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A couple of birthday snaps
Friday, 30 June 2006 9:30 am

A work friend of Deb and mine was in town the night of Deb's birthday dinner. Not wanting to see her end up in a hotel room for the night we invited her alog.

She took a couple of photos which are posted in the Photo Album, check them out!

Thursday, 6 July 2006 7:21 am

Looking good Deb! Happy Birthday!

I'm going to be in Melbourne in August -- you guys about for dinner?

Thursday, 6 July 2006 10:46 am

Ooh yes, dinner good :)

Monday, 10 July 2006 6:48 am

Yay! I'm in Melbourne from the 18th to the 21st, so you can let me know closer to the time when's good for you. Alternately, we could do lunch or the Yarra...

The Birthday Month Update
Tuesday, 27 June 2006 8:56 am

Deb's Birthday month has peaked with a trip away, dinner in the city and then a special Birthday dinner on Saturday night.

The trip to Marwood was pretty awesome. We had guessed that we would get in there after work by 7:30pm and that was exactly when we arrived. It is getting so dark so early that it felt really strange to be driving out of Melbourne at 5:30pm in the pitch dark.

The place itself was really beautiful with the most enormous double spa bath in the pavilion and a wonderful double shower. We stuffed ourselves on food and wine and then headed back to Melbourne to catch up with Serena who had flown in on Thursday.

Friday was a work day, Deb took half the day off and then came into the city in the afternoon. I had arranged for a bunch of her friends to have dinner at Longrain which turned out to be a really awesome night. The table was booked for 12 but the invite list has swelled slightly to 14. The staff seemed most worried but it went like clockwork and everyone seemed to have a really good time.

On Saturday I woke up and realised that I had a head cold. Not sure where I had picked it up from but it felt like I had been fighting it off for a couple of days. Anyway, a few cold tablets and I was able to keep going because Saturday night was going to be special. I had booked dinner at Circa. We had the degastation which consists of 7 courses of wonderfully create dishes. It really was very special. All that was washed down with lot's of champagne, pinot and a beautiful sauterne.

Sunday it all got the better of me and I spent most of it asleep or taking it very very easy. That trend has extended into Monday and today. I feel really guilty for being off sick but I guess I have to take my own advise sometimes, stay home, and take it easy.

Food & Travel
Friday, 9 June 2006 7:14 am

Well, the business trip is going quite well and I managed to get enough sleep last night that I don't feel too wiped out. We had dinner at the new refurbished Hilton which was very nice. Lot's of doors being opened and napkins being carefully rolled.

I had steak tar-tar for entree and it was awesome. I am wondering if it is a specialty of the restaurant because after I ordered it I saw lots of others being delivered to other tables. It was then onto a very nice piece of steak. Yes, I did take the meat and more meat option.

On getting to my hotel I discovered that they had put me in a smoking room. How many times do you have to say 'No Smoking Please'. On the upside they gave had no choice but to upgrade me to a suite, very nice, but I was only there for 8 hours and most of that I was asleep. Oh well.

Why do I hate business travel so much...
Wednesday, 7 June 2006 2:15 pm
(DJ the relucant traveller)

6:30am flight so...

6:00am boarding flight,
5:45am walk to terminal,
5:30am arrival at carpark and park,
4:45am drive to airport,
4:00am Wakeup, shower and dress.

Oh yes, that is why I hate business travel so much!

We got an email from Jan the other day to make us jealous about swanning around in France. Well, Deb and I are going to New Zealand next month but that just doesn't seem as romantic.

Simon and Isobel @ Mont St Michel

One post a month...what on earth am I doing?
Tuesday, 6 June 2006 4:25 pm

Ok, so I am only getting to put up one post each month. If it is any consolation the lawn is going un-mowed and I have not done a thing in the garden for weeks. I am a complete addict and will have to start doing something to ween myself off of World of Warcraft.

On the positive side it is currently Deb's birthday month. I don't know that she is going that hard in terms of requests but I am sure she will crank it up in the next week or so. I have been able to book a few days away in the Grampians at a place called Marwood which should be really nice. I was a bit disappointed to hear that their restaurant won't be open. Deb had plans to waddle from our unit to the kitchen and back again for two days. I guess I'll have to take her a little further a field.

One advantage is that it is near a restaurant that we went to years ago for a wine tasting dinner. It was pretty awesome so is definitely on the list.

And I have found Deb her birthday present which is pretty cool as well. She knows what it is, actually picked it herself, but I have still hidden it away until the 21st.

Deb's birthday week is going to be cool. Away mid-week, back from dinner in the city on Friday and then a gourmet experience on Saturday night at Circa.

I have to go to Sydney Thursday and Friday of this week which I am not looking forward to. In my old age I am really starting to hate interstate business travel. The whole wake up early and get to the airport just drives me nuts. I am also stressed because I have not talked to my counterpart yet in Brisbane about doing a job swap. I know I just have to pick up the phone but it stresses me out.

If I could just sort of teleport and have my life move to Brisbane that would be so much better. Also as I look around the house I realise how much work it is going to take to bring it up to scratch. Stressed!

I am really looking forward to this coming long weekend. I am banning myself from Warcraft for two days so that I can get some work into the yard. With any luck the skies will open and it will be a complete washout. Com'on Rain!!!

Anyway, I need to get the last of my work done before I pick up Deb. I promise to post more often...perhaps with some screen shots of WoW...just kidding.