December 2016 -

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Thursday, 29 December 2016 1:30 am
So I've booked for a 'singles cruise' for NYE. Not really sure what to expect but hell. It's kind of my Christmas present to myself really. Includes accomodation down the Gold Coast, transfers to the harbour, dinner, drinks and fireworks. So should be entertaining if nothing else.

As for the 'singles' bit I am not entirely sure but will just have to see.

It's still December
Wednesday, 28 December 2016 1:47 am
I'll get in and try to get one post up for December for the year is over.

Last Friday Roger was up in Brisbane so we caught up for a drink which turned into a very nice dinner at Sake. Man I still love that place.

I just had four days off for Christmas which was largely spent at JT's house. I headed down Christmas morning and came back fairly late on Boxing Day. Best part was that I got to take Furrg down with me. Once he got the hang of the covered area it was pretty good and settle in on Jason's beautiful outdoor furniture. I think Furrg missed having the daybed at Banya Street so he very quickly worked out how it worked.

Christmas itself was wonderful. Wayne & Sharon made it over as well which was great but they had a huge day of travel and catch-ups ahead of them so they only stayed a few hours. For the rest of us it was great to just hang-out and enjoy each others company. All too often you have to drive or head somewhere else. But we just had to sit, drink and enjoy the day.

Ava, of course, was the centre of attention and did a very nice job of keeping everyone entertained. She loved all her toys and basically couldn't make up her mind which one to play with next. By late that night JT, Jason & I settled down to watch a video and only made it 30 minutes before everyone called it a night.

Home again it took me two days to clean up the apartment. Basically because I found my old Minecraft subscription and started playing and 'yep, there goes 5 hours'. But I did get everything shiny and nice and then woke up this morning to cat fur on everything...again. So I have purchased a hand-held vacuum and can't wait for it to arrive so that I can keep the 'Furrg factor' down to a reasonable level. As it is I am vacuuming 2-3 times a week to try and contain the cat hair. You make everything look nice and within 6 hours it's back to fuzz again.

And I'm still cooking. Roast duck last night in wraps. I still have tons left over so will either be doing an asian salad or rice paper rolls tonight. Yum!

Anyway, my code as finally finished running so back to work.