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30th June 2004  On the upside we will be heading up to Brisbane in two days time.  On the downside they announced the successful YLT candidates and they didn't include me.  Oh well...

21st June 2004  Happy Birthday to Deb, Happy Birthday to Deb, Happy Birthday to Debbie!!!  Happy Birthday to Deb.  Well today is now officially Deb Day and is the third day of Deb's birthday weekend. (Yes, we have moved to celebrating for a whole weekend...well now a long weekend.)

I have taken the day off and we are heading over to Stokehouse for lunch.  Then we are off to Gold Class to see Shrek2...I cannot wait.

Oh, yah, Deb got a gold bangle and a pair of twisty earrings.   I'll try and post some pictures and a further note when we get back.

Now everyone..."Happy Birthday to Deb, Happy Birthday to Deb............"

A quick update now that we are home.  Shrek2 was great fun but I am afraid that we have eaten WAY too much.   Someone bring me a bucket...

16th June 2004  Whoohoo!  Our very dear friend Lucette has finally found the man of her dreams and got married to Shane on Saturday.  Lou sent me a quick note with a couple of photos so I wanted to post here and let you all see the happy couple.

Congratulations guys!!!

15th June 2004  A very quick update to keep the page alive.  I have FINALLY booked to fly to Brisbane for Mum's birthday which both Deb and I are really looking forward to.  It is going to be a surprise party to whatever you do don't tell mum.   On the home front I had been working myself into a frenzy with my application for YLT, which is now delivered.  To be honest if I don't make it I will be pretty disappointed but at least I really did give it my best try.

The webcam has been down for a few weeks because I have been too slack to setup the camera again.  I will have to get it back out and setup so that we can get the images updated.

Deb is on the home run at school and very much looking forward to her end of term.  It will be two weeks of escape with no school.

23rd May 2004  Well I have have managed to get a bit of a throat infection and am currently in complete denial about working on my application for the leadership program at work.  Let me count the ways that I have avoided doing any real work:

  • I have updated Deb's Shadowcat page so that now has a random cat quote.

  • I have added a 'Who is Shadowcat' page and link to Deb's bit.

  • I have fixed the Webcam page and set it up so that you can see the last 10 photos that it has taken.

Now I REALLY have to get off my butt and go and work on my application.

17th May 2004  Well it would seem that the new webcam, or DebCam as I prefer to call it, was well received by Wayne and the family...and yes, we want to point it at the cats but I need to buy a longer cord for the computer.  I am stuck with the camera only being about 3 feet way at any time.  An alternative is to buy an old crappy computer, with a USB port, and run it up as a standalone webcam server.  Now that would be very cool...

15th May 2004  Well I have survived another week and finished the performance evaluations on my staff.  All things considered it went really well and I am feeling pretty positive about the next six months.

The eternal march of technology continues and I have added a web cam the this site.  I am not sure how long I'll keep it going for but at the moment I thought it was pretty cute.  I am calling it DebbieCam until she has had enough of it.

The image below will update every 15 minutes between 9am and 5pm.  I may turn it on at night as well, but you never know.  To save you constantly hitting refresh, and stuffing up my page counter, use this link to the temporary DebbieCam page to see what she is doing.


10th May 2004  Check it out...Nathan has entered the building.  I have added a link below to Nathan's Life which you have gotta check out.  Having said that Deb is just chomping at the bit to correct his spelling.  (Yes Nathan, Aunty Deb has seen how you spell!!!)

On the home front I had a great weekend and now have to face a week of staff appraisals.  Once I am on the other side though I will certainly feel a lot better.

I sent Mum a bunch of flowers, I am hoping that Wayne or JT would have told me how good they were, how else am I suppose to know if the florist is ripping me off or not.

Wow, two updates in two days.

9th May 2004  This was a long weekend for me.  I was feeling really crap on Thursday so I arranged to have Friday on leave.  I did quite a bit of work in the morning and then Deb and I headed out to Stokehouse, a restaurant at St Kilda, for lunch.  It was a great afternoon considering how cold and horrible the weather was.

Saturday we spent looking around the local Mall called Chadstone and buying the ingredients for Deb's fantastic Lamb Shank recipe.  It is awesome.  That, a great bottle on wine, the open fire, it was great.  The only problem was Deb trying to wake me after I fell asleep in front of the fire later.

Today we spent most of it in the garden.  Now I LOVE Melbourne but each weekend in the last month and a half has been raining, so today was the only chance to wade out into the undergrowth and try and get it under control with a hatchet, a lawn mower and my ever trusty weed trimmer.

Right now I am finally warm, clean and dry.  I am also two glasses into a bottle of sparkling wine which just makes everything that little better.

Deb managed to savage the neighbours plants which were hanging over the fence and taking over the drive way.  Also we now can 'almost' see down the side of our house thanks to much removal of grass and our much maligned pot plants have been repoted and found new homes. 

