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25th Feb 2003  The Thailand photos are up on the web so this means that we can finally let the MSN Groups page die.  Considering most of the pictures were constantly on broken links its not too bad really.

I just found out that the company that I work for may have to honour my LSL commitment when I started back 5 years ago.  Way cool...you have gotta love that.

Tonight's update brought to you by Michael Jackson's second TV special which convinced me I had better things to do than watch television.

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24th Feb 2003  The TV Tuner card works a treat except for Daniel cutting the last 2 minutes off of 'Coupling' which he recorded for Deb.  Fly 2000 TV is definitely one of the best programs for the Philips tuner cards.

The weekend was a pretty quite affair spent at home watching the extended version of Lord of the Rings....great movie.  Daniel did get a second www.avaya.com wireless card from www.ht.com.au which is dangerously located just up the road at Megamart.  He was hoping to show off to Nicky & Curtis who came over for dinner but couldn't get the Pocket PC drivers working cleanly...next time maybe.

20th Feb 2003  We have finally got the Wedding gallery finished, all the pictures from the old MSN group have now been published.

Daniel spent the day sick at home, except for all the phone calls, a teleconference and a ton of email he nearly had the chance to take it easy.  Deb has headed off to her second course.

News from Geekville is that Daniel got the TV Tuner card working correctly after a new set of drivers were published at www.lifeview.com.tw.  Now he can record programs on the PC, convert them to VCD and watch them on the TV.  He still wants a DVD recorder though.

18th Feb 2003  Still loving ADSL...using dVPN I can connect back into the office at near office speed.  You have gotta love that.

I have also given Furrgus his own page under the Cats page in the Gallery...so check out the little monkey.

Tonight's update brought to you by 'Phantom Menace'...I love widescreen digital TV.


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shadowcat updated her page and plans to do so nightly 

17th Feb 2003  Well we have just got back from a whirlwind tour of Brisbane in which I managed to catch up with my entire family, at least twice, attend a birthday party, visit Tandy's three times and install a CD-RW drive.  Not bad really.

We also went to Lucette's place for a great BBQ that a ton of my old friends turned up to, so that was pretty cool.  Check out the gallery where I have posted the pictures.  Deb is going to have to help me with the copy.  Considering that she started her writing course tonight she may not feel like doing it later.

I have also had the domain name www.alvers.info redirected to this site using www.redirection.net. A very cool trick for only $US5 per year so it is a complete bargain.

12th Feb 2003 ADSL broadband...what else can I say...loving it.  Furrgus is such a little bundle of demanding affection, he is so very very cute.  Unfortunately every attempt I have made to take a picture of him has been thwarted by the little fuzzy bullet.  Anyone got some 2000ASA film?


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11th Feb 2003  Woo Hoo!!! Broadband ADSL finally.  Considering that TPG Help Desk support scared the hell out of me by telling me that the router I had purchased from eBay wouldn't work everything actually worked out ok.  All I can say is thank goodness for 'Automatically detect ADSL settings'.

Furrgus is settling in nicely and has fallen in love with the cat toy on a stick that we are calling Fishy.  It is a bit dark at night to get a decent photo, particularly with him racing around, but I will try to get a few more photos up shortly.

9th Feb 2003 We think Furrgus is gorgeous but the Cleo cat thinks he's hellspawn.  At least she's stopped howling outside our door at night.  We have some pictures of him in Cats, and he'll be getting his own page in the Photo Gallery soon.  

STILL waiting on Telstra to connect the ADSL, funnily enough our connection speed, which has been awful for the past few months (prompting the switch to ADSL) has mysteriously gone back to being full-speed every time.  Hmm.

8th Feb 2003  A quick update, we are heading off the the airport to pic up Furrgus very soon.  Also we spent the morning building him his own Cat Tree to play with.  Check it out in the Cats section.

6th Feb 2003  Way Cool...Furrgus is due to arrive on Saturday afternoon at 4:40pm via air couriers.  Don't even start me on ADSL, I am still waiting.  I have started to put all the Wedding photos up in the Gallery.  Be prepared for yet another layout. It is more work but I really like the way it came out.

5th Feb 2003 The site is coming along quite well.  I am sort of defining the layout while we add things so expect bits to keep changing.  I am STILL waiting for ADSL.  Arrggghhh...how long is this going to take.  The is geek torture.

Also I can't wait for Furrgus to arrive.  We have arranged to hopefully get him one night this week as the flight over from Perth is so long if they put him on at lunch time we could pick him up at 7pm.  Finally the time zones are working in my favour for once.

I have also got the CD we have with our Wedding, Thailand and Cat photos so I will be able to update the Gallery section over the next few nights.

Tonight's update brought to you by Avril Lavigne...love the album.

4th Feb 2003 Well I am still waiting for my ADSL connection but it is getting closer.  I am now just waiting on Telstra to activate the service.  On a really bright note we have found the cutest little Somali kitten that we are going to call Furrgus.  Check him out on the Cats page.

3rd Feb 2003 I have been watching the connection status of the ADSL link with TPG and Telstra just have to connect the service.  I can't wait.

I have added the Bali Lombok photos to the Gallery but the description text still needs a lot of work.  I was also thinking of added a recipes page at some point to list some of my favourite dishes, so check back soon.

1st Feb 2003 Well I am in geek heaven having purchased a new ADSL modem with wireless access point and should have ADSL connected within the week.  We decided to go with TPG because they had this rather interesting deal that I just couldn't beat.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Also we are in the process of trying to buy another cat.  My beloved little Somali called Ruffus died very early in the New Year of an inoperable tumour.  Life just doesn't seem the same anymore without him around the house.  Besides, our surviving cat, Cleo, is driving us NUTS!!! So we are looking around for a new little Somali kitten.