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So...what else did you do for Australia day?
Thursday, 27 January 2005 4:43 pm

After the previous weekend our Australia day was very very quite in comparison. Deb laid in all sorts of yummy things to eat and we cooked Spanakopita.

So, cold beer, great food. And of course what do you do after a few beers and a really nice lunch???

Start your engines...
Monday, 24 January 2005 7:36 pm

Well, if nothing else I have been able to finish off the large port of the PHP code for the new site. So we are just days away from getting it off the ground.

On the front it won't look that different, or exciting, but it will allow everyone to comment on entries as well as permit me to archive much easier than I have been able in the past.

Now just a few days worth of fixing up and testing and we should be good to go for the first of February. Yayeee!!!

Everyone, back away from the BBQ
Sunday, 23 January 2005 6:52 pm

Deb keeps promising everytime we have a dinner party or BBQ that she will never do another one again but the cleanup, and aftermarth, of this one was not too bad.

Having said that I have spent the whole day snacking on light meals and trying to replace lost fluids...yep...did I mention that the BBQ was fairly liquid?

I really have to stop myself when it comes time to mix up Illusions...at least Deb stopped me as I was heading in to make the third cocktail shaker full.

On the plus side everyone seems to have a really good night, the food was fantastic and all of Deb's salads, and the desert, went down a treat.

We have enough stuff left over and are foolishly thinking of doing it all again this Wednesday which is Australia day. Hey...can someone pass me another beer.

Don't forget the BETA site.

Thursday, 20 January 2005 12:47 pm

I am not sure that this whole work thing is really all that fun anymore.

Anyway...there is always PHP programming to keep me happy.

Check out the BETA site for how the site will work. Feel free to post something in the comments section. If you get any strange results please let me know.

If things work out I'll be launching the new site in February and migrating the Feedback and Recipes sections over later.

Now...back to work.

You gotta love a friday
Friday, 14 January 2005 6:14 am

Well I have almost be back for a whole week. The evenings have been really warm so a quick swim was in order last night.

We did try to put paint on the front fence but even Deb agreed that it was too hot to be painting. The posts are being done in a slightly different colour which should look really good. When (if) we finally get it finished I'll have to post some pictures.

Deb is off to a job interview today for a content manager position with another accouting firm. (Oooooohhhhh...) The problem is that she has a ton of other irons in the fire that she is waiting to here back on. So if they offered her the job we may never know about the other roles.

I heard from Mum last night who is doing fairly well after her last treatment. The government has decided to recognise that she is a permanent resident. Considering she has been working since she was 13, has raised 3 kids and never left the country it is really rather laughable.

And finally, on the geek front, I am teaching myself to program in PHP. I am hoping to be able to setup a comments section so that you can post against our blog entries. Libbette gave me the idea during Christmas.

Anyway, talk to you again soon.

Home again
Monday, 10 January 2005 6:18 pm

Well we got back to cold and rainy Melbourne late Thursday afternoon. I was sort of hoping for a calm return to normality but it turned into a dash to try and get the cats out of boarding before it closed. Needless to say this did nothing for my serenity at all.

As Deb has mentioned we spent the last few days of our holiday in Sydney with Nicky & Curtis and Debbie & Matt.

Debbie & Matt took us out on their new boat which was great fun. The skies did open and we got drenched but it was really a huge amount of fun. My thanks to them for always making our time together so much fun.

We also cast ourselves on our very dear friends Nicky & Curtis who let us experiment on them with my new Targine which I got for Christmas. (Chicken with lemon and green olives)

As usual the dinner was rather liquid and we didn't get to bed until quite late.

Having said that they were both up at 'Sparrow's you know what...' to make us coffee and give us a hand to the car. We really miss them heaps but they are SO enjoying Sydney. I am sure that Curt is going to find Deb a job at any rate.

Friday we went to the movies to see The Incredibles. It wasn't to bad at all although I would really like to have seen more Super Hero stuff and less family drama. Needless so say the animation was amazing.

Saturday was spent cleaning up the yard and salvaging what plants we could after our absence. Sunday was Yum Cha and a coat of paint on the fence. It now looks very good although it still leaves the back face to be done.

So that brings to an end our Christmas holidays. My thanks to everyone that we managed to catch up with, it was great fun although never long enough.

My first day back at work was rather uneventful and I couldn't quite shake the feeling that the beach was just down the road, breakfast would be ready shortly and a cold beer was waiting in the fridge for later.

Happy New Year
Saturday, 1 January 2005 7:34 pm

The New Year night was good fun with JT & Jason joining us at a restaurant in Coolum.

The day was spent very quietly because I got dumped by a wave yesterday morning and did my back in. So I was an invalid for the whole day until I pumped a few ibuprofen and the world was a far better place to be. Anyway, we have finished dinner and are just chating about Buffy. It's a nice way to spend the last few days in Brisbane.

Happy New Year to everyone.