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Home sweet home...almost
Monday, 9 July 2007 5:17 am

OK, I admit it. Again, with all the best intentions in the world I was no where near ready for the relocation nightmare that resulted from me leaving just about everything until the last moment. In my defense it has been pretty busy running backwards and forwards between the house and the rental property getting the work finished.

So, Thursday before last I called my boss and arranged to take the Friday off on annual leave as well. It is a lucky thing that I did because the move was huge. I used the Friday to relocate most of the technical gear from my and Deb's offices. I also managed to get most of the mowing and yard tools across to the house and by the end of the day I felt completely exhausted. On the positive side I have learned how to reverse a trailer which I would like to say it was interesting but really just scared the hell out of me.

Saturday Deb and I went nuts in the rental property trying to stuff everything into boxes ready for the removalists in the afternoon. As it turned out they arrived two hours early anyway and started loading the truck. We could have almost gone for a larger truck and it was only by great thanks of having the trailer that I was able to get the barbecue, mower and toolbox over to the house.

The other problem is our beloved dining table which way is so heavy that I thought it was going to kill the removalists. In the words of the head mover this was the first time in sixteen years of being a removerlist that he has had to strap a dining table and use special harnesses to move it. Normally these are reserved for moving pianos. So that gives you some idea of how heavey that table is.

I am the first to admit that the house is definitely smaller than both Brisbane St and Ashwood in Melbourne. And we do have tons of furniture and boxes of things that we're really will never use. So it was worth some concern that we began unpacking on Sunday and trying to load everything into cupboards and find places to put everything. I think Deb was a little freaked out by the whole process.

On top of that we had to go back to the house on Sunday morning and get the last of the smaller items cleared out before the cleaners arrived. At least we had the forthought to hire End of the lease cleaners rather than trying to do it ourselves. It was a load off my mind when they arrived early and preceded to polish the place quite nicely. Deb has submitted our bond application and we just need to hope that it all goes through smoothly and we get our money back.

It was not until quite late on Sunday that I managed to get the television connected and cook our first meal in the house. It was only then sitting on the sofa with a bowl of pasta watching the evening news that I felt a little relaxed that we had finally made it in. Having said that there are still boxes piled up around the house as we look for items and get the extra boxes moved downstairs to storage.

We currently have Deb's Mum in town and they will be heading up the coast on Tuesday to spend a few days of R&R. Deb has not been well for the last two weeks and I think not being able to relax and take it easy is taking its toll. So I can only hope that she uses this opportunity to slow down and sleep lots.

I must admit that I will be using the days to be online playing Warcraft fairly early so it won't be a loss from my end either.

The cats have settled in nicely and you'll see from the photo below that Cleo has already found her happy place. Fergus was freaked out by the ceiling fans for the first few days and needed the application of a roast chicken to bring him around and calm him down.

The bathroom is looking fantastic with just the last couple of panels to go into the shower recess and then it is complete. I must admit that the design and color scheme have come out looking more masculine than I had originally thought, not that that is a problem, and actually it looks very very good. I have even managed to use the bath a few times .

So now it is just a matter of getting everything put away tidied up and cleared. I am certain that we will continue to find little things like light fittings and items that we need to purchase but all of the house is nearly done.

I figure that in a few weeks time we will be in a position to actually think about a house warming party. It will be great to get an invite out to everyone and have them come along and check out all the hard work.

Till then take care .