard. It was still in pots waiting to be planted and idiot me left it without any additional water. We have them in the ground now but will have to see if they last.

We did make it over to the Hyatt Coolum to checkout the art gallery. They always have very nice peices and is where we got Deb's birthday present last year.

On the way out we saw this cute little baby bush turkey just doing what bush turkeys do really.

Other than that I was on my first late night global phone hookup last night til 3am which is a killer. Leaves you comppletely spacey for the rest of the day.

Looking forward to wrapping up early this afternoon and getting a little sleep. hmmmmm.....sleep.

They still love me.
Thursday, 14 February 2008 4:00 am

I am in Melbourne at the moment on a week long training course. Do you want to know the best bit?

It's not having been to Tapenyaki Inn, Dumpling King or out for Greek. It's not having my room upgraded to a suite with a lounge, kitchen and dinning room.

It's not that I am having a ball on the course and remembering how much I love technical training.

It isn't even having finally caught up with Nicky & Curtis for a great dinner and a chance to finally meet little Patricia.

No, the best thing about coming to Melbourne was finding that they haven't disabled my old security card. When I left Suellyn promised that I would always be welcome back and it looks like I am.

Very cool...

Time waster time...
Thursday, 7 February 2008 12:29 am

Waiting for a file to load from the US...so slow...so time to kill some time.

Untangle Flash Game

Transparent laptops
Monday, 4 February 2008 2:57 am

I have been annoyed for a while by all the mess that seems to build up behind my laptop at work. If I loose one more document or pen back there I am going to scream.

So today I got them to fit a transparent lid to my laptop. Now I can see everything that is back there. So no more lost items.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008 7:31 am

50% of the reason I go on my computer is so that I don't have to look at my family, and in one fowl swoop you and your technology has just gone and destroyed that. My god, delete that image before Sharon sees it or I'll never get to have Wayne time again.... :) :)
...oh, and what size is the monitor beside it??

Tuesday, 5 February 2008 11:28 pm

It is a 19" monitor. Not widescreen though.

Where the beautiful people go...
Monday, 4 February 2008 2:54 am

Ok, for some reason my previous post was corrupt and I accidentally deleted it. Oh well.

I just wanted to say what a fantastic weekend it was. Friday night we caught up with Deb's DevNet guys and we went to Siana which is a city bar. As the evening went on the beautiful people arrived. (One was even covered in sequins). After WAY too much beer we headed into the valley for a great Chinese meal and then home.

Saturday we were both feeling pretty seedy so a bakery breakfast and a visit to Dads to fix up his computer. I love it when I can actually fix these things.

Sunday the rain told us to stay inside and take it easy. Which is exactly what we did.

Friday, 1 February 2008 2:52 am

It seems to me that we haven't stopped doing 'little' things to the house since we got it. From major stuff like the bathroom to simply screwing in some new robe hooks the process keeps going.

When we moved in we used to leave the front door open at night for a little while to cool the house. With the arrival of the newest furry member that hasn't been an option. So we thought it might be a good idea to install a security screen door.

To that end I give you the latest addition to Casa De Alvers.