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22nd June 2003  Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD.  We wish we could have been in Brisbane to celebrate with you.

Now...well I for one enjoyed Deb's birthday celebrations yesterday.  Deb got music CD's and a book from the Buffy series along with a huge cast-iron casserole dish.  We headed out early to pickup her copy of the new Harry Potter book, had brunch on Fitzroy St and then laid around in front of the fire with Deb reading HP to me.  Then off to Donovan's for dinner.  The food was really nice and the service fantastic.  Mum and Dad sent Deb a beautiful bunch of flowers which have pride of place in our lounge room.  Check them out...

18th June 2003  WELCOME TO THE NEW DESIGN.  It has taken me the better part of a week but you can now feast your eyes on this thing of beauty and brilliance.  Yes, I have given the whole site a completely new look.  It does away with Microsoft Themes and mainly uses hand coded HTML and a little JavaScript.  All the titles are created through PhotoShop.  The best bit is that the background is actually a picture of Ruffus's belly fur manipulated through PhotoShop and made into a continuous background.  Pretty cool huh?

Life has actually been pretty tough.  We were involved in a small car accident the other day, only a small ding, but it has put a real cloud over us at the moment.  Also work has been really tough this week so all up I am really looking forward to the weekend and Deb's birthday.

Yes, that's right, it's Deb's birthday this Saturday, so remember to send her a greeting or use the feedback page to drop her a hello.  It also happens to be my fathers birthday on Sunday so I have sent his gift to him in Brisbane.  I hope he likes it.

The exercise routine is going well although I am still to see a weight reduction.  I guess I should stop drinking so much wine at night.  Then again...naaahhhh!!!!

This update has been brought to you by:  "Bring me to life"

14th June 2003  Back in geek heaven, I have applied to have our ADSL link upgraded to 512.  Can't wait for the extra speed.  As always work is work and I am very much looking forward to our ski holiday.  The weather has turned quite cold here and the snow reports are looking good.  I have been exercising every night but unfortunately have also been eating everything that I can get my hands on...oh well.  I am sure it will even itself all out eventually.

10th June 2003  Whoa...again it has been ages since we updated the site and quite a bit has been happening.  I'll leave it to you to checkout Deb's news on the shadowcat site but I have embarked on a new health kick.

We went out on Saturday and rented an Elliptical Cross-trainer which is a bit like an Air-walker on steroids.  Anyway I have actually been able to make myself use it for the last few days so hopefully the enthusiasm will hold and I will manage to drop a few kilos.

I am also the proud owner of a new pair of Salomon ski boots, which I am sitting here wearing.  (It is supposed to help to break them in.)

And Allana, Deb's cousin who lives in Canada, sent us a hello through the Feedback section, which has left us both rather chuffed.

On top of all this I got to go and see and Australian Rules football match on Saturday afternoon.  It was a freebee through a supplier of Deb's.  I must admit that the games is far more interesting when you are actually there.  It always looked rather scrappy when you see it on TV.

We just had a long weekend which was pretty cool.  Deb & I had friends over for dinner which was really great and the rest of the weekend we just watched videos and cooked.  All up a pretty nice way to waste a weekend.

On the technology and toy front my local computer store has 128Mb Memory Sticks,  they are third-party but at $75 you can't beat that.  And a local importer are just about to get a shipment of Digital TV cards for computers, so I'll be putting that on my wish list shortly.