Home Archive May 2003

7th May 2003  Wow, two updates in only two days.  What will the world make of this.  I have updated the Gallery section with a new layout.  The underlying design really sucks but you don't have to know that.

6th May 2003  Ok, so it has been ages since I have done anything that looks like updating the site.  Not that I think that many people are actually watching.  Since the last post we have been away on our Easter wine tour and Deb is now well and truly in study mode for her course.

I been buried under a mountain of Performance Appraisals at work and I have just got my first 360 degree feedback.  I did stop short of cutting my wrists although it would appear that a few of my staff may prefer that I did.

More recently we went to a friends for dinner in which we all helped to make a lasagne.  It had five cheeses in the béchamel sauce and was so very very very very rich.  I am pretty sure that I felt my heart stop at least a couple of times while eating it but all the red wine really helped.

Anyway, check out the 'Stuff' section for my Meat Ball recipe which I have posted for Kim and have a look in the Gallery for details of the Easter trip.

This update is brought to you by not bringing you enough updates....oh, and Avril Lavigne again, it really is a very good album.  You should buy it.