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22nd March 2004 Well it has been a very busy week and work and doesn't look like it is going to slow down for some time.  I am off on a conference from this Friday and won't be home until next Tuesday.  I am looking forward to it but am not too keen about being away for that long from home.

My Mum has had surgery today on her thyroid.  The operation went well and she is recovering in hospital.  I feel rather bad because I have not been very good at keeping in touch with her.  In any case at least my brother and sister have been doing a better job of being a family that I have.

On the subject of families my brother Wayne, as I mentioned in the Blog, has staked himself a spot in cyberspace and now has a webpage.  I have added a link to the left here so that you can check out both of our sites.

Have fun!

7th March 2004 We are currently half way through the Labour Day long weekend...how sweet is that.  We have been taking it easy and doing a little shopping.  We are also looking at building two study desks in the study so that Deb and I don't have to be sitting on top of one another when we are using our computers.

Work has been REALLY busy but I am looking forward to a conference later this month which should prove to be a lot of fun.

I have added a few of the Grape Grazing 2004 photos to the gallery so check them out.

13th February 2004 Deb and I are back from Adelaide and trying to get ourselves sorted out before our return to normality next week.  As I briefly posted in the Web Log Deb's father Hugh passed away last week.  It's a terrible loss for Marjorie and he will be truly missed by Deb and her brother Chris.  We can at least comfort ourselves with the thought that he is finally at peace.

While in Adelaide we headed out to the Central Markets, which are one of my favourite places for cheese, meats and produce that I have seen in Australia.  I captured the shot below using my new XDA organiser.

Deb & Marjorie at the Adelaide Central Markets

19th January 2004 A very quick note to let you know that Deb has updated her Shadowcat page.  Go check it out.

2nd January 2004  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

With the New Year comes a little house keeping.  I have archived the the front page in to the What's New Archive ready for the new year.

A sad note for the start of the year, Deb has had to fly back over the Adelaide at the last minute, to see her father, Hugh, who has had some complications in hospital.  I wish I had some good news to report on his progress but I am afraid it is all rather bleak really.

I miss Deb heaps but know that at this time her Mum needs her more than I do.  It certain has not been an easy start to the year for her.

I, on the other hand, am sitting at home, playing with my HTPC, scoffing peanuts from the shell and drinking beer. (Deb is allergic to peanuts so I can't normally have them near her).

The new working year is rushing up way faster than I would like but I am feeling quite recharged and energetic.  Hopefully it I can keep up that momentum when I get back into the office.

And as for resolutions, well my resolution for this year is to "Listen More".  Simple really but something that I know that I need to work on more in my personal and professional life.

And finally, to close off this post is a picture of Furrgus who woke up just as I was taking this picture.  I guess not everyone really cares that it is 2004.

Furrgus 2004