May 2006 -

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Whoa...who stole my year...
Tuesday, 2 May 2006 6:35 pm

This year is flying past and I'm not sure I know why. WoW seems to take up a fair chunk of my time and lately I think I have been using it as my own little cave that I can crawl into when I'm not at work.

I have SOOOO neglected the yard (plus the weather has been really bad) and it is really looking neglected. I was asked by some local kids if they could mow my lawn but it really has been few and far between. I think they mowed once in the last 6 weeks.

At work my manager, Orla, has gone on parental leave and won't be back for a year. My Ops manager is taking her place for the period and a guy from another group is taking his job. To make it more interesting my Ops manager then promptly went on 5 weeks leave.

Sorry if I am appearing pretty negative. I am in the middle of our appraisal period at the moment and can't say that I find the process very uplifting. Oh well.

I PROMISE to start posting more regularly but unfortunately I have been sick and the stuff happening at work isn't really the kind of stuff that I would post into a public blog.

And I am trying to drum up the courage to talk to my boss and tell him that I want to move to Brisbane. Given that I feel like the only thing holding my local group together I find the thought of that conversation rather scary.

But it is the goal and I really shouldn't worry too much about the company. They did fine before I arrived and they will do fine without me. I just wish that Orla was there to take my job and then everything would feel right. Oh well.

I should run, I need to pick Deb up from the train station after her school. See ya soon.

p.s: I am very very close to getting to Level 60 in WoW ...go me!