Home Archive April 2003

11th April 2003  A very quick update on what we have been up to.  Well I have been as sick and took two days off last week as well as laying around most of the weekend trying to get my strength back.  Why is it that you always get sick for the weekends?  Anyway, we took today off so that we could go and do battle with our local council over a permit to build a fence.  You would think that we have been trying to build a set of low income apartments considering the hassle is has caused.  Anyway, to cut a long story short we finally have received a building permit after only six months.  I am gonna have'ta post a picture of what it looks like when it is finished 'cos you are never going to believe that it took that long to get approval.

On the upside we also headed out to the Yarra Valley to taste a little wine at Coldstream Hills and have lunch at The Dairy.  Very nice places if you are ever in Melbourne.  Hell, we take all our visitors there anyway.

This update is brought to you by the following movies: Better than Sex, Four Weddings and a Funeral & Top Gun (You have to do something when you are home sick)

2nd April 2003 We have been so slack in updating the site over the last few weeks so I thought I should fill in what we have been up to.  Last weekend we headed off for a drive through the Gippsland Gourmet Food Trail which was a really nice day out.  We stopped at the Berry Cafe for lunch and tried chilli spiced peaches, definitely an acquired taste.

Last night we went to the Queen Victoria Markets which held a Hawkers Market as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.  It was a great night and I only wish that I took a camera along to get a few photos.  Entry gave you four tickets which bought you four dishes.  I made my way through Duck Luksa, Coconut Prawns, Butter Chicken and Duck Pancakes.  Not to mention a very nice bottle of sparkling wine.  All up a really great night.

Deb has been working hard on her writing course and spends lots of time on her class work.  She is currently studying "Writing for Young Adults" & "Industry Overview".  I'll leave it to you to check-out her shadowcat pages to see what she is up too.  Here is a little photo that I took while she was working.

I should point out that I have risked the pain of death in publishing this picture
so I am unable to improve the quality or provide a higher resolution image.