September 2006 -

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We love Shirley and now Erica as well
Thursday, 28 September 2006 10:38 am

Deb and I have been using a cleaner named Shirley for quite some time now. We used to have some really dreadful fights about cleaning on a Saturday until we got Shirley's number from a friend of a friend. There is nothing like coming home on a Friday to a spotless house, knowing that the chores are done.

Well, with the move we have been stressing about getting the garden cleaned up and the compost pile removed. Well, in rides Erica on her shining mount (Or ride on mower!). We came home last night and the lawns were mowed, the flower beds were weeded and by the smell the grass had been fed.

We are planning to have Tim the agent through on Monday night to give us a few tips about presentation and then onto the photos on Wednesday. The place is certainly looking really good so I'll have to take a few photos and put them up for you to look at.

Thursday, 28 September 2006 11:17 am

Yes, we love Erica, we just wish *someone* had phoned her a year ago like they were going to... :P

She's back!
Monday, 25 September 2006 8:59 am

I picked Deb up from the airport Saturday afternoon after her week in Adelaide with her Mum. After a quick stop at home for Deb to have a look at the floors and reminder herself what all the pain was for, we headed out for some late lunch/early dinner. It is nice to have her back.

Sunday was spent with us continuing to get the house ready for photos. Deb got the back patio pressure cleaned and I had a go at various jobs that were sitting around.

One part of the process is that we need to de-clutter the house. So where do you put 10 years of aquired stuff? We looked at a couple of self-storage places that are pretty close but @ $79 per month that is pretty tough just to store crap.

Then I realised that we have a shed down the side of the house that we haven't used it years. I'm gonna give it a clean out tonight and see if it will work as a place to store a few boxes of crap!

Oh, and we have the council guy coming around tomorrow morning to inspect our pool for safety and issue a certificate. I am pretty sure that I have the placed locked down pretty tight so we shouldn't have too many hassles getting it approved.

Happy Birthday to Jaqueline
Thursday, 21 September 2006 7:06 am

Yes, my little sister is one year older. I had stuffed it up and thought she was turning 30 this year. My mistake!

There is 7 years between our ages...I'll leave it to you to guess her age.

Thursday, 21 September 2006 4:28 pm

Ha!! that's 7 years younger mate, I think we're all trying to guess your age :)

Monday, 25 September 2006 6:27 am

Do I look 30? You really know how to wound a person...*sigh*

And we are all go!
Tuesday, 19 September 2006 10:59 am

I signed the letter of contract last night with the estate agent so the house is officially on the market. We are hoping to have it ready for photos by the second week in October. I have hired a gardener to keep the place looking great so hopefully that will take some of the stress out of getting everything ready.

I still don't know what job I will be doing when I get to Brisbane. The annoucement of the restructure has been delayed so I have to wait until October to find out what I will be doing. It ain't helping my stress levels.

JT's Birthday is coming around fast and I am ashamed to say that I thought she was turning 30 this year. At least I knew the date!

Part 3: Catching up for lost time
Monday, 18 September 2006 11:33 am

So we swung past the house on the Sunday to see what the floors looked like. At that point they had two coats of epoxy and were looking pretty good. The skirting boards looked pretty rough where the previous owners had painted only down to carpet height. And the smell was awful from the fumes. So we locked up and headed over to Freya & Brendans.

Brendan was at the football and we had arranged to go to Yum Cha with Fraya. It was a huge foodfest and I wondered a couple of times if we were ever going to be able to eat it all. But eat we did.

Back to Freya's and a walk with her two little doggies called Berty and Oliver. They are pretty cute really and that is coming from a cat person.

Brendan came home and we headed out for dinner. I really like them both and feel that I have found a beer buddy in Brendan. It was great that they could put us up for the two nights so we owe them big time.

Finally the wait was over and we could go home. Deb and I spent hours just sort of walking around and looking at the floor from every angle. It was taking some work to get used to it. We were going to have to wait three days before we could move the furniture back and the thought of moving the entertainment unit and the dining table were killing me.

On the Wednesday night we picked up the cats and showed them the new floor. Furrgus walked over stepped onto the floor and fired himself three feet into the air before running off. I am not sure that he has ever stood on a polished floor before and it must have cause his little pussycat mind off guard.

Anyway Thursday night finally arrived and I went at the furniture restoration with a single determination which resulted in Deb and I having a fight. I was just completely tunnel visioned about getting the really big items back. Using mixture of towels, phone books and carpet we managed to slide, lift and man handle everything back. By about 10:30pm we could sit in our lounge room again after almost two weeks. Phew!

Friday Deb flew out for Adelaide to spend a week with her Mum for her Mum's birthday. So it is me, the two cats and a ton of maintenance work at home. On the upside I picked up some beautiful steak that the cats and I have really enjoyed.

All this and I still managed to play World of Warcraft a couple of times since getting back. Most fun was a run through a dungeon called Zul'gurab that I got to do as my alter-ego Moonkin. Normally I have to stick to just healing which is good but can be rally boring. As a Moonkin I get to go on the attack and blow things up. That is WAY fun!

The last step in the flooring saga was to get the carpet taken away and the edging installed at the doorways into carpeted areas. Well, the guy turned up for the carpet but knew nothing about the edging. It wasn't until I went to get the bill that he noticed a post-it note stuck to the bill saying we need edging. Hmmm... To make matters worst he couldn't come back until a weekday. So with old carpet he left. I stewed for about 5 minutes and then thought stuff-it! No, I am not going to accept this.

I called the bosses mobile number and luck for him I get his voicemail. So I left short simple message outlining the issue and saying how disappointed I was in the service. To my rescue he came and we had edging in 2 hours. It really does help to complain, in a nice way, occasionally.

