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31st December 2003  Christmas in over and we are gearing up for the New Years celebrations.  I have updated the Gallery with some photos of Christmas that Wayne sent me down from Brisbane.

Locally we had a great time at Nicky and Curtis' place.  The day was long, full of TONS of food and much drink.  Overall it was one of the best Christmas lunches that I have ever had.  Anyway, this is just a quick update to put up the photos.  I promise that I will take some time in the next few days to get something more substantial updated.

In the mean time HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

16th December 2003  Well Christmas is nearly here and I can happily report that I have done almost all of my Christmas shopping.  As reported on the Web Log, Deb and I spent the better part of a Saturday walking backwards and forwards at Chadstone our local super shopping mall.

The best bit of last weekend is that I have finished putting the HTPC together and it is a thing of beauty and light.  It is the first time that I have actually built my own PC from new parts, normally I don't care if one doesn't work, but this time all the parts were brand new and rather expensive.  Luckily it works perfectly although the main fan is rather noisy.  No matter, I have ordered a super quiter model which should arrive within the week.

On the home front Furrgus is finally without is collar and is loving it.  Deb's Dad is on the mend and is much better than when I reported previously.  My Mum is due to go into hospital in the new year to have a lump in her neck removed.  The scary part is that the hospital new about it last year and lost her records...OUCH!

With Christmas racing up to us I cannot wait for my two weeks off starting this Friday.  Deb has to work for quite a bit of it but it will mean she can save her leave for a holiday in the new year.   We are planning to head over to our friends, Nicky & Curtis, for Christmas lunch which I am sure will be decadent and rather liquid.

Anyway, this was just a quick update to keep the page fresh as well as add the more festive banner.  See ya...

27th November 2003  It has been one hell of a week here in Melbourne.  On the upside we decided to remove a hedge at the side of our backyard and spent most of the weekend hacking and chopping at it.  Also we have a confirmed quote to cut down the pine trees in the front yard so in only a weeks time they will finally be gone.  I'll have to see about creating a 'House' gallery for you to look at.  One advantage is that the guys that are cutting down the trees are going to mulch all the hedge wood for us for only $40.00 which is pretty good really.

Getting rid of the trees was actually always part of our plan with building the front fence.  Now that it is finished we can look at getting rid of those awful trees.  Painting the front fence, on the other hand, will have to wait for a clear weekend under 35 degrees.

On the downside little Furrgus, as I mentioned in the Web Log, got an abscess on his butt from being bitten by a cat and had to have surgery.  That cost a fortune but the worst part is that they have put in in a plastic collar to stop him chewing at the stitches and it is driving him, and us, NUTS!!!


A tummy rub induced cat coma

The only solution, and you are going to find this quite funny, is to rub his little tummy for hours and hours until he sort of goes into a strange type of cat coma.  I probably could have painted him purple at this point and he wouldn't have minded.

Anyway, Deb is currently in Adelaide visiting her Dad, Hugh, who is quite ill in hospital.  It was all rather sudden, and with Furrgus' condition, it didn't really make good sense me heading over as well.  Once I get more news of how Hugh is going I will let you all know.

Digging through a load of photos I came across a picture of one of our more recent Steam Boat dinners.  I figure that I yak on enough to anyone that will listen about them that I thought I would put up a photo here for everyone to see. The strange silver thing in the middle of the table is full of lovely bubbling Asian style chicken stock.  You take all the ingredients around the table, drop them in the stock for about five minutes, then scoop them out and enjoy.

Mongolian Steamboat

15th November 2003 It has been a pretty busy month since returning from Brisbane.  We have 'churned' our ISP over to Swiftel this week.  They have a deal of 512Mbit link, with 2Gb limit for $50 per month.  That is almost half of what we are currently paying, so it was definitely time to swap.

The other cool thing about Swiftel is that they support CGI scripts.  This may not mean much to you but it does mean that we can now support some pretty cool 'interactive' functions on this website.

Deb and I can update the new Web Log section from any web browser so keep an eye on that section for our posts during the day.  Also I have updated the Feedback section with the same features so you are now the star.  Please, please, please post us messages about what you are doing and what you think of the site.

Finally I have added my own DJ's Gift List section where I can post all sorts of toys and tools that I would love to own.  It is really for Deb to use but I figured it would be fun for you to see how spoilt I am.

Besides that it has really been quite a bit of house keeping with both this section, and Deb's Shadowcat, getting a bit of an archive to clear out the older posts.  Anyway, till next time...

3rd November 2003 Well another two weeks have zoomed past and we are getting ever closer to Christmas. The trip to Brisbane was fantastic but way too short. We seemed to be rushing around a lot in order to see everyone but we did get a couple of days up the coast in Noosa.

A hot Deb at Eumundi Markets

The weather was a bit mixed but it did hold off raining long enough for us to get some real use out of the Holden Astra convertible that we hired. It was so much fun to drive we were thinking about even buying one, until we found out how much they cost.

Anyway, JT's engagement breakfast party was great fun. We had to head off for lunch with Serena so we left at 11 am, just as the Alvers family were pulling themselves up to the bar. I am sure it would have been a real hoot if we had all been able to hang around a bit longer. Alas, it wasn't possible. I can say that the food at Spirit House in Yandina, where we went for lunch, was absolutely awesome.

JT & Jason cut the cake

From there we headed north to Noosa and checked into our hotel. We were both so full from breakfast and lunch that we had cheese on toast and went to bed early.

It didn't seem like three days but pretty soon we were back in the car headed for Brisbane and the airport (which we only just made thanks to hitting every traffic light).

On arriving back we found our beautiful fence had finally been finished. I have just transferred the money to the builders account which means that my HTPC will have to wait just a little bit longer until it is finished.

Check out this quality wallpaper we found built into the wardrobe

When we got back I spent a day getting the third bedroom ready for painting and then Deb decided it would be better if we ripped the old built-in wardrobe out. Well it has taken nearly a week to get all the nail holes and bits patched but on the weekend just gone we gave it a paint job and it looks very good. I then headed off for a work function, got home at 4:30am, and spent Sunday nursing the mother of all hangovers.


So that is about it really, for the last two weeks. Actually that is more than enough for anyone's two weeks. See you soon...