November 2007 -

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Another long update...
Friday, 30 November 2007 5:40 am

Ok, I am going to have to back this up a bit because I have been particularly slack and not updated this for a bit.

Right, think back to Friday 23rd. I have been involved with an innovation programme here at work for the grads which is called iChallenge. My team presented on Friday and seemed to a) Make a good presentation; and b) Have a good time doing it. Afterwards I was able to meet up with them down at a local bar and have a few drinks with them.

From there it was off to see Mark Seymour & James Rayne play an acoustic set at the Tivoli theatre. Serena picked us up straight from work and, except for doing my back during dinner, it was a fantastic night. It is also surprising how well beer and ibuprofen can really help to ease the aches and pains.

Saturday was a slow start to the day, down to vote and then drive up to Serena's. There is something that I really enjoy about voting, and it is not just the sausage sizzle either. There always seems to be a sense of excitement as you wait in line for your turn to say 'No, I have not previously voted in this election'. Also this year we are actually in Kevin Rudd's electorate so it is certainly interesting being able to vote, or not, for the actual possible Prime Minister.

Mr Furrgus was very good on the drive up the coast and actually snooze most of the way. Within a very short period of time he had settled himself on the deck of Serena's place and decided that it was good to be a pussycat.

Deb and I headed down to Mooloolaba for coffee, cake and a couple of KG of prawns for Libbette's Election'07 party. It was great fun with lots of food, drink (Apparently they completely filled the recycling bin) and interesting people to talk too. We headed home about 1am but Serena and Pete (Who is back in Brisbane) stayed on until the wee hours of the morning. From the look of Pete the next morning I would say he had a pretty good day.

Sunday afternoon we headed over to catch up with Mark, Leah, Jon, Anita and the kids at Mark's place. It was very cool to be sitting there having a drink and chatting. Jon even mentioned how strange it was that we were here all these years later. I just enjoyed their company very very much. It was a shame we had to head home but it is a fair drive back and was a school night anyway.

Monday was straight forward but impacted by the thought that I had to go to Sydney for three days from Tuesday. Now, I hate the lead-up to business travel. The thought of having to wake up, get dressed and too the airport and some ungodly hour of the morning just sends shivers down my spine. I hate it! The trip itself was pretty straight forward without much to report. They have released a programme called Catapult which is all about introducing High Performance Culture to the masses. I am already a bit of a convert anyway so this was just a reaffirmation of that message. Now I am supposed to run around and tell everyone about it. Woo...hoo...

On the plus side Mun-Wai took us out to dinner and we had Ghost Crab done Salt & Pepper at a seafood Chinese restaurant. It was pretty sensational.

In the meantime we had our new dresser delivered which had to wait until my return to be assembled because of the weight of the top section.

Other than that, and the fact that I found out my Mum is getting re-married, nothing much is happening. The coming weekend will be spent trying to cat-proof the backyard and generally clean-up prior to the rush to Christmas.

I did catchup with all the old Coopers guys I worked with years ago today for lunch which was great fun to see their faces and tell a few war stories.

Other than that nothing much is happening...

I am gonna' regret this...
Tuesday, 20 November 2007 10:52 pm
(DJ (Mo Bro))

Well, the moustache growing continues. At least it doesn't look as 'fluffy' as some of the other ones I have seen around. And besides Libette apologising for me to her friends that she introduces me too no one has really cares much. (Well they haven't openly laughed at me...that's a good sign isn't it?)

On the upside I have raised $140 which is pretty cool really. If you would like to sponsor me then jump over to the Movember website and get cracking...

Anyway, to sponsor my Mo please go to Movember Donations, enter my registration number which is 81325 and your credit card details. Or you can sponsor me by cheque made payable to the "Movember Foundation" clearly marking the donation as being for my Registration Number: 81325.

Please mail cheques to: PO Box 292, Prahran VIC 3181. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Homewarming complete!
Sunday, 18 November 2007 11:05 pm

Well, the house warming went off perfectly thanks to the help of Serena and everyone else that, at one time or another, rolled up their sleeves and helped out.

The rain even held off, which was good. Considering that I woke up at 6:00am to the sound of the skys opening and dumping rain. This is fairly normal for our parties. In Melbourne the mere mention of a party could cause overcast conditions for weeks, so it was nice that the heavens stayed closed and our guests didn't have to brave the elements.

The house looked good and the setup worked pretty well. We had groups on both balconies as well as inside. I was really pleased to see Mark, Jon and their respective families turn up. It was great to sit and chat with them after such a very long time. We are planning to catchup again at Mark's this coming Sunday.