Next week is Appraisals week so keen an eye on this site.  Then maybe my ego will be so crushed that perhaps I won't want to be seen for a month or so.

Oh, and I heard from Lucette,  one of my oldest and closest friends in Brisbane, I have sent back a letter and will wait to see what she has been up too.

24th April 2004  Sweet sweet Saturday.  It has been a really tough week all things considered.  We had to let one of our new recruits go at work which made for quite a lot of tension and I have just finished negotiating with my bosses on the subject of letting another one of my staff work reduced hours.  Technology...I am sure I used to work in a technology area.

I have been invited to apply for a special program at work called the 'Young Leadership Team'.  It is sort of like a fast track program for managers without the fast track.  To be actually nominated is really something.  If I am accepted then that would be the ultimate.

Deb and I are just about to head off and buy more timber to build another desk.  I suppose this will prove once and for all if the first one was a fluke or not.

20th April 2004  With Easter behind us it is now a long way to the next public holiday.  While the rest of Australia will be enjoying a day camping or around the BBQ for ANZAC day we in Victoria are set to head off to work for the day.  The state government decided not to gazette the day as a holiday.  Needless to say that Bracks just did any chance of re-election.

My Sisters test results for an irregular heartbeat came back ok so she is in the clear and Mum is doing well after her surgery.  So on the Queensland front things are looking pretty good.  My nephew Nathan did break his toe but at his age it's just character building really.  Check out Wayne's World for further info.

Work has been pretty much the same with tons of staffing issues to face.  We have been asking our staff to perform at a high level for so long that it is really starting to have an impact.  You can only ask others to work at 110% before it really starts to have an impact.

other than the wonder of work things are pretty much the same really.  Deb's Mum was over for Easter which was quite nice, I hope that she enjoyed her time here.  I got to cook all my standard recipes, its nice to be appreciated.

Anyway, just a quick update.  I'll try to post more stuff shortly.

7th April 2004  Well I am about to give up on this site because I prefer the way my brother's new website is coming along.  If you haven't had a chance to check it out then definitely take a trip to Wayne's World.

On the down side of the week so far I was given my 'Upward Feedback' today which is a program at work which allows staff to provide anonymous feedback on their managers.  As usual I should of simply selected the 'Hara-Kiri at dawn' option, it would have been less painful.

On a brighter note I won a copy of Windows Server 2003 at a recent conference that I went to.  Well I am not planning on running up a server in the near future so I sold it on ebay for $640 dollars.  Hopefully the guy that won the bid will actually pay me for it.

Once the money comes through I am going to buy myself a bluetooth headset...the ultimate geek toy.

4th April 2004  The updates are really getting few and far between now.  Sorry about that but I never seem to have the time.  Guess you are just going to have to live with it...

I was away at a conference last weekend so it sort of felt like we were working for two weeks straight.  I was also supposed to fly to Sydney again on Friday but luckily it got called off so I got to stay in beautiful Melbourne.  I guess I am getting really jaded about work travel, I really don't enjoy the hotels and flights the way I used to.

We spent Saturday playing URU because they released a new patch for the game.  It is ok but lacks a lot of the puzzle solving of the original game.  It was supposed to be played online but they supposedly couldn't get the subscription levels required to make it pay for itself.  Personally I think they were dogged with technical issues and had to give up producing it as a multiplayer world.  I guess we will never know really.

We took the fur beasts up for their yearly shots and now Furrgus is mopping around like he is dying.  It is a little like how Ruffus used to respond to his vaccination injection.  I hope that Furrg comes good today or we are running him back to the vet for a second checkup.

We also had to buy some anti-virus software because Deb had managed to pick up a rather nasty little virus that took me most of the day to get rid of.  In the end we managed to get rid of it after deleting a whole load of temp files and a couple of setup programs.  By about 10:30pm last night the final scan declared that no infected files were found.  Chalk one up for us. Yah!!!

On the home front we finished building a desk for Deb in the study so she now has her own place it sit and work without taking up one end of my desk.  (Actually she was taking over my whole desk, inch by inch).

Deb's new desk

It was actually quite good fun to build but because of other projects took quite a while to finish.  Also Deb and I had different ideas on how it should be constructed which resulted in me sleeping on one particular problem and then sawing a section in half to achieve the right design.  Needless to say I am not looking forward to building a mirrored matching version for my side of the room.

My brothers website is up and running and, quite frankly, putting this thing to shame in terms of wit and humour.  I always knew he as funny but his site is hilarious.  Deb thinks he should look at writing on the side for a local magazine or paper.  If he could be half as entertaining on a weekly basis as he is on the site then I think he could make a real go of it.

Anyway...I'll just go back to my little site, sit in the corner, and perhaps change the layout occasionally to make you think this is better than his site.  CYA