March 2006 -

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Might & Power
Tuesday, 28 March 2006 2:12 pm

As you would realise by now Deb and I are both deeply into the online computer game called World of Warcraft.

Last night I was cooking dinner and had my laptop setup in the kitchen so that I could check the in-game auction house. It is kind'a like ebay for gamers and allows you to buy and sell in-game items.

We both belong to a guild called Might & Power which is a group within the game who help each other out and group to complete difficult quests. Well, Deb calls out for me to check the guild chat and I watch in horror as half of the people in our guild got the sh%ts with the Guild Leader and left en mass.

If Serena was online I am sure she would have been facinated by it as a lesson into human interaction and behaviour. Actually it was kinda weird seeing the guild fall apart.

The weird part is that the guild never really did anything for me besides open lock boxes. The web forum for the guild has been very quiet today so I hope the officers in the guild are able to get the ball rolling again.

A long time no write...
Thursday, 16 March 2006 10:44 am

Ok it has been ages since I posted anything. Actually it has been about the same amount of time that it has taken me to plan and run a conference at work for 80 people.

A little over 4 weeks ago I was 'volunteered' to coordinate a national managers conference at work. I will tell you now that I had absolutely no idea at all what on earth I was doing. So like any situation like this I just setup a conference that I would like to go to. The bestest part was that it was a complete success. The feedback from everyone has been really really positive so I am pretty pleased with myself.

At home WoW has again been eating up tons of our time. Serena's brother Peter has started playing and, at the rate he is going' will have a character at the same level as us in a very short time. We ran a particular dungeon last weekend with our alternative (weaker) characters. We got slaughtered so many times that all my armor gave out. Ouch.

The backyard is looking worst and worst and I am considering calling in a napalm strike to just get rid of the whole thing. (Well, it's an idea)

On the upside I cashed in a gift voucher I received from last years building relocation. Deb and I are heading over to beautiful NZ to go skiing in winter. I can't wait it is going to be awesome. To add to the fun Serena and Peter are coming over as well which is pretty awesome.

I had to get a new passport because mine was about to expire. $172 dollars later I now have an ePassword that has a chip built into it. Oh the march of technology.

Other than that the pussycats are happy and Deb is stressing about her course and trying to get the project from hell to either sink or float. (I don't think she cares which way as long as something happens)

So, hopefully I'll see you all on World of Warcraft because that seems to be were I am spending all my leisure hours at the momemnt.