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Getting in for an early Happy New Year!

Only a few hours and we will be pens down and getting ready for dinner and hopefully some fireworks.

It has been a challenging year to say the least with Covid constantly snipping at everyone's heels.  There was no way that Kellie and I could have imagined what this year was to hold when we returned from our European holiday last year.  The turmoil and disruption was completely beyond our reconning.

But I consider myself very very lucky.  As businesses have closed and the lines at Centrelink have grown I have been working from home.

And there were some very bright moments in 2020 that I will remember and treasure for the rest of my days.  Like Kellie and I purchasing our first home together.  And of course getting engaged!  I am extremely lucky to have found someone who shares my approach to life (if not my love of anime tv).   She is my friend, my companion and confidant.  Not sure what I would do without her.

So with the wedding planning well in control and the hope for a vaccine in the New Year here is to hoping that 2021 holds nothing but wonderful surprises for everyone.

Apple Pie

My Dad used to tell me stories about the amazing apple pies that my grandmother would make.  Unfortunately the recipe was never handed down.  But that wouldn't stop him venturing into the kitchen every once in a while and giving it a try.

top down picture of an apple pie with crumbly crust

Here is my own version. This recipe keeps the apples very simple with only a little sugar and cinnamon.  By using a mix of granny smith and an eating apple you will get the best of both words.  That lovely melted apple puree and firm chunks. 

But the star is the pastry, super short and crumbly.  You might want to make a 1.5 or 2x quantity if you're after a crust that doesn't crumble.  I think it lacks a little structural integrity in the current quanity.

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Hello and welcome to my new web home.

During the last month I have finally had enough of my previous ISP and decided to move to a new service provider.

I've also archived the old site and started this blog instead. The intent will be to post here periodically about what I am working on or what project is currently of interest.

And cooking, of course, will feature here as well. I keep forgetting to snap enough pictures so brace yourself for the onslaught.

Shall we begin?