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Another year older
Tuesday, 13 February 2007 10:26 pm

Yes, it is another year for Wayne. Balm or not it is just making the difference in our ages less and less. When we both get to 100 it sill be a little under 2% difference.

Happy Birthday Wayne!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007 12:30 am

Thanks mate. I've been full of energy all day. I've just cracked my first coldy and I've got the computer all to myself tonight..... It's a known fact that you can do whatever you want on your birthday and if anyone ever challenges you with "why do you want to do that?", you just answer "because it's my birthday". No one ever gets upset or angry with that answer, they just say "ok".

Wednesday, 14 February 2007 12:41 am

disclaimer: The wife factor was not included in the above statement. Section 4 paragraph 7 of the 'Book of Surviving Life' clearly states that a wife has the unconditional power to counter the "but it's my birthday" clause with the "you'll be sleeping on the couch if you do" clause.
For further reading refer to the famous 1896 high court case of 'Mary versus Frank and the couch' which eventually found in favour of Mary.

A very good weekend
Sunday, 4 February 2007 4:26 pm

Hey and welcome to Feb 2007. In case you didn't notice this means that we have spent our first full month, being January, as Queenslanders. W00t!

We had a great weekend. Saturday afternoon we had Helen, Dave and Libette over for drinks on the veranda and then off for dinner at The Green Papaya. The food really way very very good. We then said goodbye to Helen and Dave and headed into the Valley to a concert of Women in Docs. It was a great concert and a lot of fun. They spent quite a lot of time just chatting and having fun which I really enjoyed.

Sunday we headed down to Liquorish which is another restaurant on Oxford Street. Their big breakfast was awesome but I am still not sure about the pink 'cheesecake' drink that Serena ordered.

Finally it was home for a relax and a little WoW. I am just starting to push level 63.

A good weekend

Waynes World
Saturday, 10 February 2007 6:28 am

I posted on Waynes World and my previous posts diddapeared??? I can't tab forward the first word of my new paragraphs either?? Is Waynes World broken???

Sunday, 11 February 2007 7:45 pm

I've fixed it for you now, you just needed to Generate the archive for the previous month. New time we are chatting I'll show you how to do it.

Monday, 12 February 2007 12:02 am

Thanks mate. So even though it dissapears, can it still be archived?