So Furrgus and I have been slaving away doing all sorts of jobs around the house that are needed to bring it up to scratch. I have washed the outside of the gutters and eaves, never thought I would be able to lift my arm again, and even did the trim around the patio posts. So things are starting to look pretty good.

And finally, after so many months, I have the HTPC up and running again. It is a thing of beauty and happiness now with DUAL TV TUNERS so we can tape two shows at the same time. How awesome is that. And I have it on the internet so I can access it from anywhere.

As always there have been a million other things happening over the last two months. As they come to mind I promise to get the site updated and to tell you about it as I remember.

I'll try to keep the site updated more often, really I will.

Monday, 18 September 2006 6:05 pm

OK, I've been slack. I'll just say i've had lots happening here lately. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Can't wait for you two to get up here. You'll love it being full time Queenslanders. What a lifestyle... you don't even have to wear shoes when you grocery shop, or a shirt for that matter!! (men only, sorry Deb)

Tuesday, 19 September 2006 7:29 am

Hey, we have TWO cats DJ...or have you turned Cleo into a floor rug?

Wayne, if I go shirtless to the grocers I guarantee I'll get a discount. Although at the moment I'm having difficulty coping with summer sandals after months of socks and poor blistered feet...

Tuesday, 19 September 2006 11:00 am

I know we have two cats. Mines just better.

And I should apologise for my spelling and sentences in this post. It was starting to sound like broken English by the end.

Thank God you are here! (Part 2)
Thursday, 14 September 2006 1:27 pm
(DJ, still looking for that damn cheese!)

So we jumped in the car and headed off to Olinda. All things considered it was a very very nice weekend. I unfortunately couldn't shake the thought that we were having to thrust ourselves onto Freya and Brendan at very short notice and that I was now not entirely convinced that polishing the floors was our brightest idea ever.

It kinda takes the luster off of my Birthday month which I have been diligently trying to celebrate since the 1st of September. On the upside I got a new tv remote control, a new dual tv tuner for the Home Theatre PC and a very nice little jewelery box type wooden box that Deb brought back from NZ.

The food was also very nice as well. I definately got my cow fix with some really outstanding steak.

More to come

Thank God you are here!
Thursday, 14 September 2006 9:35 am
(Daniel 'Where's my cheese' Alvers)

Ok, it has been a very long time since I have posted anything on the site. There has been so much stuff that has actually happened over the last few months that I am not entirely sure where to start.

Well, in terms of the general state of play we have made up our minds to move to Brisbane. It was strange to be at the last YLT conference in July and say, out loud for the first time, I am moving to Brisbane. It was a strange and defining moment.

My life for the last few years has really been guided by what happens around me. I have sort of just let the events that happen shape the direction that I was headed. The fact that my job pays pretty well and I get to set my own path helps quite a bit. I don't feel compelled to get out and change everything.

It was hearing from Mum during the last year or so that really brought it home and was finally clinched by a really deep review of what is important to me.

So, in short we have decided to sell the house move to Brisbane. This is where the fun begins...

I am waiting to hear from my bosses, bosses boss to find out if my request to transfer to Brisbane can be accommodated. That will then let me know if I have to quit and look for another job or can just move up and start on a Monday. I am sure that Deb would rather see me quit and find something else to do but frankly I am already finding it hard enough to deal with all the change around me.

The approaching sale of the house meant that we have finally, after 8 years, enacted our original plans to get the floors polished. Oh and what a pain in the arse that has turned out to be.

Deb got a quote to replace the roofing over the outdoor entertainment area. When we heard it was going to be $800 I suddenly developed a strong desire to see if I could clean it manually. Over the next two days I progressed from a shaky ladder and a bucket of water to a full system of scaffold, a leaf blower and a pressure cleaner. At least now I know what I'll do to save $800 bucks.

Then we moved to the inside...

Deb got the waterbed in the master bedroom broken down and sold it to a very nice man named Terry. The difference between the dismantle and the sale meant that we actually made about $30 so we went out and had Thai food for dinner that day.

With the bedroom cleared we were able to strip the wallpaper and finally get it painted. It's the last room to be done in the house. All through the work I have had this strange sense. I am missing the satisfaction usually associated with that type of work because I know that we are shortly to sell and move. Oh well.

With the room painted we then moved all the furniture in the lounge into the empty room. It was time to get the floors polished.

Again, Deb got a quote and plans were made for us to head away for the weekend just gone so that the nice people could polish our floors. The week before, while clearing the furniture, we happened up pull back the carpet for a wee look and discovered that the area with our bar had this ancient green linoleum on the floor. A quick scrap indicated that it was at the very least glued down.

So Deb called the flooring people and the quote increased by $150. Sweet, someone else's problem.

That was until the guy turned up on the first day to pull up the carpet. He clearly hadn't been very well briefed and had to be told what carpet to leave and what to take. Not a good start.

Shortly after arriving at work Deb calls me to explain that their is 16sq feet of additional lino and the price is about to be jacked up! But we had seen the carpet pulled up in the morning and there wasn't any additional lino.

Hold the phone!!!

It turns out that when Deb had originally called them about the lino they had taken the phrase 'There is Lino in the area with the bar' to mean only behind the bar. Hmmm...seemed pretty clear to me. In any case it took an extra two days to get the floors done and required they get the glue up with a blow torch. Lovely.

We were planning to head off Thursday night for a long weekend up in Olinda, near the Yarra Valley, but had to duck back past the house to pick-up extra clothing for work. Luckily our friends Freya and Brendan were generous enough to put us up for two nights. So looking in on the floors we just short of wondered what the hell we were doing. The bar area looked a complete mess as you can see. It was also the first time that I realised they would be using a blow torch...

More to follow...