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24th Mar 2003  I have added a stuff page, which I will probably change into something else later.  I have posted up the Mintaro Mews Chicken Liver Pate Recipe.  Trust me, if you like pate you are gonna love this.  Not that playing with chicken livers is really very nice but it is a necessary evil in this case.

23rd Mar 2003  Its Sunday, about 10:30pm, and we have spent the better part of the weekend playing Diablo2 LoD.  Not necessarily the most productive use of our free time but in terms of turning off the brain and letting it idle for a while, it is not a bad method.  Besides, I absolutely love that we are gaming across the wireless network.  If I had got all the stuff sooner we could have sat around outside and played during summer.  How cool would that be, in a geek sort of way...

We went to Vao Doi which is a Vietnamese restaurant last night with Nicky & Curtis.  Great food and good company for dinner, what more could you ask for.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with Anna & Ingrid who are down in Melbourne for the weekend.  I was hoping to see them tonight but being a school night I decided it might be better to skip and have lunch instead.  Having said that I should get us off to bed or all the good intentions will be for nothing.

19th Mar 2003  Whoa...It has been quite a while since we posted and quite a lot has happened.  Deb and I got to go to the Melbourne Grand Prix on Saturday to see the time trials.  It was a great day.  Check out the gallery where I have posted a couple of the photos.

I have also added a couple of photos of Furrgus in the Cats section.  He is so cute...if a little high strung...


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4th Mar 2003  I have now also got the photos from our trip to Spirit House, with Serena at Christmas, up on the gallery as well as moving the February What's New into a new What's New archive section.

Deb & I are not feeling very well at the moment,  Personally I blame her for holding onto a cold for longer than anyone really deserves to.

I feel so bad that I am not even watching Star Wars in wide screen on the TV.  How bad is that.


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