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Thursday, 24 January 2008 11:17 pm

Just prior to getting Olivia Deb and I spent a weekend building and installing fly-screens that have strong 'pet mesh' built in. This was really more about stopping the cats trying to leap from the windows than actually keeping out bugs.

The only hassle was we needed to block the breakfast bar between the kitchen and dinning rooms. So I made a door sized screen from the fly-screen parts. This worked a treat but unfortunately left us one screen short for the house. So the window facing the street went without a screen.

Over the last couple of weeks Deb and I had been careful to close this window each day in case Ms Olivia decided to try her paw at base-jumping. As usually happens we eventually broke routine and forgot to close it yesterday.

So when we drove into the driveway we were met by a little pussycat sitting precariously out on the window sill. In the graphic scene below you will see me hurriedly trying to get into the house and save its newest member from a very messy fall. This is in contrast to the newest members idea that she quite likes the afternoon sun and the wind in her fur.


What IS normal anyway?
Thursday, 24 January 2008 3:49 am

Life feels like it is slowly returning to normal. I took Monday off because I was feeling awful but am feeling better as the weekend approaches. I think I just didn't really stop long enough to get over my cold at Christmas.

The pussycats are slowing getting used to one another and Furrgus is approaching a state of grudging acceptance that Olivia is now a standard part of the household. Our nights have been a bit of a mess because we have been leaving Olivia out to roam the house at night and locking Furrgus in with her.

Unfortunately Furrg then decides that he REALLY (and I MEAN REALLY!!!) wants to be outside on the front deck where he can chase after possums and other cats and HOWL!!! is little head-off in the most blood curdling, bone chilling cry. But we have other ideas.... so he sits inside bashing on the front door and meowing at the tops of his lungs.

In the end we gave in a little and opened our bedroom door so that he could at least sleep at the foot of the bed. (A concession on our part). Unfortunately this only contributed to Olivia's growing belief that we exist to scratch her head and rub her tummy.

On a related by slightly off-topic point Olivia has the longest tickliest whiskers of any cat I have ever met. You will be sound asleep and then feel something kind of like a black widow spider crawling up your back and burst awake only to discover that Olivia is right behind you, rubbing you with her head.

Anyway, we have a long weekend ahead so I am planning to take it nice and easy and just enjoy the time.

We picked-up and installed our new home theatre speakers last weekend so we now have a very cool system for watching movies. The AMP comes with the compliments of a friend at work who was not using it and offered to loan it to us. Cool.

Anyway, back to work and looking forward to going home tonight.

Sunday, 13 January 2008 11:41 pm

The new cat has decided that it wants to run at Furrg and give him big hugs and Furrg has decided that he can live with the new cat if it just stays the F&%king H&LL away from him. So at the moment we have an impasse. We had been using the tops off the glass tables to block door ways so that they could see one another but that was destroyed when Olivia decided to run at Furrg and give him a big hug. Well, Furr told her to F'off, turned around and tried to run full long through a glass coffee table top. And with 5 kilo of cat and a good head of steam he actually succeeded. So I am now working from home waiting for O'Brien Glass repair to come and install a new top.

We are having to claim the breakage on insurance because a new top for my cheap-arse coffee table that I purchased as a package from Sydney almost 12 years will cost $350. And a new coffee table would cost about $400. The ridiculous part is that I found exactly the same table, with top, on Ebay for only $50 but it was in Melbourne and was pickup only. Bummer.

We are also working on the house and yard after a few months of neglect over the Christmas period. I have now screened most of the windows and Deb is going to order a front security door this week. We love all the big trees around the house but thought they needed a prune to keep them under control. Deb got a guy out to give us a quote for the work...well... turns out our grapefruit tree is so diseased that it won't survive a pruning and the threes at the back are Chinese Elms which are considered a noxious pest by the Brisbane city council. Figures. So, not only are we going to have to pay to have them removed we now have to find suitable replacement trees. So we have been consulting our meagre collection of gardening books for trees that we like, would like being with us and grow really really fast.

Oh well...

All the better to see you with...
Wednesday, 9 January 2008 1:37 am

Let me start off this entry by saying that living with Deb, who's a trained editor, means that even my appalling written english looks great compared to many of the menus that we have seen in Brisbane. Not to be outdone by the Chinese restaurant serving astronaut flavoured food it turns out that our local cafe now makes sandwiches from children. I wonder if they taste like chicken?

Being back at work has started to feel all too normal all too quickly. I do miss getting the ferry in with Deb who is on an extra week of leave in order to introduce Miss Olivia to Mr Furrgus. I think it has been going pretty well. The hassle has been that between the rain and the hot days it is hard to tell if Furrg is behaving normally or has decided he wants to be an outside cat from now on.

In either case we are getting very good at blocking off bits of the house depending on which cat we want in which bit. The glass tops from my old dinning and coffee tables have certainly come in handy for that purpose.

Miss Olivia is quite cute although I get the distinct feeling that she is playing us the cute and cuddly card. I expect to wake up one morning and find her plans for world domination in full flight. That and she has the finest white furr that seems to be covering everything in the house. In some ways I would actually prefer if it was a little thicker and courser.

Anyway, I need another cup of coffee before I start on this FY09 technical strategy document. If I close my eyes really tight I can still remember what the holidays felt like.

There's no place like holidays...there's no place like holidays...

Happy New Year!
Wednesday, 2 January 2008 12:31 am

Well, welcome to 2008!

So far I have survived the Christmas break but I am starting to think that Deb and Furrg are plotting against me via the use of biological weapons. I have a cold/flu/cough that is driving me NUTS!

We ended up leaving Woodford early because I was not coping with the wet and the cold showers very well. I knew it was time to call it a day when my 'Woodford Vibe' went from hippy happiness to wanting to slug the next persion that stopped in my way. So we headed home leaving the campsite to be packed up again by Serena. (We owe her big time now. This is the second year we have left early and not packed up!)

Woodford was pretty awesome. This year I took it much slower and only attended 5-6 things per day rather than last year in which I was running from show to show. It is a nice way to take it easier and take a more relaxed approached.

Highlights were Mr Percival who creates his own backing music using only his own voice in a sound loop, a Japanese session with this amazing traditional music and seeing another new act called Andrew Winton.

Back home we took it very easy on New Years eve. Deb had an invite to Adam and Kel's but I simply wasn't up too it. So we stayed home and I cooked a rack of pork. (The crackling was outstanding!) We watched the Kiddies fireworks from Sydney at 9:00pm and were tucked safely in bed by 10:30pm.

Last night Serena came straight down from Woodford because her house was still in use by relatives. A pizza and a couple of DVDs finished off the day.

So far I have refused to make any resolutions because they haven't really held much weight in the past so I don't see how that would change now. But just quietly I would like to try and get myself into better shape and maybe learn to play the guitar. I just Know that Deb is going to read that and nag me about it. But hey...

Happy New Year!!!