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Not so fast...
Wednesday, 25 April 2007 6:15 pm

Why is it that things can't just run smoothly, why? Turns out that the bank has taken almost two weeks and is STILL processing our loan re-application. They had already approved it for us for the reno disaster but that lapsed so we have to do it again {sigh}

This means that the end of the cooling off period, which was Tuesday gone was met with a note from our solicitor asking to extend the period. [Un]fortunately we didn't get a response so we are in legal limbo. We have asked for an extension but they haven't given us one. So technically both parties can argue they are in the right.

Hopefully we will hear good things today from the bank that we have been able to lock the finance in and then we are back on track.

Thursday, 26 April 2007 1:01 am

Loan processing is one of those things in life that has the uncanny ability to bend the space and time quantum vortex, leaving you thinking that absolutely nothing known to the human race could go any slower. Other examples of this are, waiting to see a doctor, and the feeling you get on a Wednesday when you realise Friday's nearly here.

Cough, cough, cough...
Sunday, 22 April 2007 6:20 pm
(DJ the snuffly)

For the last week I have been feeling very ordinary due to the effects of a cold. The annoying thing is that it is one of those 'I promise not to kill you' types of colds that means you can function, you just feel like crap. In some ways I would have prefered being stuck in bed being completely floored than just putting along.

Anyway, it did mean that I took two days off of work last week. Being able to work remotely meant that I have to be a little careful not to say 'I am working from home' and then spend the day in a vegetative state because I can't form and hold a solid thought. So I just said 'Stuff it', logged my time as sick leave and laid on the couch watching TV.

I did manage to give it to Deb which is not a good thing. She is home today trying to coordinate her project from hell.

On the weekend front it was actually quite nice, Deb and I went out to some bathroom centres on Saturday to get an idea of what was available. Unfortunately my GPS software picked that moment to crap out so I spent the morning in an awful mood. (Sorry Deb!)

Sunday was a quick trip down to Carindale to pickup a new memory card for my phone, the previous one died, and a little window shopping. Both Deb and I were feeling bad enough that we just didn't have the energy to even window shop. So it was home for Deb to have a snooze and me to rebuild my PDA (Which I am becoming quite efficient at now).

Interestingly with all the sneezing going on, Deb and I have purchased two types of cold and flu tablets. Saturday I grabbed a generic brand of Codral from the Bulimba Pharmacy. It is interesting how tough they are on drugs that contain pseudo-ephedrine. I had to give them my drivers licence to purchase an over the counter tablet. The codral come with paracetamol (???) and codine (Which strangely they don't have a problem with you purchasing, go figure).

On Sunday we also wanted to purchase Sudafed, which is basically straight pseudo-ephedrine. I actually prefer to taylor my own medication. Rather than taking a Codral I would rather take pseudo-ephedrine and a panadol so that I can limit the doses. I don't really like them combined.

Anyway, the pharmacy had a 'new' type of tablet called Sudafed PE that contains Phenylephrine instead of pseudo-ephedrine. I had a quick surf on the net and it appears that the world is having so much trouble with idiots turning pseudo-ephedrine into illegal drugs that the drug companies have had to produce Phenylephrine as an alternative. In Australia you get the third degree when you buy it but in the US it is a prescription drug only in some states.

All that effort just to stop my nose from running.

Oh give me a home, where the pussycats roam...
Thursday, 19 April 2007 5:34 pm

Yes ladies and gentlepeople, the house basically passed the building inspection and, given that it is 70 years old, came out looking pretty good. Dad has given us a quote for the painting, the insurance has come through and the bank is about to stump up the cash, so we are pretty well good to go.

Now we just have to move again... [sob]

Triggering an alert on your Credit Card
Sunday, 15 April 2007 11:06 pm

You can usually tell that you have had a pretty big weekend when you get a call from your bank, on a Saturday, to tell you that they have been tracking an 'unusually high' number of transactions on your credit card.

And yes, we were responsible. The cat's were first with a trip to the vet for their annual jabs (Boy were they happy about that...NOT!). Then onto the real estate agent to initial some changes on the house contract.

From there it was off to DFO for a little retail therapy. I both desperately needed shoes that were more conducive to the Queensland lifestyle. And then I found a pair of sunglasses that I really liked and Deb picked up a pair of jeans. You get the idea. The credit card screamed and the bank called to check if it had been stolen. Whoa! We must have gone hard.

Then down to the pub in the afternoon for a few ales. The trick is to sit drinking until 5pm when all the supermarkets close, then you have no choice but to go out for dinner. This involved another trip to Earth & Sea, a local pizza place that does outstanding food.

Home, relax, bed and up on Sunday.

I took a trip to Bunnings to pick up a laser tape measure. It will mean that we can get the house measured very fast during our inspection on Wednesday.

Then off to where we are storing our wine to unpack and repack all the moving boxes into proper wine boxes. You may remember that our locker is over my head so I am a little sore and sorry today.

The final perfect end to the day was Libbette coming over and cooking us this outstanding chicken curry. It had these wonderful Thai spices including fresh turmeric which has still stained my hands even though I don't actually remember handling any of my food. Oh well, it was pretty awesome. Deb took the leftovers to work for her lunch.

And that brings me to the end of my weekend recap.

We Won!?!
Thursday, 12 April 2007 8:15 pm

We are homeowners again. Even though we thought we would not get the property, because we upped our offer only by what were were willing to spend, not what we thought the vendor wanted.

Check it out...Casa de Alvers with photos in the Gallery

Another place...
Friday, 6 April 2007 8:40 pm

We have put another offer in on a place which I am quite excited about. The house is on a very small block (400sqmtrs) but it is large enough for me really. The best bit is that it is just around the corner from where we currently are renting and is actually 300mtrs closer to the ferry point. It is a relocated queenslander with 12ft ceilings, VJ walls and those nice fretwork things over the doors.

While we were shopping yesterday Deb looks in a window of a shop and says 'That is the colour scheme that I want.', and pointed out the scene you see above. Deep chocolate purple, faded jade green and clean white. I quite like it realy.

Now the downside, it has a stormwater pipe easement running smack bang through the middle of the property and under the house. So we will not really be able to close in downstairs. The paintwork is SHOT and needs to be completely redone before we move in and the bathroom is aweful and would need to be gutted and done again from scratch.

The vendor is still umming and aaarring about our offer but we said that we were happy to let the decision go until after the Easter break because we didn't want the hassle of trying to line everything up while we were away. So when we get back we should hear how it is going.

Onto things far more relaxing and we are up with Serena for Easter at the beach house. Libbette came over last night and we had a huge seafood pig-out again. We then watched 'Once upon a time in Mexico', 'Spiderman 2' and 'Matrix'. Deb and I were the only ones left at the end with everyone else heading off to bed. I don't know, no staying power.

Sunday, 8 April 2007 7:32 pm

Oh snap! I was going to make an excuse about having seen the Matrix enough times, but yeah, I was falling asleep on the couch.

The colour scheme looks very pretty.