We seemed to have had the food volumes pretty well calculated and the low fuss stuff that we put out worked well I think. Deb and I had promised that we were not going to get stuck in the kitchen for this one so we just did salads and sausages which worked out well. It was a bit of a production line because people kept arriving from midday onwards so we kept putting out food. Everyone seemed to be happy enough so that is good.

The only downside is that you don't get enough time to stop and talk to individual people. Being the host I kept moving and making sure there was food and drink.

On top of all of that I put my back out on Friday so I had been pumped up on pain killers all weekend in an effort to not look like quasimodo. It is feeling better today and will improve as the week goes by.

All up a very successful party. I am now really looking forward to having some more dinner parties which we haven't done for ages.

Monday, 19 November 2007 3:13 am

Is that not looking forward or now looking forward?

The good, the bad and the hippy.
Tuesday, 13 November 2007 4:13 am

Well, we got the wine fridge setup on the weekend and took a trip out to the wine storage to raid our stock. We brought back about 3 dozen reds of various years and styles, nothing newer than 2004. It will be a good opportunity to tell how cooked it all is after its rather tortured existence and being transported to Queensland.

We also brought back a couple of bottles of white which have been lurking the cellar for some time. Two bottles of Riesling are sitting in the fridge awaiting review.

Well, as I started to cook last night I headed to the fridge to see what is on offer. We have a bottle of Shaw & Smith Sav Blanc that is calling my name but then I noticed a 1998 Tim Adams Semillon that we had brought back from storage. Let me tell you that I have a soft spot for aged semillon. But it is often a game of Russian roulette as the years pile on and the wine turns into kero.

What the hell, it could be good. So I pulled the cork, poured a sample and did the sniff and swill. WHOA! It was awesome. Last bottle that I had and here I was drinking it as I cooked meatballs.

Strangely that is something I really love. The secret pleasure of knowing that it is great enough to pull out at a dinner party but replaced by the guilty pleasure of knowing it is now open and needs to be drunk. Oh, the curses we must endure.

Fortunately I didn't get far into my first glass when Deb's illness (check her blog) got too bad for her to stand. All the medical clinics in Brisbane appear to close at 6:00pm so we had to go up to the Matter Hospital to emergency so that Deb could see a doctor. The emergency ward is undergoing renovations and looks like a war zone from Beirut. But the staff were fantastic and saw to Deb really quickly. Luckily the worst did pass and she was sent home with antibiotics.

So fortunately she was feeling better and I did get back to my glass of wine...


I have had this picture kicking around for a while so I thought I would put it up. As Deb has pointed out I was nothing but scathing of any house we looked at that had Tibetan prayer flags flapping outside. It is just such an 'unemployed hippy' thing to do. But as I have settled into Banya street I have grown to love the feel of the house. On a weekend afternoon, sitting on the decks drinking wine and chatting about dinner I have the greatest sense of tranquillity. I just LOVE where I live. It was with that sense that I was at the markets, outside of Byron Bay, when I saw they had prayer flags for sale. I was gripped by the idea of lacing them across our front deck. And so I did...

I am not really sure what Deb thinks about them. They are designed to fade and fall apart over time so I guess she is prepared to wait them out. Till then they remind me of weekend afternoons everytime I come down the drive-way...

Ok, now I have been to Aldi
Thursday, 8 November 2007 11:55 pm

I think I may have posted somewhere that the Aldi supermarkets do these amazing deals on consumer goods each week. You keep an eye on their website and often the most amazing stuff comes up. Dad even got himself a 2000w generator.

Well, we saw that they were offering Wine Fridges so jumped at the chance. Last night we headed into our closest Aldi to discover they had sold out in a day. Some guy had even purchased 4.

Disheartened we headed out and thought, let's give another one a go. So we drove across to the Aldi near the airport and GOT THE LAST ONE. Sweet. So we are now the proud owners of a 40 bottle wine cooler which means we can bring some of the wine back from storage and actually get a chance to drink some of it.

I have no idea what type of condition it is in but it has been resting in an ideal environment for the last few months so hopefully it has calmed down.

Astronaut Flavour!
Tuesday, 6 November 2007 3:17 am

Last night we headed over to Southbank for dinner and to a concert to see the Indigo Girls.

The seats we had were WAAAYYYY UP in in the sides and were bolt upright but not too bad. The concert had Women in Docs as the support act. I have to say they were one of the best sounding supports I have heard in ages. Often you get the sense that the PA system is tuned for the main act and the support can just go and get stuffed. But the WiDs sounded very good and appeared to have a ball playing their rather short set.

Before the show we headed to a Chinese restaurant at Southbank. It is a little bit too corn syrypy for me but we have had a couple of good dishes there.

The highlight though was seeing this on the menu. I had to read it very slowly and carefully in order to spot the mistake. Needless to say it was hilarious when we figured it out...